In Another Life

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Chapter 3 : Into Trouble Again

The meeting with Mr. Patel took a little longer than I expected, when we left it was already 5:30 pm I thought it will take only an hour or at the max two but here I am for the past three and a half hours and till the last minute I was negotiating with Mr. Patel about the contract but at least we signed it. But now I had to reach the office soon so that I can still keep up with my appointments. After walking out of the restaurant where the meeting was, I did a little happy dance that I always do after completing any task successfully and then gave a call to Kabir who was at the site of the new Hospital, he picked my call after the second bell.

“ Hello Kabir, we got the contract. Yeah!! See I told you I don’t need you at the meeting. When are you coming and pick me up now?”

“Congratulation’s ma’am, and I knew you will get it you always get what you want, I will send the driver I still can’t come. The problem is bigger than we thought about the construction. I guess I have to keep an eye on the construction team for a few days continuously.”

“ What happened? You didn’t tell me before as well and just drove with the car.”

“ Nothing to worry about, I will explain when I come to the office later.” “I will send the driver so please go to the office.”

“ Ok I will wait for you at the office then and no need to send the driver I have asked for a cab already it will be here in the next ten minutes so don’t worry.”

“Ok, but message me once you reach.”

“cool” It usually happens with me when something good has happened, a problem also takes place it’s like a package ‘a great thing with a minor problem’, I don’t know about others but with me, I am sure something will happen, and I am not a pessimist it’s just whenever I go somewhere alone, I find trouble or rather trouble finds me.

While waiting for the cab I saw two men eve-teasing a girl. It was a proper ‘Bollywood scene’ where a girl who looked like a teenager coming back from coaching, she had her backpack with her which she was clutching to her, and two men on a bike who were following her were coming from the end of the street. As I said I am a trouble finder and someone who has almost no or very little control over her mouth. I personally hate men who try and boss her around like she is an object. The girl was now walking faster and those men parked their bike right in front of her, one of them got off the bike and held her wrist, surprisingly a few people who were on the same side of the road or were standing near them saw the whole scene but did nothing and moved on. I was still standing on the stairs of the hotel watching the man try and drag the poor girl with him and the girl was now crying.’ Should I or should I not’ ‘Should I or should I not’ ‘ oh forget it.'

“Hey, Jerk what the hell are you doing ?” And I stepped in like the idiot I am.

The man who was dragging the girl stopped and looked at me with anger in his eyes, the look which says “ fuck Off” ‘as if I will’. He was in his mid-20’s and he was holding her wrist very tightly while she was trying to free herself. On seeing me the other man who was on the bike also stepped from the bike and started walking towards me.

“ Oh, hello kya suntan nhi? ( Can’t hear me ?)”

“ What are you deaf?”

“Don’t mess with us this is our personal matter. Fuck off.” This is something that I have heard so many times that it sometimes feels like a pet statement in this kind of situation. After giving me a warning he went back to his work.

“Leave her and I will.”

“Do you know who my father is?” Another pet dialogue.

“Don’t you know, who he is?”

“ What kind of idiot will go around asking people about it, stupid.”

“Now leave her and get lost.”

“What the hell, let me teach you, a lesson first I hate women who don’t know their place.” With these words, he came running towards me, and the second he came near me he slapped me. ‘ouch! that hurts, and it will a mark as well. God, somebody saves me from my family’s scolding .’ ‘ And this is the reason why people say don’t interfere in other people’s business.’ A lot of people were now looking at us, I am sure someone must have taken the video as well.

“Now, shut up and fuck off.”

“Leave her and I will,” I said again and now he was really angry; he again took a step towards me to hit me and I dogged it while holding his arm which was coming to hit me gave it a twist, and kicked his foot with my right leg and swing him over me and threw him on the ground.

Seeing this his friend even came running towards me and I did the same thing again with faster speed and he went flying like him and hit the ground. It was fun seeing both of them on the ground. After I did this, I gave the one who was speaking a lot a nice kick on the place where (you know where) and he started grooving in pain. The other one still had the energy to get up and come towards me. The second he came he tried to punch me and I held his hand, gave it a nice twist, and kicked near his shoulder hard and he fell on the ground holding his right shoulder and started crying in pain. Till the time I could do anything else police came. ‘Lucky Bastards’

The first question of the officer as I am sure 99% of people can guess it. “ What is happening here?” And in like any other Hindi Movie the officer arrested everyone on the scene and took us to the station. While he was taking me, I saw a boy who was making the video on his smartphone. I went to him took his phone from hands asked him if he had recorded the man hitting me, to which he only nodded gave him Kabir’s number, and said “ I am taking your phone as proof of self-defense, if you want it then call him now and tell him what happened, make sure you ask him to a new phone for you if you want a new one and also tell him to get the PR team ready, a lot of people took the video of the fight. Can you do this?”

“ Ye- yes didi (sister) I will.” He said giving me a confused look. If the only irrationality had a face, it would be me. “Thanks” Before I could say anything else the lady constable held my elbow and started dragging me. But before we could leave, I heard him say “You were so cool didi (sister).” I smiled at him, gave him a wink, and jerked the constable’s hand from my elbow, and walked with her to the police van with them. All the way, thinking about what I did and what will my family do. I left a silent prayer to God “ Please help me, I don’t want to die getting scolding today.”

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