In Another Life

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Police Station

“Sir try and understand that I just raised my hand in self-defense and nothing else. I even have proof. Why are you going around saying that I broke someone’s arm like that?” This was the third time I was explaining everything to the office in charge of the case. He has been beating around the bush that why did I help the girl and she is crying since she came to the police station. It is a typical police station where there are five officers including two lady officers and all are sitting on my head saying the same thing again and again.

They are sure that I caused the fight in spite of me showing the video and the mark of slap which is quite clear on my cheek. As the time is passing so is my patience, I really want to call Kabir and ask him to come and take me soon cause these idiots don’t seem to be in the mood to listen to me and I have no interest in spending a night here the beds don’t seem comfortable.

“ Sir, may I make a call ?” “Are you calling your lawyer? He won’t be able to get a bail for you?”

“I know that and I have enough knowledge of the law to keep me out of prison for a lifetime, so let me make a call and please let the child go she has been crying for a lot of time and it wasn’t her mistake, she is a victim and I only helped her.”

“You think you know better than us, who do you think you are, Pande throws her into jail, she needs a lesson on how to talk to someone.” After hearing him like this I gave him my most irritated face and made sure that he knows that I am still in no mood to go to jail. On seeing me taking away like that the girl started crying more. It was breaking my heart seeing her like that. She was just 15 and she went through all this because of me. Now seeing her like that I let out a silent prayer for Kabir to come as soon as possible.

“Sir try and listen please, according to law it was an act of self-defense you have enough proof and even eyewitnesses. Please sir at least let the child go.”

“Shut up, now you will teach me about my job?”

“Yes, seems like it.” And I love you, God. I really didn’t know that I will ever love this voice so much. And there was Kabir, lawyer and Sameer wait what Sameer? “Oh no, I am dead.”

‘Don’t look at him, don’t, don’t just disappear.’ ‘God, why am I so unlucky?’

“Princess, look at me.” I slowly nodded my head as no. ‘Who would want to look into the eyes of their killer.’

“Please, look at me Princess I am not angry seriously.” I look at him slowly and he really wasn’t angry his eyes were smiling and so was his face.

“Why are you smiling ?”

“You did a good job, don’t worry nobody is angry at you.” The first thing I thought was ‘ It’s a trick Mia, don’t fall for it.’

“It’s not a trick, we were just worried about you and nothing else.”

“ Kabir take care of this Inspector. Hmm? I am taking both of them home.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Oh, Hello papa ka ghar hai kya? ( Is it your father’s house?) You can’t go as you please.”

Now Sameer gave the inspector a look that says ‘you really don’t want to live.’ and I knew this Inspector is in danger. ‘ All the best’ If he thought that I was trouble then you don’t know Sameer. He can go to any length to protect his family and he is the most manipulative and scary one at home. And right now, whatever he was thinking is not good.

Sameer gave me an encouraging smile and I gave him a confused look, when I say I can read anybody I mean it but Sameer is excellent at hiding his expressions and feelings so it’s even impossible for me to understand him. ‘ He is just Twisted, but I love him.’

“Princess, just stay here for a minute.” With this, he went to Inspector’s desk and took the seat opposite to him.

“Take a seat Inspector, Mr. Smith give him the papers please.” The inspector who took the papers started going through them and slowly his face color started to drain.

“ I am so sorry Mr. Roy, extremely sorry I had no idea, who was she.”

“It’s alright, Mr. Smith go ahead and explain to him what mistakes did he made today.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Kabir stay here make sure that everything is settled and drive the child home safely.”

“Sure sir.”

“Good and Princess shall we leave?”

“Yes Bhai (brother), Kabir give me a call when you will get free.”

“Sure, Ma’am. Please take a rest and don’t do anything now.” He said with a sarcastic smile. And I rolled my eyes at him which made him give a smirk.

“Thank You didi (sister),” The girl came running and hugged me.

“ I am sorry, sweetheart. I caused you trouble”

“NO, Didi you helped me, those men were following me and irritating me for a long time, I even complained about them to the police but after a few days of their arrest, they started to harass me, even more. Thanks to you they will not do anything now.” She said it with a beautiful smile that held relief and pain at the same time, and it breaks my heart to see her like that again.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart I will make sure that they never touch you again. Never”

“Thank You Didi.”

“Bye, that person over there who looks like a monkey will leave you home.”

“Ok, Bye.” She said smiling cutely.

“Let’s go, Princess.” When we came out the sky was already black and the wind was cold.

“What’s the time Sameer ?”

“It’s 8:30, why?” He answered while opening the passenger seat and took a packet that had an ointment and a bandage.

“Let me see your cheek, Princess.” He holds my face and gives me an angry look.

“ How can you let someone hit you, Princess. We didn’t teach you self-defense for nothing.”

“ It’s swollen.” He had a pained expression on his face. And it made me feel more guilt than I was feeling.

“Sorry, Bhai ( Elder Brother). I just wanted to help the girl. I didn’t mean to cause any trouble.”

“It’s fine princess I told you, you never cause any problem for us, don’t worry no one is angry.”

“But how did you know something like this happened? Kabir would never call anyone of you for such a small situation.”

“You called the PR team to clear things out, on the site that’s how I knew, if something was wrong and when I called Ananya, she told me about the situation that how they had to clear the things out for you, who had a fight in the street and got hurt.”

“ I was worried so I called Kabir and he told me everything.”

“Oh, I am sorry Bhai. I will not do anything like this again. I promise.”

“What? Calling the PR team to cover that you fought?” He said smiling.

“Na, fighting.”

“It’s alright as long as you are not hurt. And take care of the situation yourself. Gotten quite brave, haven’t you?”

“Can’t help, learned from the best.” “Good, now let’s go home everyone must be waiting.”

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