Trigger (Broken Angels, MC Book Three)

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Eleven: Alanis

One Month Later

Posey and I have been here for a month now and we’ve settled into a routine. I haven’t seen Trigger, I’ve started calling him Trigger since he hasn’t spoken to me, since we were interrupted in my office a month ago. He seems to keep a wide berth between us. I’m not sure why to be honest, but I don’t have it in me to find out. If he was serious about what he told me, he would have stayed around. I’m not going to cry over a man that ghosted me. I have too much going on. At least he showed his true colors before things got complicated with sex. I still don’t know what happened back in my office. I’ve never been like that, but he brought it out in me. He made me feel things that I’ve never felt before. I don’t have time to dwell on things though. Between work and Posey’s sporting events, I’ve became even busier than I was before.

I work the accounts to four different business, some of the guys have came to me about doing their taxes and investments, and Posey has started games. There’s also talk about opening a few more businesses. I have never missed a game and I’m not about to start now. I’ve hung out with Aliana and Hannah a few times. They’re great. Hannah has been complaining about not being able to have sex yet. I chuckle to myself as I remember our conversation the other day about sex. They were shocked that it had been fifteen years and counting for me. They asked what happened between Trigger and I in my office. I told them that someone knocked and called him away. I told them that I haven’t seen or heard from him since then.

“So, he’s going to be one of those guys.” Hannah says, catching me off guard.

“One of what guys?” I question confused. We’re sitting at the bar in the clubhouse before we leave to go to Posey’s game. Ali and Hannah have started coming to all of her games. Reaper, Hannah’s ol’ man, and Cannon, Ali’s ol’ man, have started coming as well. They love to watch her play just as much as I do.

“The type of guy that fights his feelings for a woman. Hell, Jackson was trying to get me to agree to be his ol’ lady within the first week I was here. I was the stubborn one in that scenario though.” Hannah replies. Is that what he’s doing? Fighting this pull that we seem to have between us. I’m not sure, but I don’t have time for games. Either you want to be with me, or you don’t.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t have time to play these teenage games. I did that once and it got me humiliated in front of the entire school and kicked out of my parents’ house. If he wants to be with me then he needs to nut up. I have a daughter to raise, and he has a son. We’re both adults with responsibilities.” I say.

“Damn right! Preach sister! These men don’t know what’s in front of them until they lose it. I would know. It took me going away and coming back with my ex on my ass for Axyl to come to his senses and claim me.” Ali said. “You need to get laid. Fifteen years is a hell of a long time to not get some.”

“My vibrator works wonders thank you. I have a stock in the battery company. I don’t need a man to do something I can do just fine by myself.” I say. I may have gone through a lot of batteries over the past fifteen years, but at least I scratched the itch when it reared its ugly head.

“Fuck me. What did we just walk into?” I turn to the sound of the voice. Cannon and Reaper are standing behind me. I’m assuming they were on their way to their women. I look at my watch and see that it’s almost time to leave for the game. I haven’t called any of the men by their real names. Just their road names. It seems personal on some level. I’m not a part of their family. I’m just their employee whose daughter is friends with a member’s daughter. Not to mention, my fifteen-year-old daughter has a crush on a member’s son. His name is Gavin. He’s seventeen and in college. He graduated last year when he was sixteen. He’s a smart boy and has a good head on his shoulders. I’m just glad she’s not crushing over a criminal or something. These men aren’t criminals, but they’re too old for her.

“Alanis has a stock in the battery company because she goes through a lot with her trusty vibrator. She hasn’t had sex in fifteen years. Before you ask, nothing happened in her office because they were interrupted, and he’s been keeping his distance ever since.” Ali kindly informs everyone around, causing my cheeks to heat to a bright red.

“It’s time for me to get going. The game is going to start soon, and I’d like to get a good seat.” I jump from my seat and rush out to my car.

Those women are something else entirely. I didn’t know I was missing friends until those two came into my life. Before them, Shelly was enough. I’m sitting in my office trying to get everything I need to get done today done when my phone rings. Today is Posey’s first away game and I’d like to be on the road before too much longer. “Hello daughter of mine.”

“Hey mom. I was just paged to the office. I didn’t know if you were here to pick me up or something.” Posey says.

“No honey. I’m still at the clubhouse. Stay on the phone with me until you get there. I don’t know of anyone that would be there to get you. Vanessa isn’t going to be there until after school. Besides, you ride the bus today.” I tell her. My mind is running a million miles a minute. I rush out of my office and towards my car. I ignore all the voices calling my name behind me. I have a bad feeling about this, and I always trust my gut.

“It’s your mom and dad.” I pause in my steps. My blood running cold. I’ve shown her pictures of my parents, so she knew not to cross their paths if it came to that. I didn’t know what they would do to her. “Why are they here?”

“I don’t know sweetheart. I’m on my way. Don’t go anywhere with them.” I hang up the phone and peel out of the parking lot, leaving dust in my way. My only thought is to get to my daughter before my parents do something to her. After the last time that we met, I know it won’t be good if they get their hands on her. I just hope I’m not too late. They’re good at manipulating people. It’s what makes my dad a good mayor. I hear the sounds of the bikes on my tail, but I just keep going as fast as I can to the school. My phone rings beside me and I answer without looking at the caller I.D. “Hello?”

“Where the fuck are you going. Why are you going down the road like your ass is on fire?” Triggers voice fills my car, calming me just a little bit.

“They’re at the school for my daughter. I can’t let them get her. I don’t know what they’ll do to her. They can make me do anything they want if they hold my daughter over me.” I tell him, on the verge of tears. “I have to get to the school before they manage to smooth talk their way into getting her to go with them. My father didn’t become mayor because of his looks.”

“Calm down little minx. Westyn has a couple brothers enroute to the school. They stay close because of the kids that go there. I need you to take a deep breath for me baby girl. Calm down. No one is going to get our girl. I’ll make damn sure of it.” Trigger says. Our girl? When did that happen. He’s avoided me for a month and now he wants to act like we’re a couple. I don’t need this on top of what’s already happening. “I can hear your cogs turning in your head. I meant what I told you a month ago. You’re mine babe. I’ve had some shit going on and we’ll talk about it later after Posey’s game. Morgan and I are going to be joining you this time, along with the brothers and parents, but we’ll talk afterwards. My parents are going to take the kids and we’ll talk.” I don’t answer because I whip into the school parking lot and see a man dragging my daughter to my parents’ car.

I barely have the car parked before I’m jumping out of the car running after my daughter. “Let her go! Get your filthy hands off my daughter!” I come to a stop as one of my father’s men step in front of me. I try to get around him, but he grabs me by the waist. I can’t move. “Posey!” I cry.

“Mom! Help me!” Posey is fighting like hell, but I can see the man getting angry. He goes to raise his fist to hit her, but he doesn’t get the chance.

“Lay one hand on my daughter and it’ll be the last thing you do.” Trigger replies from behind the man holding Posey. How did he get there so fast?

“I’d suggest you get your hands off her before you lose them.” Comes a voice behind me and the lug head holding me. I hear the cock of a gun and feel the man behind me go stiff before releasing me. I turn to look and see Breaker behind me. My attention doesn’t stay on him long before it turns back to my daughter.

“Call your dogs off Alanis. You need to grow up and take responsibility for the mistake you made all those years ago. Come home and take your place in the marriage to our associate. You’ve been promised to him since you messed everything up with Charles. The girl will be taken care off.” My father says. I feel a shiver go down my spine. What could he mean by that?

“I’m not going anywhere with you, and neither is my daughter. Just leave and don’t bother us again. You haven’t bothered to come into my life for fifteen years. You don’t have the right to now. I’m not your daughter anymore. You made that clear a long time ago. You’re nothing to me. Now leave.” I snarl.

“Let her go.” My father says. The man holding my daughter drops her on the ground. “We’ll be back. I don’t care about the girl. You will be coming with me one way or another Alanis Marie Barton. Mark my words.” They walk to their car and get in before taking off. I rush to Posey and make sure she’s okay.

“I’m sorry mom. They grabbed me on my way back to my class. I wasn’t going to go into the office, but they had men there. I couldn’t run fast enough.” She says frantically.

“It’s okay baby. You’re safe. That’s all that matters. I’m going to go in and talk to the school. You go ahead and get back to class.” I tell her. Trigger helps us up and we head into the school. I will do anything to make sure my daughter is safe, even if it’s giving myself up to do it.

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