Trigger (Broken Angels, MC Book Three)

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Eliot “Trigger” Holiday had love once. They were high school sweethearts. He was going to ask her to marry him on the day they graduated from high school, but he never got the chance. A few months before graduation, he was told she died. Saying he was devastated would be an understatement. Ever since then, he’s never let another woman in. He has walls built up so high, not even the Almighty could break them down. That’s what makes him such a great enforcer. Alanis Barton is looking for a fresh start. After getting pregnant with her daughter at fifteen, she’s been on her own. The father left as soon as he found out about the baby. She shouldn’t have expected anything different. He was older than her and had a full ride to Notre Dame and didn’t want anything getting in his way. Now, moving to a new town with her fifteen-year-old daughter in tow, she takes a job as the accountant for the BAMC. When someone from Triggers past comes back into the picture, will he go back to what he’s used to, or will he let the new accountant break his walls down. What happens when their pasts threaten everything, but what happens when history repeats itself?

Romance / Action
Riki Leigh Bishop
4.9 19 reviews
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Author's Note

Hello lovelies!

In light of recent events, I have decided to not keep more than a few chapters of my completed books on this sight. As of right now, I’m not comfortable having the entire book on here.

However, they are available on Amazon!

It does my heart bad to have to do this. I love being able to give my readers something to pass the time. I love giving you all something that can help you escape reality, but that can’t be possible with people stealing other people’s hard work.


Riki B.

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