Trigger (Broken Angels, MC Book Three)

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Thirty-One: Trigger

I’m a fucking asshole. I know this, but I can’t help it right now. I’ve decided to drown my worries with booze. When I went to the clubhouse after Alanis and I’s fight, we got a plan together. We decided to form a perimeter around the house. It was a rundown shack, so it shouldn’t have been hard. Somehow, however, the people managed to escape. I think they knew that we were coming. They took off before we even got there. One good thing that came out of it was that we got Megan. She was beaten until an inch of her life, but we got her. She hasn’t woken up since we brought her back to the clubhouse to see Doc.

My thoughts have been so jumbled in my head that I couldn’t make sense of it. I didn’t feel bad for Megan for what happened to her, but the part of me that has cared for her for so long feels bad. I feel bad because she’s the mother of my child. Do I want to get back with her? No, I don’t. I want her to be better for our son. I want her to explain why in the fuck she was working with the Barton’s to bring down Alanis. I want to find out if she knows where my daughter is. I feel it in my bones that she knows something. We’ve been keeping an eye on Charles, and he’s back with his happy little family. So, we’re back at square one with no end in sight.

I haven’t been home in three days. Not because I don’t want to be there, but because I’m waiting for Megan to wake up and give me information. I need to know something. I need to do something. I feel useless, and I don’t want to go home until I have Posey in my arms. I don’t want to see the devastation on my wife’s face when I come back with nothing. I know I’m probably causing more trouble, but I can’t bring myself to give her any more bad news. I’ll make it up to her when I have Posey back home where she belongs.

I’m three sheets to the wind when she walks in the main room. I say some things that I regret, but in that moment, I let the alcohol do the talking. I know what they say, alcohol is the truth serum, or whatever, but I’m not going to believe that one bit. I’m going to sit here and think that it’s just me being an asshole and getting my frustrations out. Shit I’ve been bottling up for years. I shouldn’t take it out on Alanis, I know that, but fuck me, I needed someone to lash out at and she just happened to walk in when I was at my boiling point.

“You’re a fucking idiot! Is this how you talk to your wife? The woman you fucking love?” Westyn asks when Alanis runs out of the room, Axyl following behind her. “She’s not the one at fault here. She was doing what she thought was best. Aliana was about to do the same damn thing! Hannah actually did! Are you fucking kidding me? She’s lost her child, she lost her daughter! She lost them both in just a short span of fucking time and you’re taking your shit out on her. The one person you shouldn’t.” He turns to stomp off as soon as Alanis rushes through the room. “Sober the fuck up!”

He’s right. I know he is. I need to fucking nut up or shut up. I don’t fucking deserve her. She’s too fucking good for the likes of me. I’m so far in my pity party, that I don’t hear everyone yelling or tires peeling out of the lot. “Give me some fucking coffee.” I bark at the prospect. Westyn is right, I’m not good for anyone three sheets to the wind. My woman needs me and I’m being a shellfish fucking prick hiding from his wife because he doesn’t want to give her bad fucking news. She would have known anyways because she would have been the first person I would have called if Posey were there. Time to nut up or shut up.

“She’s awake!” Doc says, rushing into the main room a few hours later. I’ve managed to sober up, but I have one killer headache. I’ve been throwing back coffee like I was throwing back the shots, and it’s been working. However, it doesn’t help with the hangover.

“Who’s awake?” Griller asks.

“Megan! She’s awake. She’s asking for Trigger.” Doc replies. I zoned out after he came into the room. Maybe I’m not as sober as I thought I was. It takes me a minute to process what he said before it clicks in my brain. Megan’s finally awake after waiting three fucking days. I jump from my seat, hangover forgotten, and rush to the room that Doc has set up as a makeshift clinic. It’s nothing special, just a room with a few beds and some medical equipment.

When I make it to the room, I see Megan sitting up in bed. “Hey stranger. Long time no see.” She jokes.

“Where’s my daughter?” I ask harshly.

“What? No hello?” She snarks. “Where’s my son?”

“My son is in school where he belongs. No thanks to you. Do you know the damage you’ve done to him? He’s a grade behind. He’s got explosive rage when you’re around or your name is even mentioned. You fucked him up. You may be his mother, but you aren’t his mom. My wife has taken that roll.” I snarl.

“That bitch isn’t anything to my son. She never will be. I gave birth to him. I raised him.” I let out a snort. She may have raised him, but she did a shit job at doing it. “Anyways, as for ‘your daughter’, I have no idea where she is. Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you. Not with the way you’ve treated me. You sent me to my death!” She exclaims.

“Don’t talk about my wife like that. You will tell me what I want to know, or you can spend time in the basement with the women. You don’t want to see what Hannah can do. Hell, you don’t want to see what Aliana can do, and she’s not even the assassin.” I tell her.

“Aliana isn’t anything special. She never has been. I remember her from high school.” She starts, but I put a stop to it.

“You know, for someone who just got the shit beat out of them and was asleep for three days, you sure are talking quite a bit. It’s a good thing that I’ve got my boots on. Shit’s getting deep in here. Now, tell me what the fuck you know.” I’m barely keeping a hold on my temper. I need get to my wife and make things right. I need to make sure that our marriage isn’t over because I’m a stupid fuck-up. I can’t lose her, and I’ll be damned if my ex-girlfriend causes that to happen. “I’m serious Megan. If you ever want a chance to redeem yourself with our son, tell me what I need to know.” Am I begging? Maybe, but I need to know what she knows.

“So, there’s no chance of you leaving her to come back to me? There’s no chance at all for you and me to be a family?” She questions leaving Morgan out of the equation. I’ve thought about her coming back a few times over the years, but after meeting Alanis, I know that we were never meant to be. I now realize that she and I were toxic for each other. The fighting every few days, the fact that our relationship was mainly sex. We hung out a lot. We were inseparable. We were happy, at least I thought we were. Looking back now, I know that I never truly loved her. I was a teenager that didn’t know what love was. Now, I do. I love Alanis more than I’ve ever loved anyone. She’s my other half.

“No Megan. There’s not. I thought I was in love with you in high school, but after meeting Alanis I know what love truly is. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel anything for you. I care about you because you’re the mother of my child. That’s all you’ll ever be. Maybe things would have been different if you didn’t leave to be with Venom. If I didn’t find out how you treated my son and the fact that you were with Venom the whole time you were with me. You’ve fucked up one to many times Megan. Start making things right by telling me where my daughter is and what you know about the Barton’s. I know you’ve been working with them.” I plead.

“Okay.” She takes a deep breath before she begins to speak. “Everything I did with Venom, I did for us. I was going to take his club over and we were going to rule it together. I wanted us to be on the top. I had plans for us to take over this club, but I could see that wasn’t going to happen. Anyways, I was so mad when you sent me back with Venom. Things with him weren’t the best. We would fight all the time, and I was mainly to blame for that. I never wanted a child. Not at eighteen. I hated Morgan for the longest time because I had him. I still hate him. I hate my other three kids too. I only got pregnant with them because I knew if I ever left that I’d get a hell of a lot more out of Venom than I would if I didn’t have kids. I know that makes me a shit person, but I wanted to live my life without children.”

“You could have told me about Morgan. If you didn’t want him, you could have fucking told me, and I would have taken him! He didn’t deserve that treatment. He’s a great fucking kid even after what you did to him. You should have fucking told me about him. You’re right that your plan wouldn’t have worked. I was never going to be getting back together with you, and I would never turn on my club.” I snarled, interrupting her.

“I know I should have. I thought that maybe after I saw him, I’d want him because he was a part of you, but the moment he was born, he looked so much like you that I couldn’t stand looking at him and seeing you. I love you Eliot. More than I’ve ever loved Venom.” She says.

“We were toxic for each other Megan. We fucked and thought that was love. It wasn’t. Now, get to the point. I don’t have time to fuck around here. I need to go to my wife. Who is severely upset at the moment. Imagine being in her shoes. If you were the mothering type and someone took your child from you. How would you feel knowing your child is out there and there was nothing you could do but wait and see if she ever comes home, and if she does, whether they come home dead or alive.” I try to say to her. I’m not sure if she’ll get it though.

“I knew the Barton’s from a young age. My parents were friends of theirs. They knew I had ties to you and asked me to help them. I had some of Venom’s men that are loyal to me, help me shoot up her car. I wasn’t supposed to kill her, they wanted her alive, but I wanted her dead. She took you from me. When that didn’t work, they tried to get me to get inside information, but I didn’t have a way in. I was kicked out and supposed to be dead by now. I did the next best thing. I brought up grabbing the girl. Having her would make Alanis compliant enough to come on her own free will. We were all waiting there for her to show up the night I sent her the text. When she didn’t show they beat me to an inch of my life. They heard the bikes and thought that I betrayed them.” I’m shocked that her family knew Alanis’s. Small world.

“Where is my daughter?” I’m barely hanging onto my rage after hearing what she said. She was the one that cost me a child, which we had figured out, but it didn’t make it any easier. “You know what you cost me? Not only did I lose my daughter and grandchild. I lost my son! You caused my wife to miscarry one of our twins! Do you know how devastating that is? To lose one of my own is the worst fucking feeling. Do you know what it’s like to watch someone you love so much lose something so important?” I snap. I could rant more on this subject, but I know I need to stick to the point. I need to find Posey.

“She’s gone Eliot. Probably halfway to Arizona to be put up for auction. Even though she’s pregnant, she’ll make a lot of money. The bastard will too. Especially if it’s a girl.” She snarks. “Don’t worry, she’ll have a painful death. The men that they sell to are brutal.”

“That’s my fucking kid you bitch!” Before anyone could move, a gunshot rings out in the room. Megan falls limp with a bullet to the brain. We turn to see who was holding the gun. Gavin was the one that pulled the trigger. “She did this to them! She didn’t deserve to live. She took my woman and my child and set them up for something so brutal.” He’s not been himself since Posey was taken. Always in her room with the stuffed dog they got their baby. I didn’t even know he was listening. I didn’t even realize anyone, but Doc was in the room with me. “I know you don’t kill women, but she lost the right for one of the women to take care of her when she did what she did.” Can’t say I blame him there.

“Give me the gun Gav. It’s okay. Just give me the gun.” Snoopy tries to soothe his brother. He’s not going to be the same until he gets Posey and his child back. While Snoopy is tending to Gavin, I turn to Westyn.

“I need all the information on the auction happening in Arizona. I need everything. I’m leaving after I find my wife and make shit right.” With that, I walk out after pulling the tracking app up on my phone. She’s at a hotel nearby. Now I just need to make shit right and go take care of business. No more fucking around, and no more Mr. Nice Guy.

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