Saved My Sister

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Kathryn Hayford is a young OB-GYN who finally returns home to continue her practice . Her first patient , Julia Anderson has had multiple miscarriages and for her fourth pregnancy her younger brother Manuel would do anything to see her happy with a child in her arms. Kathryn on the other hand has a job to fulfill as a doctor and Manuel as a brother but what happens when both their ideologies clash.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Kathryn's POV

Already seated in my office ten minutes before my shift officially began I glanced through the file before me once again. I had been assigned seven patients as a start since I was a new doctor and I had read through the files of each of my patients. Returning home wasn't a bad idea after all and after getting accustomed with the files and notes the formal doctor left it would be easy to pick up. A loud knock brought me out of my reverie and I wondered how long the person behind must have been waiting. I quickly asked them in fixing my glasses into place.A man much younger than I expected accompanied with my first patient Julia who I immediately recognized from the picture on the file as she walked in. Julia gave me a pleasant smile as I offered them a seat but the Mr with her scowled at me. From the way Julia stared on I wondered if she was aware of the change in doctors and before I could give an explanation the Mr was already demanding for the reason I had occupied a seat which apparently didn't belong to me . How the hell didn't he see the name infront of the office with a height like that I thought sarcastically. If only he wasn't with a patient I wouldn't be showing a perfect smile for his rudeness. I did my best to explain the change in doctors speaking more to Julia all along ignoring the Mr who never allowed his scowl to falter. As I wrapped up my explanation I turned to him with another smile and asked as nicely as possible "Are you okay Mr Anderson?". Julia burst into laughter whiles the Mr's scowl turned into a deathly glare.
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