Trigger (Broken Angels, MC Book Three)

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Nineteen: Posey

When we first moved here, I thought it was going to be terrible. We’ve been here for three months since we’ve been here and it’s better than I thought it would be. I’ve made a lot of new friends and met Gavin. When I first laid eyes on him, I knew we were supposed to be together. What fifteen-year-old knows that for sure though? I know for a fact, that he’s the one for me. Mom would always tell me that I would know who my one was supposed to be. She would tell me about how she thought my dad was her ‘one’ but after things went south with them, she knew she was wrong. Then she met Eliot and I saw what she described. I feel the same thing with Gavin that she does with Eliot.

Gavin and I have been seeing each other for a couple months now and it has been the best months of my life. We met at the clubhouse when he was back from school that weekend. He graduated when he was sixteen. He’s a freaking genius. He’s got two more years left until he graduates with his architecture degree, and I couldn’t be prouder of him. We may have not been together that long, but I feel it deep in my bones he’s the one for me. He was my first everything. I know he feels the same about me that I do about him, so why am I so scared to tell him this?

Eliot brought us to school this morning, but I left shortly after. Kelsey asked what I was doing, and I tried to blow her off because this is something I need to do on my own, but she followed anyway. So, here we are, standing in the middle of the pharmacy bathroom, staring that the little piece of plastic that’s going to change my life forever. I was supposed to go to school on a sports scholarship. I was supposed to go on to become a vet, but I don’t think that’s going to happen now. What if he doesn’t really feel the same way about me that I feel about him? Is he going to do what my dad did to my mom? How am I going to tell my mom? She’s going to kill me. She always told me she never wanted this to happen to me. What about Eliot? He’s the only father figure I’ve ever had. How am I going to tell him? How in the heck am I going to tell Gavin?

“What are you going to do? You have to tell them?” Was I speaking out loud? “Yes, you were, and still are. Pose, Gavin looks at you the same way all the men look at their ol’ ladies. He’s in love with you. I’ve never seen him this way. Ever. Your mom will understand. She’s your mom. As for Trigger, he’ll kill Gavin.” Yes, because that makes me feel so much better.

“Kels…I don’t know what to do. This wasn’t supposed to happen. We were so careful! How am I going to tell him? He’s going to leave me. He’s so close to his degree. He doesn’t need this on top of everything he’s going through. I can’t do that to him.” I can’t. It’d kill me if I was the cause of him not to be able to follow his dreams. I want everything for him. He’s worked so hard. “He’s not going to want anything to do with me. I can feel it in my gut.” Tears start to stream down my face. What am I going to do?

“You’re wrong. He’s not going to leave you. He’s going to be by your side the entire time. If he’s still breathing, but I highly doubt Snoopy will let your dad kill his brother. We’ll figure this out. I promise Pose. You’re not alone.” She brings me into her arms, and I cry until I can’t cry anymore. I’m not sure how long we’ve been in here, but my phone starts to ring. Looking at my phone, I notice the time. We’ve been here for over an hour. I see my dad calling me and answer it.

“Hey dad.” I greet Eliot.

“Do you care to explain to me why you’re not in school?” He questions. Uh-oh.

“Um. I-I wasn’t feeling well.” I lie, sort of. I’ve not been feeling well, but it’s not because I’m sick.

“Where are you? You need to get your ass back in school. Kelsey too. You’re both in serious trouble.” He’s using his dad voice, but there’s something behind it. It sounds gruffer, full of emotion and anger.

“What’s going on? Why do you sound like that?” I ask, changing the subject.

“Don’t change the subject young lady. Where the fuck are you two. Don’t make me send out a search party. I will.” I tell him where we are, and he tells us not to go anywhere. Someone will be here to take us back to school. “I love you kid. We’ll be having a conversation when you get back home.”

“I love you too dad.” I choke out before hanging up the phone. I’ve never had a dad. My sperm donor never wanted anything to do with me. He got married to someone else when he made it big in the NFL and they’re expecting another child last I heard through the tabloids. He never once came to my games, or birthdays. He never showed to anything. I turn to Kelsey and tell her we’ve been busted.

“I should have known someone would find out. Nothing ever gets by the men of the club. The school probably called them.” Kelsey mutters. We make our way out of the bathroom and outside to wait for our escort. “When are you going to tell Gavin?”

“He’s coming home tonight the weekend this weekend, so tonight. I need to tell him. I can’t keep it from him. He deserves to know.” I mutter. She nods her head. I shiver and pull my coat tighter around my body. It’s November and freezing. I’m not a big fan of the cold, but it’s better than the summer heat. We don’t have to wait long for someone to come pick us up. Unfortunately for us, or more so Kelsey, Ghost is the one that comes. He doesn’t look happy.

“Get in the truck.” He snaps. Yeah, he’s not happy at all. We slide in the back of the truck, and I take in the warmth. “Do you know how dangerous it is to be out right now?” He doesn’t wait for us to even shut the door before he’s starting in on us. “What would have happened if your grandparents came after you? I’m sure they would have taken both of you. It was reckless.” I bow my head to keep the tears from being seen. “No one would have known where you two were.”

“Sorry Clinton. We didn’t think it was that big of a deal.” Kelsey says.

“Not a big deal? You really think it wasn’t a big deal? You know what happened a couple months ago and you think it’s not a big deal to leave the school, where you’re safe!?” He snarls. “You two know better. You’re lucky that mom and dad are on vacation Kelsey. You just have me to deal with. Your mom and dad will take care of you Posey, but you two know better!” I know he’s right, but I wasn’t thinking. I was thinking about this one thing and one thing only.

“I’m sorry Ghost. I wasn’t thinking.” I mutter. He sighs and mutters under his breath.

“You two can’t do that again. Do you know what I thought when I got the call that Kelsey wasn’t at school? Do you know what your dad thought when he got the call? We thought the worst! Think next time.” By the time he’s finished, we’re back at the school. “I’ll be back to pick you guys up from school later. Stay here. We have men posted to keep an eye on things.” We nod our heads and get out of the truck. My phone pings and I look to see a text from Gavin.

Gavin: Hey Posey-pie. How’s your day going? I can’t wait to see you tonight.

Me: Considering Kelsey and I got busted skipping school, it’s not going to well right now. I have something to tell you when you come home. Can we talk when you get back?

Gavin: Why did you cut class? Of course, we can baby girl. I should be back by four. I love you Posey-pie.

Me: I love you too Gav. I’ll see you then.

We walk back in the school just as the bell rings. I go to my locker and get my things for my next class. The rest of the day drags by. I can’t focus on anything. I’m so scared, but I know that I need to tell him. I have to tell everyone about this, but I’m terrified. I don’t want to see the disappointment on my mom’s face. I don’t want to see it on my dad’s face either. I just got a dad and I don’t want him to think differently of me. After the final bell rings, I go to my first two classes that I missed and get the coursework that I missed. Walking to my locker, I get stopped by the skanks of the school. I swear every school has them. “If it isn’t the slut herself.” I roll my eyes and start walk around them, but they stop me.

“Leave me alone Cara. I’m not in the mood for your crap.” I tell her.

“I don’t care. I run this school, so you do as I say. If I want to keep you here for as long as I want, I will.” She says.

“What do you want?” I question, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I want you to go back to where you came from. No one wants you here. I want you to stay away from Gavin. He’s been mine since I could remember. Then you came here and took him from me.” She sneers. Typical. She’s been trying to get a rise out of me since Gavin and I started dating. Every time it doesn’t work, she gets mad and then comes back to try even harder.

“I’m not going anywhere, and he was never yours. Leave me alone. I’m tired of this conversation now. You may think you run this school, but you’re just the skank with her merry band of misfits around her. Now, go to hell.” I push past her and head towards my locker, ignoring her shouts following me. I’m not in the mood for her crap. I have enough on my plate as it is. I’m so over the skanks in the schools thinking they own a man who doesn’t want them. A man who has never touched them, nor would want to. I’m just over it all. I’m over this day. I just want to go home and change into comfortable clothes and wait for Gavin to come home.

After I get to my locker and grab all the books I need for my homework, I make my way out to the parking lot to see Ghost and my dad standing there. I can feel the bile wanting to spew, but I force it down. I can’t let him know. Not yet. I haven’t even told Gavin and I want him to be the first to know, Besides, my dad looks furious. As I make my way towards him, his eyes lock on mine. When I’m close enough, he brings me into his arms. “Don’t ever do that to me again.”

“I’m sorry dad. I just needed a minute to figure things out.” I tell him, letting my tears fly.

“Like what?” He asks. I take a shuddered breath and shake my head.

“I can’t tell you yet. I will soon. Are you going to tell me why you sounded upset on the phone today?” I ask him, changing the subject.

“Your mom was chased on the road today. Some things went down, and she can tell you the rest. She asked to be the one to tell you and Morgan about what happened. I can’t tell you much because it’s club business. Get in the truck. There’s a man sitting in his brothers living room waiting for you.” He says. I nod and get in the truck. I didn’t think Gavin was going to be here until four. It doesn’t matter though; I need him right now more than ever. “By the way, you’re grounded.” I nod and stare out the window. It’s better than I thought it would be.

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