Yn story (JOKE)

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This is a story about a girl named y/n. y/n was a little weirdo who ate her own farts. One day, she had a run-in with some hot bois.

Romance / Fantasy
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Yn story (JOKE)

Y/n threw her blonde, platnium hair into a messy bun and went to go answer the door. And there were hot boys outside. “Y/n, you are the ultimate saviour chosen one,” said the hot boy named Brad. “WHATTTTTT!?!?!?!!?” Y/n screamed, “I’m the chosen one?” “And you must come with us to save the world,” Brad told her. “Quickly, we must leave. My parents are possessed by demons,” Y/n told the hot boys. Y/n shook cutely. “T-t-t-t-they also hired a hitman to kill me,” she cutely cried. As the 3 hot boys and Y/n ran, the hitman caught up with them and shot Y/n. “OH MY GOD! I’VE BEEN SHOT IN THE LEG!” Y/n screamed, as she cutely fell and fainted. A few minutes later, in the hospital, Y/n regained consciousness. “Do not move your leg. I bandaged it,” Brad said to her. “OH MY GOD YOU TOUCHED ME,” Y/n screamed, as she blushed and got angry cutely. “You are the chosen one. The evil apocalypse hybrids are after you,” Hot boi 1 warned her. “Y/n, we must stay in the forest and protect you,” Brad said. “Until you can save the world with your chosen one powers,” Hot Boi 3 said go her. Y/n was confused cutely.

2 episodes later

“We love you, Y/n,” Hot boi 2, Hot boi 3, Hot boi 1 and Brad said to Y/n. “I’m stealing you now,” a kidnapper said, and stole Y/n. “Marry me and be my bride and I won’t turn you in to the hybrid demons,” the kidnapper said. “Ok,” Y/n cried. “It’s a forced marriage and they met yesterday,” one of the bandit guys said, the next day. Y/n threw her bouquet, and it was caught by the white-haired bandit guy. “This means we get married next,” he said to the blue-haired bandit guy next to him. “Y/n!” Hot boi 2 yelled as he jumped through the sky. “Why are you shirtless?” Y/n asked loudly. “BECAUSE I AM,” Hot Boi 2 screamed. “AAAAAAAA,” he yelled, as the kidnapper shot him. “Quickly, we must escape, I’m dying.”

4 episodes later, the final battle.

Y/n hit the king of demon hybrids with her messy bun blast cutely. “AAAAAAAA,” she yelled, as she annihilated the king of demon hybrids. “I love you, let’s make out now,” Y/n said to Hot boi 2. And they did.

The end.

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