In Another Life

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Chapter 5: Family

When we reach home, everyone was sitting in the family area, waiting for us to return or maybe waiting for me to come. When we stepped into the family room everyone came around me and all had different expressions on their faces. Nish had an amused expression but when he saw me it changed to anger. Mom and Dad had worried expressions on their faces and as for me, I was so scared of what will happen to me that I was praying for the ground to swallow me.

“Before you guys start scolding me, I am sorry,” I said with tears forming in my eyes, I felt very guilty for causing trouble to my family. When I was in the US I could do anything there, cause nobody knew I was the youngest daughter of the Roy Household, but here my actions will represent my family.

“I didn’t mean to cause any problem; I was just trying to help the child. I will never do anything like that again. Sorry, everyone. ”

“show me your cheek, Princess” Mom said “It’s a bit swollen. Aarnv I don’t want to see this thing happening to princess again. Did you get that?” Mom was so angry that even Nish took a step back, and dad looked equally angry about it.

“Princess, we are not angry at all, we knew what happened and we are proud of you, we know that you will never cause any trouble for us. So don’t worry love. We are just angry that someone hit you.”

“Yes, Princess I don’t like the fact that you will let someone hit you, listen I have not made this empire so that my daughter gets hit by some moron,” Dad said looking at me with a serious tone that still sounded a bit angry.

“Aarnav, language.” Mom shouted at him. Mom doesn’t like it if someone uses bad language, if it were us then I am sure we would have gotten more than what dad got. He always gets away from these things.

“Sorry love, now listen princess I don’t want you to do anything dangerous, anything, and never ever do something this reckless. This time I am letting you go but I won’t do it next time. Listening? ”

“ yes dad, sorry.” “Good, and don’t worry about our reputation, you are more important to us than our reputation.”

“Sorry, everyone. I will be careful from now on.”

“By the way, I am proud of you, Idiot.” Nish was smiling like an idiot now.

“I didn’t know you could do something like that, I guess those lectures were not a waste of time and money. I love the way you threw him. ” He started laughing like an idiot and did dad and Sameer.

“ Man he will never touch a woman again. loser”

“Yeah, he will never,” Sameer said after staying quiet for a long time.

“ What did you do Sameer?” Mom asked him with a curious and worried looked on her face.

“Nothing much mom. I just nicely had a talk with them.” Now even I am scared. ‘Why is this guy so twisted?’ As if Nish read my mind.

“What are you so twisted and scary ?” “Seeing you like this I get goosebumps. See” he held his arm out to show it to Sameer.

“I am not twisted or scary, you are just too simple and stupid. And I am not interested in seeing how scared you are of me. By the way, I like it that you are scared of me.” He gave him a smirk and left the room.

“Who said that I am scared of you? Idiot.” He called after him and saw us as if we will approve of him but looking at our disappointed and disgusted faces he knew what he did wrong.

“ What can’t you all even once say something nice about me ?”

“ No, not at all with what you do.” We all started laughing and he left the room mumbling that how insensitive we all are. Before he was about to step out, he turned and said,

“Idiot, I forgot to tell you I bought you your two things. It’s your reward to be brave. Good night Idiot, I will always stay at your side no matter what.” With these words, he left. At times like these, I think that I am the luckiest person on the planet. I have the best parents, best brothers, a best friend, and a perfect job, I could not ask for more. Even if I thank god for it every day I guess it will still not be enough.

“Princess good night even we should sleep, go eat something if you want, and then rest.” Mom said

“yes mom, goodnight dad. Love you both.”

I ran to my room and to take a bath first, I have a habit of taking a bath with extremely hot water but when I am stressed or tired, I heat the water more. And today I needed that more than food.

When I came from the bath I called Kabir and asked him about the situation and what happened today. He told me that all the machinery which we were getting from France is approved by both the health ministry and the France Government, but I still have to go and get the papers and a few documents signed myself. This is the best news that he gave me, we were trying to get a contract for the machinery and all the equipment for months and now finally it was approved.

“yes, I will go and inform dad about it. Go and sleep, thanks, Kabir. And I will see you tomorrow at sharp 9 and send me all the files of the patients I will go through them at night.”

“What? At night ? that means you will not sleep today. No thanks”

“Send it, it’s not as if it’s the first time. So do it please.”

“But-“ No buts listen and send them. Bye” I hung the call and went downstairs to get my surprise that Nish left in the kitchen, there’s only one this that Nish brings for me and that is choco-chip Mint ice. ‘ I love this ice cream and can eat it every day.’

When I was going down I thought about telling dad first about the good news so I went to their room but when I was about to open the door when I heard dad say

“ She is just like him, isn’t it ?” “ yup, reckless and brave.”

“Oye idiot what are you doing?” “Shhhh… I am hearing mom and dad.”

Nish came near me and said, "Why what happened ?” “Aggh… Are you an idiot? Or what ?”

“now let’s go before we are caught.” “Ok”

“By the way what were you hearing ?” “They said I am just like him, but I don’t know who, so I was about to ask. But then you came.”

“Ohhh…. Acha, doesn’t matter, they must be talking about that you are like one of our family members.”

“Hmm, maybe whatever, but what are you doing now ?”

“Me, nothing I have a date with your best friend Kriti, so I was leaving when I saw you spying.”

“oh ok, wait a minute, has she returned back ?” “Yes, she landed this evening when you were busy beating people.”

“Then why didn’t she call me? She calls me first.”

“She did but your phone was not reachable, madam.”

“now meet her tomorrow I am leaving. bye”

“bye.” I wish I could have a love story like them or like my parents they are perfect, who will believe that Nish who is one of the hottest boys in the city has been dating my best friend since they were 17. They both look great together and the best part is they love each other way too much. I wish I could also get someone, who will love me forever. ‘ Stop, Mia stop reading those romantic books.’

“ I am an idiot; I am sure that you will not find someone. God only gives love to a few selected people.”

With this, I went to my room and when I finished my work it was already 3 A.M in the morning. When I tried to sleep.

“No please please, don’t do anything, please.” A 15-year-old girl is crying, begging from someone.

I see fire, everywhere three people are on the floor and there is a man, he has a knife in his hand and he picked the man on the floor and stabbed him first.

“No, papa” the little girl shouted and cried more and suddenly she fell on the floor, crying again she is begging again from that man to leave her father but he stabbed the man again in front of her.

“No” I wake again crying and sweating from my sleep, ‘ it was a nightmare, thank god’ I have had this same nightmare for as long as I remember. This is the reason I cannot sleep and I have insomnia. I still don’t know who that girl was in my dream or why that man whose face I couldn’t see was killing those people. But more importantly, I want to know why this affects me so much and why I cry every time I have this dream. I think I am stressed I need to have a vacation, maybe I can stay in France for some time. Let’s ask dad then about it I am sure he will say yes.

“You can’t go.” “What? But why dad?” I asked him.

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