In Another Life

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Chapter 1 : Normal Day


“Good morning ma’am, please wake up you have an important meeting with the investors today and after that, you have appointments with the patients.” And my morning starts with him telling me my schedule and giving me stress early morning.

“Who lets you in my house and especially in my room? I will personally take care of that person Kabir.” “Just get out and let me sleep for 5 minutes more.” With these words, I try to sleep again, but I am not so lucky when it comes to sleep. He goes to the window and opens all the curtains in the room. As soon as the curtains are pulled my room is instantly filled with warmth and sunlight.

“Aggh…. Close the curtains, please. Kyu? ( Why?) Why do you do this to me every morning?” I let out a sign and get up complaining, the first thing in the morning. After complaining like that I try and open my eyes which are still adjusting to the bright light in the room.

“That’s because you must have been my enemy in a past life and in this life, I am taking revenge,” Kabir says with a smirk. And in return a disgusted expression from me.

“Seriously? A bad joke early morning, anyway Good Morning” I say the last part with the brightest and the biggest smile.

“Good morning ma’am, now get up please you know no one will have their breakfast without you”, he leaves after saying these words.

Kabir is my Personal assistant, my friend, my butler, and a bodyguard as well. He has been with me since I was 18 after I was almost kidnapped. My dad wanted someone trustworthy to be with me 24/7 and so he bought Kabir who is three years older than me and is my all-in-one person. But I love having him around he is everything that I am not so it’s cool.

“ Princess come down I am starving” my mom’s voice breaks my trail of thoughts and I get up from my bed stretching and enter my bathroom. My schedule is not so tight today and so I have some me-time. After taking a bath and getting ready I run downstairs to the mainder ( temple area ) to pray. I have had this habit since I was little in fact everyone at home does. Mom taught us that ‘nothing is more important than helping others in need and nothing is stronger than praying for others.’

“Hurry up idiot, or else I will die of hunger” Nish shouts from the dining area. I know this thing about him that if I don’t go soon then I am in real danger, so I ran to the dining area after finishing my pray. And the second I enter I am greeted with smiling faces of my family.

“ Sorry” saying this is going to my seat, which is next to dad’s and give everyone an apologetic look.

“It’s alright princess, we are not that late or hungry,” my dad says smiling, at times like these he looks even cuter. He is the most handsome guy that someone can ever see, even in his 40’s he still looks young and is well build, with an aura that screams confidence and charisma. He is the best cardio Surgeon in India and the chairman of the “Roy Group of Hospitals”. He is someone who has killer looks and a sharp brain, this is the reason my mom fell for him, she always says that he was the best-looking doctor in the hospital, where my mom was doing her internship.

Almost everyone in my family is a doctor including me. Where my dad is the best Cardio Surgeon, my mom is the best neurosurgeon. They met during surgery and my dad fell in love with her at first sight, obviously, anyone will she is so beautiful at times I think that I am not her real daughter. She has those beautiful brown almond eyes, where else I have sea blue eyes and only, I am in the family with these eyes. My parents were overachievers and so are we all. They always taught us that there is nothing wrong with wanting everything, but make sure that it doesn’t hurt someone else. I think only I am in the family who hasn’t achieve much. Both my brothers Samar and Nish are overachievers like my parents. Samar is a major in International Business and also a Ph.D. He has the same looked as dad except where Dad’s eyes are black he has brown like mom, which he hides under spectacles. He was and is still the most handsome businessman in the state. I still remember when he first came on national TV as the youngest Managing Director of the Roy Group and also the only person who won the businessman of the year at the age of 23, all the people went crazy especially girls. Where he is quiet and calm Nish is the exact opposite of him, he is sporty and loud, someone who can’t sit in a single place, but then he is the CEO of the Architect Company and is one of the top architects of India. Though they both are twins they have nothing similar, except they love me a lot and they never fail to show that. But right now, I doubt that Nish has the same thoughts as me. He is already killing me with his eyes. ‘Oh God if only looks could kill, I’ll be dead’

“But I am hungry because of-

“ It’s alright princess, you shouldn’t say sorry” Samar cuts Nish in the middle which causes Nish to glare at him.

“ Let’s have breakfast before Nish dies of hunger,” Mom says and servers the paranthas on the plate to me which Nish stanches from my hands.

“ oh, hello what” “ Shut up I am hungry”

“ Let him be Princess, here take this”

Having breakfast and dinner together is our family ritual, mom believes that if everyone is at home then we should have at least two meals together, without talking about work. As soon as I took the first bite of my Aloo ka Prantha I moaned at the delicious taste.

“ Yummy, it’s so good mom” “ Thanks Honey, now have some more butter.” Now if you are in India and haven’t tasted Aloo Prantha with Ghee and butter on top, then you have missed on life, believe me. It is still my favorite dish, though I like Chinese, Korean, Japanese and continental as well I still love Indian Food.

“Acha, Princess” “ Yup Nish”

“The designs for your new office are here, take a look whenever you are free.”

“Nah, no need you made them so I am sure they are perfect”

“But at least see them once for my satisfaction, ok?” “If I have time, I will otherwise go ahead with the work Mr. architect”

“OK as you say.” “yes”

“Did you sleep, well princess?”

“Yeah- yeah, yes dad I did” “hmm” I knew from his look that he doesn’t believe me. So, before he can ask further my first thought is to run, Mia.

“Ok, I am done with the breakfast. I have to leave, bye everyone” as soon as I took a step away from the table, I hear the words which I was running from “Stop, meet me in the study Mia”

“ What, why dad I am really busy today ask Kabir, he has been nagging me since morning. Can’t we talk tomorrow or a day after that or maybe never? hmm?”

“ Princess I know what you are up to so no, in the study now, ok?”

He said OK as if I have a choice to run “yes dad” I say while signing and dragged myself to his study.

My father’s study is the best place in the mansion, I still remember before going to the US for education I used to sit here all day and read his books. It is an old classic style room with bookshelves covering the left wall with a giant brown desk and a black and brown chair in the center. A window that shows the lawn, a cream sofa set on the left-hand side near a fireplace, and a family photo on the right wall. I used to love this place before I got my own study. This place still smells like wood mixed with rose fragrance my favorite. Thinking about it makes me smile and then I hear my father’s footsteps, which brings me back to reality. The first thing I hear when he opens the door as usual is-

“Princess leave the job” “ I am sure the reason you can’t sleep at night is because of your patients”

“Dad I guess we had already discussed that I will continue working as a psychiatrist in the hospital and will not leave the job.”

“But you can’t sleep because of that, I told you a thousand times to get into the management of the Hospital”

“Dad you yourself are the best cardiothoracic surgeon, how can you ask me to leave like that ?”

“Listen, Princess, I am a surgeon firstly and secondly I am not the one with insomnia and I don’t take sleeping pills at night.”

“ But dad agh…. MOM! MOM!!” Whenever we fight about this topic, I have to call mom because she is the only one who can convince dad, this is not the first time that we have discussed this, and every time we both stand on our grounds. He who wants me to handle the management of the hospital rather than just being a doctor there and I who don’t have time nor interest in doing it. I am already handling the “ Roy Hospital Foundation” along with being a doctor, and I love being a psychiatrist.

“ But dad, you know my sleep has nothing to do with my work, it’s just the nightmares are bad”

“But my love those nightmares are because of the work, right ?”

“What happened, now?” Thank God Mom entered at the right time. “Mom please handle him, dad it started again.”

“What happened Aarnav? Why are you after her?”

“ Her nightmares started again.”

“What? How?”

“Aggh, not you mom”

“I am not saying anything my love, but tell us are the same ?” “Yes, the same nightmares that I had, except this time I see myself crying and then boom everything is suddenly-.”

“Sweetheart I guess you should take a break, hmm, maybe once you do that everything will be alright?” “Ok?”

“Sure Mom, I will soon but I am not transferring to the management team. I know that one day I will have to take over the Hospital like a brother, but not so soon, ok? ”

“As you say, love now go, Kabir, is outside.” “But-“

“No buts Aarnav” With this my dad is quiet again. I love the effect that mom has on him, even though he never loses or listens to others, but with mom, he doesn’t have a chance. This is one of the reasons he fell for her, only she can make him like that.

“Ok fine, but you need to take care princess. hmm?”

“Yes dad, I promise.” “Ok now, bye love you both” with this I give them both a kiss and run out of the room at lightning speed towards my car, where I see Kabir waiting for me with an annoyed expression on his face. Seriously this person reminds me of those strict characters in the novels who used to carry a pocket watch with them.

“You are late” “Only 2 minutes”

“Get in the car please, we will go to the meeting directly.” “Ok”.

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