In Another Life

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Chapter 6 : Savior

I can’t believe dad said no. “Really? Why is it a no dad? You never say no to me for anything and you and mom suggested that I should go for a vacation now that I want to go, why would say no.”

“No, means a no you are not going France, you can go to anywhere in the world but not France.”

“What about the assignment I at least have to go and complete all the formalities and for that I have to go there.”

“Don’t worry I will take care of it. You don’t have to go there. And that’s my final word.”

I can’t believe he has never said no to me for anything. Then why would he say no to this? But then again, I will do as he says, though I am extremely angry and I will not easily show him that I have accepted so soon.

“Fine, whatever.” I left the dining area and went to my room.

“Princess, listen.” I heard Sameer calling from downstairs. And complained to Dad about what he did and so was Nish. From what I could make they both were pretty angry and were asking Dad about the reason for saying no but Dad didn’t reply to them. Ok now I am feeling guilty about it, dad shouldn’t get scolded like that by them. I was about to go out to take dad’s side but before I could step out Mom came to the room and said something to them that I couldn’t hear and then everything went silent.

I had my leave today, so I went to the gym for a few mins to steam off my stress. I was working out when I got a call from Kritika my only childhood best friend. I remember we clicked instantly when we first met in school and we even went to the US together, just because we didn’t want to be separated from one another. She came last night from the US after completing her internship under one of the best fashion designers. On the third ring, I picked the phone and all she said was

“ You went to jail without me. Why would you do that to me?”

“And welcome back Kritika. And I was only taken to the police station and didn’t get to jail. ”

“But Nish told me you actually injured two people badly. And you were not arrested.”

“ I didn’t injure them badly one and secondly Sameer came to pick me up.”

“ Oh, I forgot that you are the daughter of Roy Household and on top of that your brothers are a bit overprotective. But next time we will go to jail together. Promise.”

And I am again regretting the day I became friends with her. She is the complete opposite of me, where I am a calm and composed kind of person who only gets impulsive at times, she is always impulsive and stays calm only when she is working other than that she is like a bunny on a run. Her parents are not worried about her, they know she always finds a way out of her problems, and if not then I will. Who can believe that she is the hot chick of the town and is the daughter of the Kapoor Pharmaceutical industry? Since we met I have seen that most people mistake her for being a bitch, but she is not that I can bet my life on this, actually, she is a cry baby and that is how Nish and Kritika met. She was crying because some jerk said something to her and Nish saw that and when Nish is at a site like this then it means to fight. He broke that jerk’s jaw and was almost rusticated from school for that if both the families didn’t get involved and that’s how we three met and till today we are together. I thank Nish for doing that, Kritika and Kabir are the only people I can trust after my family. And I am sure they will always stay by my side.

“ Hello, daydreaming again.”

“Hmm, oh sorry sorry. What did you say?”

“Forget it and meet me near Phoenix Marketcity. We need to do the shopping for your mood.”

“What mood? Don’t tell me that idiot already told you everything.”

“Yes he did and he was worried about you a lot. So see you in an hour and don’t get Kabir, plz drive yourself.”

“ You know I can’t drive myself, but don’t worry I will not bring Kabir.”

“Alright, but you need to come out of your fear Mia. Ok, if not today but someday.”

“Yeah, I will see you soon. Bye.”

I changed into my black crop top and ripped dark blue jeans with a cap. I made a messy pony and applied natural makeup, took my bag, and left the room. When I stepped into the parking I found a new sports car there with a ribbon on it. It was Lamborghini Aventador in matte black color and it looked stunning. The first thought I had when I saw it was Nish bought a new toy and he will now show it off to me knowing that I love sports cars but I can’t drive. ‘ Ughhhh… why can’t I drive, why am I still afraid.’

This is beauty that I would die to drive if only I was strong enough to overcome that incident.

“Ma’am the car is ready.”

“Yeah, but who bought this car?” I asked the driver.

“Sir got it today.”

“Sir, you mean dad and not any of my brothers?”

“yes, ma’am.”

“oh ok cool, let’s go.” Dad bought it, but why he doesn’t like sports cars. ‘ Forget it, me and my curiosity

“Finally we reached the Pheonix Mall, I can’t believe it took us 2 hours because of traffic.”

“Sorry, ma’am I should have anticipated it.”

“Whoa, why are you sorry I was late, stop saying sorry plz.”

It is one of the best malls in Mumbai and we both have been coming here since we were kids, first with our parents and then together. I really love the bakery here, it has all my favorite sweets and I love the candy shop as well. But Kritika loves it for the brands that are there, I can’t believe she can go shopping so much, she just came back from the US and now she wants to go shopping again. ‘ Ask for the devil and the devil is here’ I saw her coming towards me she was wearing a plain white one-piece which looked stunning on her and it complimented her figure so much. The first thing someone could notice about her is her walk, she looks like a model walking on the ramp every time she takes a step. She has a cute round-shaped face with black eyes. She looks like a model from some famous magazine and there may be hardly anyone who will not notice her.

“Sorry I am late Mia.” She said holding her both ears.

“Pagal hai( Are you an Idiot ), It’s cool I just reached as well. And since when did you start saying sorry for being late?”

“I was just being nice.” She started laughing

“Stupid, now let’s go. Where do you want to go ?”

“Ok. Let’s go shopping. LV, here we are coming.” She is always excited when it comes to shopping. And now I am sure she will buy more with the excuse that I am upset and that she is only trying to cheer me up with the clothes that she will be buying.

“Ok, let’s go”

“By the way babe, why did Uncle say no to you, have any idea ?”

“Na, I don’t know, now that’s weird because he never says no to me for anything and I can’t even go to France to sign the documents and complete the other formalities.”

“Oh my god, even Nish doesn’t know about it and he was also upset about it.”

“I know, even Sameer was angry. Can you believe it ?”

“Now that is why everyone calls you the Princess of the Roy Group. If your parents say no to you your brothers will make sure that you get it. So lucky”

“I know, I love them and that’s why whatever dad decided is ok with me.”

“By the way, I will be going to France to Cannes for Internation Film Festival at least a month”

“Whaaaat? why? you just came back.”

“Sorry, babe I just got the letter yesterday. I will leave next week on Monday.”

“Ok. But I am sad and excited for you.”

“That’s why I will go and talk to Uncle for you and ask him to let you come with me.”

“No need to I want him to say yes himself.”

“But- “I said no”


After at least four hours of shopping and going to a minimum of 12 different brands we just bought dozens of dresses from Zara, Only, LV, and a few different brands, with two titan watches and three new pairs of heels.

“Seriously, is it done. I am tired now. Let’s go home plz”

“But we didn’t buy much for you.” “ What, no thanks.”

“But- “You bought me five new dresses with a watch and a pair of heels when I didn’t want any. “

“Emergency sweetheart, you never know when these things come in handy.”

“ You and your logic’ achaa let’s go plz.”

“ok if you want to go so badly I can’t say anything.”

When we reached home it was almost 9 PM and everyone was home. When everyone saw her they went to greet Kritika.

“Hello darling, So good to see you. My idiot son didn’t inform me that my daughter-in-law was in India.”

“Mom, I missed you so much.” She ran to hug her and Nish joined them in the hug and got an elbow attack from Kritika.

“Babes how could you do this to me.”

“I am here to meet my parents, not my boyfriend.”

“Yes, I hope this idiot is treating you nicely ?”

“Yes dad, he is.” “Good, one thing that he did good was dating you and giving us such a great daughter.”

“Thanks, Dad,”

“How’s Mr, Kapoor ?” “Dad’s great Sameer, How have you been ?”

“Good. Thanks for asking Bhabhi( Sister in law)”

“You and your formalities.”

“Girls go and freshen up the dinner will be served.”

“Cool mom.” We said in the sink and started laughing.

After dinner, Kritika told everyone about going to France and both of my brothers including me and Kritika gave dad a pleading look to let me go. But he ignored it, so I guess I will stay in India for a while. It was midnight when Kritika went home with Nish, who begged her to drop her home. This is the funniest thing that Nish does, Kritika doesn’t like it when Nish drives at night but he always wants to be the only person who will pick her up and drop her home. I don’t know why, that’s the reason he is an idiot.

“Princess ?”

“Yes, Dad.”

“I want to talk to you in the study, follow me plz.”

“Sure Dad.” The thing I thought was ‘ What did I do now ?’

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