A Hopeless Dream (Forbidden Love Series Book 11)

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Chapter Three

"Only on one condition, you have to join today," ordered Jaxon. He was amazed at himself that he actually hired her.

"Yes sir," she said.

"And such hideous clothes won't do from tomorrow. You have to wear proper corporate clothes," he barked.

She looked down at her favourite skirt and sighed. "Yes sir, " she said quietly. Jaxon softened at her disappointed face. He didn't want to encourage her in any way but everytime he snubbed her, he felt a tug in his chest. Her expressive green eyes always reflected the hurt that she felt at his harsh words. Yet she never argued or showed any sort of protest.

"Good. I'll prepare an agreement for you to sign. In the meantime, I want you to go through my month's schedule and make me a fresh schedule for the next two weeks," he ordered. Getting up from his couch, he went over to his desk and spoke into the intercom. Then he walked back to the coffee table and picked up the documents that he was studying.

The door opened and Ralph walked inside. His eyes widened with surprise seeing a such a young and beautiful creature sitting inside Jaxon's office.

"Ralph, meet my new PA, Carmella Parker. Ms Parker, this is Ralph Van Halen, Head of Production, Clothing," he introduced with a poker expression knowing fully well how curious Ralph was to know how he had hired Carmella of all people.

Ralph shook hands with Carmella, "Welcome to the JC Group, Carmella," he said with a grin," Jaxon's blood boiled as he held her hand longer than was necessary. He saw the small smile that Carmella flashed at Ralph as his grin widened.

"Ralph, give her my schedule for the month. She needs to prepare my revised schedule for the next two weeks. Show her the office next door where she'd be working, " he said, dismissing them.

"Come this way," said Ralph and they walked out of his office. After they left, Jaxon switched on his camera and monitored what they were upto. He saw them grinning and laughing together and his blood boiled more. How dare she flirt with Ralph! He fumed. She was his assistant not Ralph's. He couldn't get any work done seeing the two of them together. How long does it take to give her the schedule and go back? But Ralph lingered near her for fifteen long minutes, and Jaxon just smashed his fist here and there in his room, pacing more, fuming more.

When he couldn't take it anymore, he opened his door and strode out to her cubicle. "Is it done?"he growled. Ralph looked at him incredulously.

"I'm working on it sir," she answered with a smile on her face.

"Ralph, that would be all. Thank you," he growled and Ralph grinned.

"I'm going, Jaxon," he said and then went into the elevator with a chuckle.

"I need a coffee, just now," he ordered and left to go back to his office.

"Yes sir," said Carmella and got up to go to the pantry opposite her cubicle to make him coffee. She was confused. Should she make black coffee or cafe latte? She decided upon making black coffee since he was always bitter.

She knocked on his door and entered his room. "Sir, coffee, " she said, placing the coffee on his table. He didn't look up from the documents that he was reading, so she left to finish her work. The moment she left Jaxon sipped the coffee. He closed his eyes and savoured the strong taste of the perfect cup of black coffee that she had made for him. He could have this at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A faint smile tugged at his lips as he realized that he would be getting this coffee every day. It made him concentrate upon his work better and uplifted his mood too. After an hour, Carmella emailed him his schedule.

Relieved, Jaxon went through his schedule. It was actually perfect. He checked his old schedule and saw that she actually had taken the pains to reorganize everything, incorporating all his rescheduled meetings too. He saw that she had covered actually three weeks schedule including his meetings with the council as well as the International Fashion Week. He would return to New York after three weeks.

He prepared the papers she needed to sign before joining work. Once the agreement was prepared, he summoned her.

"What were you doing for the past one hour? You didn't ask for more work?" He growled. So she was taking a break when there was so much to do? He was furious.

"I was studying the company profile, sir. I was reading about the products that the JC Group manufactures and the reviews about them. I was also taking an update about what all production work is going on and the deadlines too," she said in a soft voice.

His tone softened and his anger evaporated at her answer. "Sit down and read this agreement and sign," he said, handing her the agreement.

She took it from his hands and sat down on the chair across his desk to read it while he watched her. Why was it that whenever she was around, his eyes revolted and did what they wanted to, that is just stare at her? He couldn't look away from her slightly parted lips as they read the agreement. Her long lashes were thick, curled and gold tipped and touched her cheeks. Her slightly pink cheeks and her perpetual glow attracted him and he sat there mesmerised by her.

"You cannot resign for the next two years, Ms Parker. Hope you've read that clause," he stated and Carmella looked up at him with wide eyes.

"Oh," she said and looked back into the agreement. What was she getting into? Was she doing the right thing? Why should she bring coffee and tolerate his rude behaviour when she was a fashion designer in the making? She was no way inferior to him.

"If you don't agree to a two year contract, then you don't get the job, " he pointed out. Carmella thought about her fate. Should she then manage hotels all her life? No way.

"Okay sir," she sighed, picking up her pen and signing the documents. Jaxon released the breath that he was holding. He was glad that she wasn't contemplating upon leaving him. He needed her. Only professionally of course.

"I will go on a round of all the departments and you will follow me," he spoke, already getting up and buttoning his suit. She nodded and picked up the tablet that Ralph had handed her on behalf of the company to note down everything on the go.

Jaxon stepped into the elevator and she followed him into it, standing pressed against the wall in case he got the wrong idea. Jaxon noticed her nervousness and the way she stuck to the elevator walls and kept her eyes directed at her feet. He felt something stir within his heart. She was such a young, helpless and delicate creature, so innocent and untouched that he softened towards her.

Carmella couldn't figure out why he always had to keep staring at her. She was aware of his hot gaze as she stood in the corner of the elevator. She daren't look up in case he got the wrong idea. They reached the topmost floor which was the HR department. Everyone gaped at her as she followed Jaxon around. He introduced her around and then took an update. She noted down whatever was necessary and they went to the next floor which was the Production Department. Ralph was in his office, holding a meeting with a man and a woman. Jaxon strode into his office and he grinned at Carmella. Carmella smiled back and Jaxon gritted his teeth.

"Francesca, Glenn, this is my PA, Carmella Parker. Ms Parker, meet Francesca Scottsdale, our Production Manager, Accessories. This is Glenn Moorehead, Director of Visual Merchandising," he introduced and they both stared at her with their jaws dropped.

"Hello, good to meet you all," Carmella said shyly as they all looked at her minutely.

"Let's go check out the production teams ," said Jaxon, leaving Ralph's office to go down the corridor. Carmella followed him but Ralph whispered to her on her way out, "See you at lunchtime."

She nodded and rushed out. Jaxon noticed the interaction like a hawk but he couldn't say anything in front of everyone. He furiously went on with his inspection blasting everyone the whole time. Carmella silently followed him and he completely ignored her very existence. She was nervous and stayed in the background, following him around.

At last the inspection was over and she was glad that she would be able to rest her tired legs. "Come into my office," Jaxon growled as she was about to go to her cubicle to sit down. Her legs were aching badly and she needed to rest them awhile.

"Yes sir," she said and followed him into his office. He sat at his desk and turned towards her.

"I warned you that I will not tolerate any flirtatious behaviour in my office, didn't you get my warning?"he yelled at her. Carmella was dumbfounded by his insinuation. When did she flirt?

"I don't think I flirted with..," she started but he rudely cut her off.

"Then what were you doing with Ralph, dammit?" He yelled.

"I, he," before she could finish, there was a knock on the door and Ralph came inside with a grin on his face.

"Lunchtime Jaxon. I'm whisking away your PA for half an hour, surely you'll release her to have lunch?" Ralph asked holding her wrist and leading her away.

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