Trigger (Broken Angels, MC Book Three)

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Three: Megan

Twelve years ago, I left the man of my dreams behind. I left him for an MC President. I was with Venom the whole time Eliot and I were together. Hell, I was with him before Eliot and I even got together. I wanted to be with someone who had status. Yeah, Eliot would be an enforcer at some point in his life, but he wanted to go into the Marines instead of straight to the club. I was happy for him, but how would I get respect from the club if he didn’t go straight there. Besides, I wouldn’t get as much respect as I do with Venom’s club. I fuck whoever I want, and I run this fucking club. Venom doesn’t know what’s happening yet, but he’s about to be overthrown and I’m about to take over.

Twelve years ago, I gave birth to Eliot’s mini me. He doesn’t know anything about it, and I’m going to use the kid as my leverage to get what I want. Eliot is going to be so happy that I’ve come back. He’s going to fall right into my arms, and we’ll rule this club together. He’s going to be my King, and I his Queen. The way it’s always supposed to have always been. I’ve been planning this for years!

At first, I wanted the respect that I got from being with Venom, then I wanted more. I had his children because he wanted them, and I knew I’d get more out of him if I were to ever leave. You never take a biker’s kids away. I was going to work with him and get what I wanted while he got the kids. Fuck knows I don’t want them.

“Get up boy!” I snarl at my eldest son. “We’ve got shit to discuss.” He jumps up like an obedient dog and stands at attention. Head bowed and hands behind his back. I never could stand looking at him. He reminds me too much of Eliot. You’d think that since I love his father so much, I’d want to look at the kids face all day, but I don’t. He ruined my body and my prime time to party and screw. “Unless you want a punishment.” We both know he doesn’t want those punishments. They never bode well for him.

“Yes ma’am.” He replies quietly.

“Get dressed and be waiting. I’ve got something to handle before we leave.” I slam his door closed before locking it back up. “Make sure he does as he’s told.” I get a nod from the prospect that I’ve recently been fucking. He’s a good time in the bed, and I know he’ll do whatever I said. I make my way towards Venom’s office and show myself in. He looks up and gives me a beaming smile. Poor unsuspecting soul. He doesn’t know he’s going to die today.

“Hey sweetheart. How are the kids today? I thought about taking them all out for some fun in the sun.” He says.

“They’re fine. Morgan’s not feeling well. He won’t be going anywhere.” I tell him. He can’t take my key into Eliot’s heart again. Everything will be ruined if I don’t have Morgan with me. He’s going to be the one that brings us back together. I need the kid. He’s my ticket to the man I loves heart and I’ll use it.

“You’ve had him locked in that room since he was fucking born Megan. I’ve tried to get him out, but there’s always something going on with him. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you didn’t want anything to do with him. He’s a good kid that you just see as a burden. Give him to his father so he can have a decent life. Fuck let me take care of him. You’re not mother material, and you never will be.” He’s right, but I’ll never admit that. I’ll fake being a mother in front of Eliot. That’s who I really want. I just needed to get on Venom’s good side so I could take his club from him and rule over it with Eliot.

“You don’t know that. He’s sick. He’s not been feeling well lately. I’m taking him to the doctor later today. I love my son and my daughters with every fiber of my being. How could you say something like that to me?” Always go with the guilt trip. It works every single time.

“I’m sorry babe. I’ve had a stressful day so far. I know you love the kids. I’m sorry. Come here and give me some lovin’.” He says. I knew it would work. It always does. I make my way over towards him, making sure to add an extra sway to my hips. He is good in the sack. He has a nice cock. Thick and long. He pushes back his chair and starts rubbing his cock through his jeans.

“Oh, baby. You know what that does to me.” I purr. I drop to my knees as soon as I make it over to him. Within moments, I have his belt undone, button unsnapped, and his zipper down. I reach my hand in his pants and pull his cock out, before taking it into my mouth.

“Megan. Yeah baby. Right fucking there.” He stands up and places his hands on the back of my head. He’s about to show me who’s in control, but he doesn’t know that it’s me that’s in control. However, I love it when he loses control and fucks my face. His hands tighten in my hair, and he starts thrusting his hips back and forth, faster and faster. I’m gagging and choking on his cock, but I fucking love it, but he loves it more. My nose reaches his pelvis, and he blows his load down my greedy throat. He’s fucking great at sex. “Get your ass up here and sit on my cock.”

Making my way up his body, I grab his gun without him knowing. He lifts my skirt up and sinks me right onto his cock. “Oh, fuck!” Just because I plan to kill him, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy his dick one last time. I start to ride him faster and harder. He lifts me up and down, slamming me down on his cock. A few more strokes and I’m catching my release. A few thrusts later, he’s catching his. While he’s in the throes of passion, I take the butt of the gun and bring it down on his temple. Effectively killing him. I’ve read up on where to hit someone in the temple to kill them. I couldn’t use the gun because the noise would draw attention that I didn’t need. I may have some men that are loyal to me, but it’s none of the executive members.

I rush out of the office and towards Morgan’s room. It’s time to go home and take what’s been mine for twelve years.

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