Perfidy's Knife

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Chapter 2: Events leading up to the catastrophe.

Part 1: Ups and Downs

Twenty Years ago....
Maranda saw her cousin Brent Persad entering the house and immediately ran to her room and locked the door. She would only come out when she was sure that he was gone. Although only six years of age, Maranda knew about good touches and bad ones. Her cousin Brent was really bad news, as he started playing games that scared her at the age of four. It lasted for a full year until she realized that what he was doing was really bad. At that time she was really naive, as a child should be. She trusted him to protect her but instead he hurt her by touching her inappropriately. She hid this from her parents as they would've killed him if they knew. She is their only daughter, their ‘baby girl’. Her siblings needed them, she still needed them, so this was her well-kept secret. Nobody but her, God and Brent knew what he did to her. Running away every time that he was in the vicinity became the norm and when asked about it she would just say that she didn't like him.
Maranda kept that up way into her adolescent life and she never trusted males after that. She grew into a beautiful young lady with her huge head of brown curls, striking brownish grey, almond shaped eyes with long eyelashes fanning them, well shaped eyebrows, pink full lips, medium sized nose and caramel complexion together with a perfectly shaped body that God took his time to create. She has medium sized breasts that is 36DD, a small twenty-six inched waist, size thirty-six hip and a voluptuous, well-curved behind. Boys fought and vied for her affection but she paid them no mind since men were not to be trusted, their word meant nothing and they were vile in nature. Brent taught her that, if nothing else.
Her best-friend, Camille Tenika Baptiste however, couldn't disagree more. As she believed men to be ‘God's greatest creation’ and she couldn't keep one for more than a week. It seemed to Maranda that ‘Camy’ changed men more than her underwear. Their schoolmates have some of the most derogatory things to say about her but she doesn't seem to care, as she continues to embark on her various conquests. It was seeing her and their friend Kesha Moore that caused her to decide that she would only have sex with her husband. She, Maranda Cassandra Myers, would not be made a laughing stock.
Her best-friend Camille was getting fed-up of Maranda acting like an old maid and decided to set her up on a date with the school stud, Keston Sanchez. He had been asking her to set them up for a while now. "Mary, can we talk?" Camille asked. Maranda just nodded and Camille continued, "you are already sixteen, don't you think it's time to have some fun? You've never kissed a boy, never had a boyfriend and the list of things that you haven't done can go on for miles. Don't you think that it's time to put yourself out there? At this rate, you'll have cobwebs down there and end up being an old lady with a hundred cats for company. Is that what you want? All you do is study hard, do extra curricular activities and then go home and read. What about the extra, extra curricular activities - if you catch my drift? You don't know how much you are missing out on, it is phenomenal." Maranda looks at Camille and rolls her eyes saying, "Camy, will you get to the point already. I am quite aware of the state of my sex-life or lack thereof!" "Fine! Will you go on a double date with me? There's this sexy boy that I want to go on a date with and he's bringing his friend, so be my wing-woman, pretty please, with cherries on top?" she asks pleadingly. Maranda sighed dramatically and reluctantly agreed, she did need to go out more.

The following Saturday....

Starlight Bistro:
Maranda walked in wearing a thin strapped, pink baby doll dress that effortlessly hugged her curves, a denim jacket, gold hoops to match the gold strappy sandals on her feet, her hair was placed in a ‘half-up, half-down’ style with some ringlets left hanging down the front of her face and a pink iridescent purse hanging from her shoulders. She was nervous, as she didn't know if she dressed appropriately for the occasion, or even if the boy would be good looking and respectful. Maranda heard a throat clear and she looked at the culprit, only to see him holding out a chair for her. She has been so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't realize that she was already at the table and her best friend was looking at her motioning for her to take a seat.
The dinner was going along pleasantly, causing Maranda to become relaxed. She and her date for the evening, Keston Sanchez, a nice guy who was very easy to talk to and such a gentleman as well. Maranda asked for excuse to go to the restroom. She hurriedly went to the bathroom to relieve herself and freshen up her lip gloss. In her haste she didn't notice that Keston followed her. He waited until she was finished, ensured that the washroom was empty and locked the door to the washroom. When Maranda came out she saw Keston eyeing her with lust on his face. Gone was the kind, gentleman that she left at the table mere moments ago.
“So, you think that you could come on a date with me looking so delectable and still go home a virgin? Well, I have other plans,” he said smirking. Maranda looked at him, shock imprinted on her features. The only means of escape was the door, which seemed to be locked. Maranda started panicking, “God is this how I lose my maidenhood? I really don’t want this, please save me,” she thought. While she was praying, Keston advanced on her and started kissing her on her neck. “Damn, you taste good. Just as good as you look and smell,” he said inhaling deeply. While his hands were venturing lower, the door flew open and he was pulled off of her. It was only then that Maranda realized that she had stopped breathing altogether.

Author’s Note: Who saved Maranda? Why did Keston do this? Is there someone with a vendetta against her? How will this sinister plot unfold? Tune in next time on Perfidy’s Knife.

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