Trigger (Broken Angels, MC Book Three)

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Twelve: Trigger

It’s been a month since I’ve seen Alanis and I’m sure that she thinks I don’t want anything to do with her, or I’m ignoring her, but it’s neither. When we were in her office, I was planning on claiming her then and there. However, Westyn decided to be a fucking cockblock and knock on the door. He needed us in church. We’ve decided to open a bar in town and then we needed to go over the books so we could get our charity run planned along with the donations we make each year.

This year we decided to make the charity run for the local NICU. We were going to do it after the twins were born, but Ali wanted to do it for Autism. We do a charity run every other year. This year the run will be held at the end of September and I plan on having Alanis on the back of my bike. I’ve never had a woman on the back of my bike, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t fantasized about her being on it. I’ve never had the urge to put a woman on my bike, but when I saw her, I wanted it all. We’re donating to the school and local PD as we usually do during Christmas. The money we donate to the school goes to the departments that don’t have a lot of funding.

On top of that, I’ve been dealing with Morgan and getting him settled. He had no schooling while in his mother’s care. He had no medical care either. This past month has been full of tests, both educational and medical. It turns out, that he’s measuring a year behind in school, so we managed to get him into the same class as Murdock. At least he knows one person there. The only problem he has medically is he’s malnourished, but we’ve managed to get him back to the weight the doctor said he needed to be. He wasn’t severely malnourished, but just enough. He’s been meeting with Aliana as well, and he gas really began opening up to her. Obviously, she has the doctor/patient confidentiality, but I didn’t expect her to not tell me. As long as he’s talking, that’s all that matters. She did inform me that he has explosive rage. Whenever his mother is mentioned or is around, he explodes in fits of rage. I’ve had to deal with it a few times, but not as much since she’s been gone.

We had just gotten out of church and sat at the bar when Alanis came barreling through the main room. We all called her name, trying to get her attention, but she wasn’t listening. She was on her phone and I knew in my gut that something wasn’t right. My brothers and I get outside just as her car is leaving the parking lot with dust following suit, it looked the roadrunner had just taken off. We ran to our bikes because we know this isn’t like Alanis. We’ve known her for a month, and she is not like this at all. She’s always so calm. She doesn’t even curse! We jump on our bikes and follow her to wherever the hell she’s going.

We follow her to the school as I talk to her on the phone. She’s near a nervous breakdown and I can’t very well do anything about it when I’m on my bike and she’s in her car. I try to calm her down the best I can while I’m on the phone with her, but I know it didn’t work as well as I had hoped when she barely got her car stopped before she was out and sprinting towards a man that had a hold of Posey. Over my dead fucking body.

I park my bike and use my military training to make it towards the man holding my daughter and before he can even blink, my gun is pointed right at him. No one fucks with what’s mine and this girl is mine. She became mine the minute I claimed her mother. I may have been distant for the past month, but I had shit to handle. Now, we’re going to be sitting down and having a real long talk.

After we dealt with her parents, we made our way into the school as Posey went back to her classes. She seemed shaken up, but the longer she was out of their grasps, the more she calmed down. She’s strong just like her mother. When we enter the office, Miss Evelynn is sitting at her desk. Miss Evelynn was around for all of us MC kids. She was the secretary then and she still is now. “Well, as I live and breathe, have you boys come to see me?”

“Sorry Miss Evelynn, but this is business. You should go to the diner though. Mom misses you. She said you haven’t been by in a while.” Westyn says.

“I’ll be sure to make it by there. I’ve been trying to care for George and keep on top of everything here. You know how Principal Williams is when I’m not here. The place goes into complete and utter chaos!” She says. George, her husband, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s still in the early stages, but she makes sure to be there in case he needs anything whenever she’s not working. She’s been friends with our parents since we all started school.

“How is he doing? You should bring him by sometime. The dads have been asking about him. They’re getting ready to leave for a year long trip. You and George should join them. I’m sure we can find someone to cover for you. One last hurrah before things get to the point of no return.” Axyl pipes in.

“He’s doing okay. I’ll think about it. I’ll have to talk to George about it and see if he feels up to going. I’m sure we can afford it after I do some finagling. What can I help you boys with. I know you didn’t come here to reminisce on the old days.” She snorts. Miss Evelynn is in her early fifties and doesn’t look a day over thirty.

“My daughter, Posey, was just drug out of the building by some of my father’s men. I know they were here before I arrived. They haven’t been a part of my life for fifteen years and I’d like to keep it that way. They have ill intentions for myself and my daughter. If they come back, I would like them to be escorted off the premises and if that doesn’t work, I’d like them to be arrested. The only one that is allowed to get her early from school is myself. If I need someone else to pick her up early, I’ll send a note.” Alanis says, but I cut her off before she can go on.

“Me too. She became mine when I claimed this woman here.” I say, earning a shocked look from Miss Evelynn. There isn’t much that this woman doesn’t know. If we went through it as teenagers, or children, she knew about it. She knew about Megan, and she knows about Morgan. She nods her head and gives Alanis a questioning look. Alanis looks like a deer caught in headlights but nods her agreement.

“I’m sorry to hear about that! I would have done something if I had heard anything dear. Is she alright? I’ll get all of this changed right now.” Miss Evelynn says.

“She’s fine. I sent her back into class. Thank you so much Miss Evelynn.” Alanis says. We spend another ten minutes in the office talking and getting everything set up the way we want it.

“We’re going to the diner. You should take the rest of the day off and join us. Hannah and Ali are meeting us there.” I say.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to intrude. You’re a family, I’m just the account…” I cut her off with a kiss to her lips. Fuck, I could live on her lips. They’re so soft and pink and perfect. I’ve fantasized about kissing her lips a lot over the past month. I’ve also fantasized about them being wrapped around my cock, but that’s neither here nor there.

“You’re family. You’re my ol’ lady. We’ll talk more tonight. After Posey’s game, we’re going to stay in the room while the kids are with my parents. They leave for their trip tomorrow, so they want to spend time with their grandchildren before they go. We’re going to sort this shit out. Now, get that fine ass in that beater and get to the diner. Also, we’re getting you a new damn car, but you’re riding in the truck with Morgan and me tonight. We’d take the bike, but there’d be no one to take them home.” I watch as she gets into her car, after sending a glare my way. I get on my bike and wait for her to head towards the diner. She has no idea what she’s gotten in to.

On the drive to the diner, I couldn’t think about anything but Alanis. She’s such a strong woman and loves her daughter with everything she has. I also think about how Morgan’s life would have been so different if he were with me. If I had known about him, I would have done everything in my power to ensure his safety, even from his mother. Knowing him for the little time that I have, I’ve gotten to know what a great kid he is. He’s well mannered, and even though his mother treated him the way she did, he’s not skittish. He’s outgoing and I didn’t expect that of him. I expected him to have communication issues, or something, but he didn’t.

He’s gotten along well with Murdock. I have a feeling that they’re going to good friends. If we were talking in chick terms, they’d become best friends. Murdock may be a year younger than Morgan, but that didn’t stop them from building a fast relationship. They could have grown up together if his bitch of a mother didn’t hide him from me. What I don’t understand is why she did it. If her actions spoke anything, it’s that she didn’t want him. So, why have him? Why keep him? Why not send him to me. I could have given him the life he deserved. Yeah, I’m in a MC, but we’re pretty much out of the illegal shit. We still run guns, but we’re slowly working our way out of that. We’ve met with our contacts and have explained everything. We’ve all come to an understanding about it. We didn’t want a war on our hands just because we didn’t want to be in the gun business any longer.

With a lot of the brothers settling down and these kids popping out one after the other, we need that security. We need to know that we’ll be coming home to our loved ones in one piece and not in a body bag or with a gunshot wound. Hell, I was on board before I found out about Morgan. I didn’t want to be in this life any more than the others did. Even though our dads aren’t in charge anymore, they do still play an active role in some decisions. They founded the club and started the gun business, but they understood where we were coming from. They gave us their opinion and let us handle the rest. They’re our advisors I guess you could say.

Our dads only kept in the gun business because that’s where the money was coming from the most. When Westyn took over, we opened the tattoo parlor and now the bar. Our moms started the safe haven place because of one of their friends. Our dads started the repair shop when they first started the club. So, it’s not like we don’t have a steady income coming in with our legitimate businesses. Now, with Morgan, Alanis, and Posey in my life, I want them to be safe. I don’t want to come home in worse shape than I left. I don’t want our enemies coming for them to get to me. I haven’t known Alanis long, and hardly spoke to her in the last month, but I knew the moment her eyes met mine and she was able to calm me down with a simple touch that she was it for me.

I’ve heard my brothers talk about how it was instantaneous, the connection with their ol’ ladies. Well, except Axyl I guess. He took a little longer than most. Jackson had said that he knew as soon as he saw Hannah in the clubhouse. I knew what he meant when I first laid eyes on Alanis. Now that Morgan was settled and had all the tests completed, I plan on getting to know Alanis and Posey. She’s a huge part in Alanis’s life and I would like her daughter’s approval. I know that if Posey doesn’t approve then Alanis won’t give me the time of day. I plan to win them both over, and we’ll spend time as a family getting to know one another. She’s a package deal with her daughter, the same as I am with my son.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize we were at the diner until after I was parked and off my bike. I know this route like the back of my hand. Elise has owned this diner since before any of us were born and the food is the best in town.

It’s neutral territory for all MCs. She wanted it that way because she wanted a place that the enemy clubs could meet and be on neutral turf. They all know that any fighting isn’t to happen here. When Ali had her shit going on, Alex’s brother came in and started a shootout. It took us a couple months to get the diner fixed back up and ready to run again. We made sure that any club that thought they could do the same as the Blue Moon did, that they got the message of what happens when they do. The Blue Moon, MC no longer exists. Once we wiped out all the executive officers, the rest went to different charters, or switched clubs.

I walk over to Alanis’s car when she parks and shuts it off and open the door before helping her out. “Hey gorgeous. You hungry?” The way her pale skin blushes as my thumb traces the bottom of her lip before moving over her cheek does things to my body. Knowing that I affect her as much as she affects me with just her presence makes my cock twitch in my jeans.

“Starving actually. I skipped lunch to get a lot of the work done today.” I don’t like that she skipped a meal just to complete work. It will be there for her when she gets back.

“Don’t skip meals just to get work done. There’s a kitchen in the clubhouse for a reason, so use it. If I find out you’re skipping meals again, I’ll bend you over my knee and turn that perky little ass of yours a nice shade of red before I fuck you hard and fast little minx.” I huskily say. I’m pretty sure my cock is going to have permanent indentions from my zipper. She sucks in a harsh breath and blushes even deeper. “Let’s get inside before they send Ali or Hannah out here.” I lead her into the diner, and we take a seat with the rest of the crew. I can’t wait until I have her alone tonight. She has no idea what she’s getting into, but she’s about to find out.

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