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They never thought that this little trip would be changing their lives . What happen when they will know about the house's secret ? Though Yaenel and Sion don't like each other but it's all about destiny that they have to be together . Now what will happen ? Will they remain partners or will change their paths ? Their lives are just reverse of fairy tale but then also love manages itself and fix up between them .

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Only three hours left and then BOOM ! It's my birthday . Finally this year I will be 18 years old . I'm not too much exited for my birthday but the excitement is just for the admission to the college. Finally I'm not a grown up child for this world . Now I can enjoy my life fully as my school days weren't too good . They were fine .

My school life was just normal as every child has but that day which scattered down my heart into pieces . That was the day when I decided that I have to remain alone for making myself strong . I don't need anybody to help me nor I take any help from anyone .

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