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I never thought I would

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Samantha Weizmann is a kind, innocent but doesn't like people who thinks they're better than others. She's sixteen years old and lived with her perfect family in New Castle. She had amazing and good memories of the city, she didn't want to leave all that behind. She couldn't do anything about moving to a new city, her father got a promotion hence he had to move to South Gate along with his whole family. Franklin Parker is a son of a multi millionaire. His father the owner of Parker Industries. Franklin is perfect with playing soccer but books are not his cup of coffee. His father said that he needs to do good in his studies and only then will he run the business. If not then the company will be sold and Franklin will have to start his own business from scratch. Franklin meets Samantha who is a A–Student and ask for her help but Samantha is not willing to help someone as arrogant as Franklin. Let's find out how their love starts

Romance / Drama
Royal Queen
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Chapter 1

Tenth grade is not what I've been waiting for. My family moved to a new city and my brother and I had to change school. I was doing great in my former school, I had three friends, two boys (one is straight and the other is gay) and a girl. Life was great in my previous town. My father got a promotion at work so he has been transferred here in South Gate. I'm going to have to make new friends, meet new students (bullies for instant) and new boring teachers. I'm actually not ready for this, I miss my old high school I don't think I'll survive at St. Matthew High School.

“Sweety wake up it's time to get ready for your first day at your new school”. My mom has been trying to convince me that I'll do just fine and even better than at my previous school. She doesn't think like I do, she's a fashion designer and has her own page on Facebook and her customers find her wherever she goes and in my case not everyone I meet follow me wherever I go.

“Mom can't I skip school today and make my first day tomorrow?”

“No honey you have to get ready for school.”

“But mom I'm not ready to meet new people.”

“Sweety I know but you'll have to meet them one day or the other. Get ready my love and come have breakfast”

“Okay mom.”

I couldn't convince my mom otherwise instead she just told me the truth, I'm going to have to meet the people I'm running away from one day or the other. I woke up and went to shower. I wore my lucky dress to help me make new friends.

"Mom where's Luther?", I asked because normally he's the first for breakfast.

Luther is my younger brother. He was born when I was 12 years old. I wasn't that young to not know that my mom is pregnant. He's an awesome boy, anyone can wish to have him as a sibling. I'm sixteen now and he's only four.

“Well honey your father took your brother to the doctor.”

“Why? What's wrong with him?”

“Well honey this morning he came to our room with a rash all over his body.”

Why wasn't I the one who contacted the rash and don't need to go to school. I really hope I don't make enemies because I don't have time to be bickering back and forth with someone I don't wish to see. After breakfast I went back to my room to grab my stuff and head to school. On my way out my mom wished me a good luck and I went to my car. Well my uncle was the one who bought me the car. He loves me and my brother so much because he can't have children of his own. I started the car and went straight to St. Matthew High School.

It was packed at the gate when I got to school. As a new learner I didn't know where I was supposed to park my car so I drove until I saw some girl.

“Excuse!Hi! Can I ask, where do students park their cars?”, I asked this girl who is fair. She has green cat eyes and she slim and taller than me that's for sure.

“Uhm well you'll... I'm sorry I'm not good with directions especially in this huge building.”

“Oh I see. Can you at least take me there? I mean if you don't mind.”

“Sure.” She smiled at me and her smile is so pretty. She looks kind and sweet and she's the kind of person I wanna be friends with.

“Are you new here?”, she distracted my thoughts with the question.

“Yes I am”, I smiled at her.

“I like your smile it suits your beautiful face, I can see that you are going to make many boys long for you”, she said.

“Oh no I'm not that type of a girl and I'm also boring I don't think boys will ever want to fall for me”, I replied.

“Whether boring or not I'm sure they'll fall so damn hard. By the way what's your name?”

“It's Samantha Weitzman but you can call me Sammy and yours?”

“Valeria. We've arrived”. We had arrived at parking lot.

“Are you in your senior year?” I so dearly wanted a friend.

“No I'm not, I wish I was. I'm in tenth grade”. We were on our way to the school hall where all learners gather to assemble on the first day of school every year and introduce new teacher if there are. We met Valeria's friend Maisy.

“Vee is see you found a new friend, what's her name?”. Maisy is a black girl, I'm actually attracted to her eyes. They're grey and big. She has curly maroon hair. My hair colour could've been similar to hers but I changed it during the holidays to Violet. Maisy is so funny, she's fit to being a comedian.

“Her name is Samantha and she's actually new here. Sammy this is my best friend Maisy”. She introduced us and Maisy pulled her hand out for us to shake.

“Do you have any friends here?”, Maisy asked.

“No I don't, I'm new to the city and here at school”.

“Well don't worry, we'll be your new friends”, Maisy is such a welcoming person.

“Thanks”, I was so relieved and happy to have found friends.

“No problem and by the way I like your dress”.

“Right?”, Valeria stated.

“Thanks this is actually my lucky dress”, I smiled at them.

In the hall we set according to our grades which is boring, in my previous school we sat however we wanted. Teachers handed out our timetable which showed our class numbers and rooms. I'm in Mrs Smith's class and that's where I'll be going after the assembly.

"In whose class are you?", Valeria whispered to me.

"Some teacher called Mrs Smith. Do you know her?". I wanted to prepare myself for the kind of person she is.

"Yes she's one of the coolest teachers here at St. Matthew. You and Maisy will be in the same class. I got Mr Phillips, he's so strict but he's sweet when he wants to".

"That's great I was preparing myself for a strict teacher".

"Learners I hope you all got your timetables if not you'll go get them at the reception when we're done here. It's time to introduce new teachers that we have this year". The Principal announced to us.

I saw many teachers sitting in front of us all. It was as if they were all new. When the Principal call out the teachers' name they were supposed to stand and greet us.

"First we have Ms Donovan, she'll be teaching biology". Ms Donovan stood up and waved at us.

"Mrs Taylor, she'll be teaching Physical Science".

"Lastly and not least, Mr Kumar, he'll be teaching Mathematics". Mr Kumar is a handsome and Indian. Every girl couldn't stop themselves from screaming upon seeing him. They for sure wants themselves close to him. "Learner treat them well", the principal finished the introduction.

Mrs Robinson took the microphone from the principal. She read a verse from the Bible and prayed for us. After the prayer we sang the school anthem.

"Learners you may now go to your register classes and let them be your supposed classes, we don't want to find you in classes that you aren't supposed to be in only because your friends are there. School will start properly tomorrow", Mrs Robinson announced. Maisy and I walked Valeria to her class and went to ours afterwards

"Learners you may sit with whoever you want today but from tomorrow onwards you'll be sitting according to how I put you and it's going to be so unless you're moved", Mrs Smith said to us.

My first day was not as bad as I thought it will. It was actually better than that, I have two friends and a cool teacher as my register teacher.

The way St. Matthew operate is that learners remain at their register classes and only teachers are rotating (going from one class to the other). So how and where you sit is how it's going to be for the whole year. I hope I don't get to sit next to some bad boy, I may be all shy, sweet and kind but once you get on my nerves I present the Sammy that you don't know. I don't want to be like that with anyone so I hope tomorrow I sit with someone who's not some bad ass.
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