Trigger (Broken Angels, MC Book Three)

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Two: Trigger

Present Day

Sitting here at the clubhouse watching the little ones run around is something else. It does something to my ice-cold heart. The day that I found that note on the love of my life’s door, my heart shattered, and I became closed off. Everyone could see the change. I left for the Marines and did two tours before coming home for good. I was able to get Megan off my mind while I was over there. I kept myself busy because if I wasn’t on my A game, I would have gotten myself killed. I couldn’t have that happen. I had my family back home waiting for my return.

Seeing my brothers start to settle down makes me wish Megan was still alive, but she’s not. She’s fucking dead. I couldn’t find a thing about a hit and run with a girl matching Megan’s description, but I looked. I looked for months. I looked before I left for training and when I was home on leaves. I tried to find her family, but it was like they vanished off the face of the earth.

Back when I was eighteen, I wanted everything that Axyl and Jackson have now, but that all changed with Megan’s death. Now, my heart is sealed in a chunk of ice with cement around it. The walls surrounding it are impenetrable. I’m not risking going through that pain again. And I’m sure in the hell not going to risk finding another ‘one’ and going through what my brothers had gone through with their ol’ ladies. Fuck that shit.

“Hey brother. We’re going to have church before the food gets done. We have some stuff to discuss before tomorrow.” Westyn, our President, says from beside me at the bar. I nod and down the rest of my beer. I grab another one and follow my brothers into the room where we hold church.

“You have an hour before supper is ready! You boys better be outside before that hour is up. If you’re not I will personally drag you out by your ears.” My mom, Susan, says and the other ol’ ladies agree. We give them a nod before we enter the room. We all take our seats and wait for Westyn to bang the gavel. We noticed last year that something was going on with him before we took our trip to St. Thomas, but he wouldn’t talk about it. Hopefully he does now. He bangs the gavel before he starts to talk. “Alright, we have a couple things to talk about. First, we have a new accountant that will be here tomorrow morning. Her name is Alanis Barton and she has a fifteen-year-old daughter. Our previous accountant put in her notice because her and her husband wanted to travel before the baby came. Any questions?”

“How old is this chick?” Ink asks.

“Thirty. She had her daughter young. Father went and followed his dreams to play ball. Not my story to tell.” Westyn replies.

“She got any shit that’s going to follow her to the club?” Reaper asks. “We just got over the shit with Blake. My woman is about to pop any second and I really would like a break between shit storms.”

“Agreed brother. Ali said that we could have another one when Brantley hit six months. He’s six months and I’m trying my damndest to get her pregnant.” Axyl says.

“I thought she wanted a break?” I chime in.

“That was until I missed the birth of my son because of that fucker Blake.” Axyl growls out. Axyl not only missed the birth of his son, but he missed his other two sons’ birthdays. Evan, Hannah’s brother, missed quite a bit during his woman’s pregnancy, and Reaper missed some of his ol’ ladies’ pregnancy. “I told her that we could wait however long she wanted, but she was adamant about trying for another one. Who am I to deny my woman what she wants? Besides, pregnancy sex is the best.”

“I ran a check on her and as far as I can tell, she won’t have any issues following her. Her parents kicked her out and cut her off when they found out she was pregnant at fifteen. The boyfriend was eighteen and graduating before going off to Notre Dame for a football scholarship. She’s been on her own ever since. Worked her way through school while raising a baby.” Snoopy says. He’s our computer geek. One of the best in the world.

“Any more questions?” Westyn asks. We all stay silent and he takes a deep breath. “Last year, before we went to St. Thomas, Savannah came up to me. She was two months pregnant and claiming that the kid was mine. I didn’t believe her because I make sure I wrap my shit up to prevent this shit happening. She told me that she would go through and poke holes in my condoms. I never had an issue with any others because Savannah was my go-to girl. She was the one that I would have in my bed when she was here. However, I still didn’t believe her. I told her that if the kid is mine, we’ll have a DNA test done when it’s born. He was born in May. Did the DNA test and the kid is mine.”

“You fucking waited this long to tell us you had a kid?” Robert, Westyn’s dad, spoke. “Not just by anyone, but a fucking club bunny!” We always have our fathers in here when they’re all here. They normally just give advice when we need it but keep quiet most of the time. Westyn lets out a sigh.

“I didn’t know dad. I really didn’t. I didn’t tell you until I knew for sure because I didn’t want to see the disappointment on your face. Hell, I haven’t even told mom! She’s going to have my balls and I’m never going to be able to have any more children.” Westyn exasperates.

“You’re damn right they will. You will not tell your mother until after this barbeque is over. This will kill her.” He says and Westyn nods before looking down. If there’s anyone that can scold the President of the BAMC mother charter, it’s our parents. Especially the mom squad.

“Anyway. When the results came back, she thought I would make her my ol’ lady. When I told her that wasn’t going to happen, she went and took my ass to court. She wanted fifteen hundred dollars a month in child support plus my house and truck.” He stops when everyone in the room starts yelling out. He bangs the gavel, bringing order back into the room and finishes. “That didn’t happen. She didn’t get anything she wanted. I told them that I wanted full custody of my son. I informed them that she wasn’t stable enough to be a mother. She couldn’t hold a job since she left here. They were living in a homeless shelter, so I got custody of him. He’ll be here tomorrow. His name is Royal.”

“You better break the news to your mother and then good luck with your sister. It has to be done tonight. This boy will be here tomorrow, and you know if this doesn’t come from you, it’s going to be worse. Do you have everything you need for him at your house?” Calvin, Axyl’s dad, asks.

“Yeah. I went out and got everything when I found out yesterday.” The dads nod and Westyn looks at all of us. “Anything else?” Silence. “Church is adjourned. Let’s get out there before the mom squad drags us out by our ears.” This is going to be a shit show. I can feel it now. I have a feeling something is going to happen, and it will change my life forever. It’s the same feeling I had twelve years ago.

Shaking the feeling off, I make my way outside just in time to see Jackson being chased by the mom squad for doing something to his pregnant wife. Some things never changed. Especially when Ali, Axyl, Hannah, and Jackson decide to get their freak on and have sex while everyone is in the same damn room. I swear, they get off on it. They make sure that no kids are around, so that’s good. They like to start it when their brothers are in the room because of their reactions. Don’t get me wrong, I like a little kink in the bedroom, but only in the bedroom.

Jackson’s dad came and saved his son because it was time to eat. Thank fuck because I’m starving! We all make our way towards the table and take our seats. Westyn and Ali’s dad is just about to start grace when the back door to the clubhouse bangs against the wall and the one person who I never thought I would see again is standing in the doorway.

Everything happens in slow motion. Hannah grabs Jackson’s gun and points it at her. “Give me one good reason not to blow your fucking head off. You not only interrupted a family meal, but I’m a crazy pregnant woman who is starving. Start fucking talking.” I’m stuck in my spot. I’m still stuck in my spot when Ali goes charging at her.

“You fucking bitch! You have a lot of fucking nerve showing your fucking face around here. You fucking broke him when you left. Did you fake your own fucking death just to be the spiteful cunt we all know you are!?” Ali snarls in her face.

“Stop please! You’re hurting my mom.” I look to the doorway and suck in a sharp breath. Standing there is a mini version of myself. Westyn shouts for Axyl to grab his ol’ lady and I snap out of my stupor.

“The fuck are you doing here? You’re supposed to be dead! They told me you died!” I demand. Before anyone can reply, or I can ask about the boy that looks just like me, I hear Hannah.

“Oh, shit!” I look over to see that the baby decided to make her arrival now.

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