A Hopeless Dream (Forbidden Love Series Book 11)

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Chapter Four

"Ralph, I don't think this is a good idea. Sir's furious that I'm going with you, " Carmella pointed out, trying to escape his hold.

"Jaxon's always furious. Let him be. He doesn't own you. You're just working for him. You can do anything in your free time. Let's join the other's for lunch. Okay?" He said, leaving her hand as they reached the office cafeteria where a group of people were gathered around a number of tables joined together. He led her to the rowdy group. "Hey guys, look who's joined us. Meet Jaxon's PA, Carmella Parker," he announced and everyone quietened down and gaped at her. There was a pin drop silence in the entire cafeteria.

Carmella nervously waved at everyone. "Hi," she said, looking around at everyone who stared back at her with rounded eyes. "Why's everyone staring at me Ralph?" She whispered nervously.

"That's because Jaxon Craddock steers clear of women and he has never had a woman PA in his entire life, that too a college girl," he informed with a grin.

"Oh, maybe he needed one and I was there," she said trying to make it look normal. They were just making a mountain out of a molehill.

"No sweetheart, it's not just that, believe me, " he said with a wink. Carmella blushed and looked away.

"You're just making an issue out of nothing. As it is he's rude to me," she said with a sigh.

Ralph smiled knowingly and pulled out a chair for her to sit down. "What should I get you?" He asked.

"A sandwich and a drink. Anything will do. I just don't like jalapenos," she informed him. "Oh, I didn't get my wallet. I'll just go and get it."

"No, this is on me please," insisted Ralph. He brought her grilled chicken sandwiches and a cranberry orange mocktail. He ate a burger and fries and soda.

He introduced everyone to her, Tom Langfield was the head seamster weaving magic into the materials. He was in his late twenties like Ralph who was twenty-eight. Then Dexter Jennings, who was the head of the marketing department. She saw that the team was young. She met Megan Grayson, who was around five-six years older to her. She looked after the photography department. It seemed that Ralph, Francesca, Glenn, Megan, Tom and Dexter were from their New York headquarters having arrived here for the International Fashion Week. They would fly back with Jaxon Craddock after three weeks. She would also have to leave Vegas and her parents and go with them.

She made friends easily with all of them. It was clear that she was the youngest in the whole office. After finishing her food, it was time to face the music and she went back to her cubicle. She was back five minutes before her time was over and sat at her cubicle to get a sip of water.

"Party time over?" Growled Jaxon from beside her desk. She jumped up with fright, spilling water, all over her top, drenching her chest.

"Oh, you scared me, sir," she said, trying to dab her top with a tissue. Jaxon just stared at her like a statue, no word escaped him as he took in her drenched top clinging to her perky, rounded breasts, clearly outlined now through the thin material.

"You can change in my room. Follow me," he said when he had composed himself. He walked back to his office, to his bedroom at the back. He opened the door and stood there waiting for her. She walked shyly upto him and looked inside to see where he was leading her to. Her eyes widened seeing the bed.

He couldn't take his eyes off her as she stood near the door, he didn't budge from the door. "Go inside. There are many shirts. Just change into one of them till your clothes dry up," he said, in a husky voice as the desire to touch her coursed through his whole body. She stood like a statue as he still didn't move away from the door. "C'mon we don't have all day."

She walked up to him and brushed past him into the room. His breath hitched as her soft body brushed past him into his bedroom. He closed the door and released a haggard breath.

He really needed a release. Maybe then he'd stop behaving like a horny teenager around her. He muttered curses at himself. She's a woman dammit. Why did he have to lose his shit over a woman? He went back to his desk to immerse himself in work. Not even a day had passed since she joined his company and here he was already losing himself into her.

Carmella locked the door and looked around. The room looked so comfortable that she could take a nap. She was so tired. The room smelled of Jaxon Craddock and she inhaled deeply. He was a handsome asshole actually. She opened a chest of drawers and found many white shirts. She chose one and wore it. It was huge and dropped three inches above her knees. Her height of 5 ft 8 inches was short compared to his 6 ft 4. She placed her top to dry. But how could she go out wearing this? What would everyone think?

However, she had to complete what work he gave her. She couldn't hide here till her top dried. Opening the door, she came out. Jaxon looked up at her and his jaws dropped, seeing her in his transparent shirt.

"You won't go out wearing this," he growled. Carmella flinched at his harsh tone. "Get your laptop and go back to the bedroom. Work from there till your clothes dry up, " he said through gritted teeth. She nodded and did as he had asked her to do. She didn't go out of the bedroom and completed all her work. Her top dried up and she wore it and came out of the room. She went back to her cubicle and Jaxon gave her more work. She noticed that he actually avoided all interactions with her, ignoring her altogether.

She didn't understand him. Maybe he was repenting his decision to hire her. She completed her work and went home, tired and exhausted.

Her dad and Tyler yelled at her at the dining table when they sat down to eat. "You won't be going to New York and that's final," said Tyler.

"I've already signed the contract, dad. I can't resign from the job for two years. I've to go to New York, " she said, trying to convince everyone.

"You should have consulted your dad before signing, " said her mom with disappointment.

"You all have forced me into this. What difference would it have made if I had completed my studies and taken up an internship? But no. Here dad gave me an ultimatum to force me into what I hate doing. I did what I could to save myself from managing hotels all my life. In the corporate world, you are your own guardian. You can't possibly ask your boss to wait so that you can run to consult your dad," she said, her frustration and anger of the day finding an outlet finally. She got up and rushed out of the dining room, running upstairs to her room and locking herself inside.

She didn't open when her parents knocked on her door. It was because of them that she had to face insults the whole day. She sobbed into her pillow brokenly. Tomorrow, she would drop her regular classes and opt for online ones. She had signed the next two years of her life to Jaxon Craddock and she couldn't back away. So she might as well face it bravely. She went to sleep on an empty stomach.

The next morning, she fished out a pantsuit that she had and after eating some cereal and milk, drove off to work. However, her day started badly as she went into Jaxon's office with his coffee.

"Good morning sir, you're coffee, " she said, placing his coffee on his desk. When he didn't look up, she turned to leave.

"What the hell are you wearing? Change this instant, we have a conference in twenty minutes, " he yelled, pressing his intercom. "Send Patricia to my office, now," he barked.

"Patricia will give you appropriate clothes to wear," he said disinterestedly.

"I will buy them since I don't have time to go shopping, " she offered.

"I forget that you're a billionaire's daughter, " he taunted. Her face paled at his insult.

"I'll buy with my own savings, " she said quietly looking down at her feet. Why was she here if he didn't want a woman assistant? Jaxon stared at her quivering bottom lip. Was she so hurt that she would shed tears now? If she did, he would surely kiss her like he'd been wanting to ever since yesterday.

Patricia, was a thirty year old married woman who looked after the merchandise. She came inside and Jaxon introduced Carmella to her. "Patricia this is my PA. I have a conference with the media in twenty minutes. Please dress her appropriately, " he sighed.

"Yes sir," she said, leading Carmella away. The door closed after them and Jaxon rested his tired head.

"God, it was such a bad idea to hire her," he said, closing his eyes. He hadn't got a wink of sleep last night as images of a thoroughly drenched Carmella fucked with his senses, driving him crazy.

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