Trigger (Broken Angels, MC Book Three)

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Four: Trigger

Jackson runs towards Hannah as she lets out a loud moan. “What’s wrong?” He’s freaking out, unsure what to do. Is this what happens with first time dads, or does it happen with every pregnancy?

“The baby. She’s coming.” Hannah pants out, effectively springing everyone into motion. “Damn it! I wanted food.” She starts crying. “Jackson! Snap the fuck out of it!” Hannah moans out in pain. He’s stuck in place. Her emotions are giving me whiplash.

“Damn it son! Your daughter is ready to make her arrival into the world and you’re going into shock! Let’s get her to the car. The hospital bag is already in there. Someone slap the sense back into my son.” Robert, Jackson’s dad says. Rita walks over and stands in front of her son. She brings her palm back and slaps his face. He snaps out of his stupor, lifts Hannah up bridal style in his arms, and rushes to their SUV.

“We’ll meet you at the hospital.” He yells out as he turns the corner of the clubhouse.

“You handle this. Meet us at the hospital when it’s done.” Westyn says. Everyone leaves and makes their way to the hospital to wait for the arrival of the new member to the Angel Crew. I turn my attention back to the woman that was supposed to be dead for twelve years. I walk over to the door and right past her towards the bar.

“You have five minutes to explain this shit.” I snarl. I grab a beer and take a seat at a table in the room. Megan and the kid sit in front of me. I take the time to study the kid. He’s got my same black hair, my brown eyes and my nose. He looks like I did at his age. He can’t be more than eleven or twelve. She not only faked her death, but she had a kid. My kid. I’ve heard Ali and Hannah talking about reading books about men who lose the ‘one’ and they come back some time later with a kid and the dude takes the woman back. I’d be the same damn way if she would have told me about it all those years ago, but too much time has passed, and I don’t think I’d ever get pass that.

“This is Morgan. He’s your son. It’s hard to deny that. He’s your twin.” She starts. “Twelve years ago, my parents decided to up and move. I later found out that they owed some very powerful people money. I thought we were moving to get away from them. I was sorely mistaken. They moved because they sold me to the family. Their son was next to take over and needed an heir. At the time I didn’t know I was pregnant, and when I found out, my parents tried to make me get rid of it. However, my husband decided to let me keep it because it was good leverage. With him holding my baby over my head, he could keep me in line.” Husband?

“You’re fucking married?” I roar out. “You should have came to me! We could have helped you! You left. I went to your house and found a note telling me that you snuck out the night before and were killed in a hit and run. I was shattered. Yet here you are, alive and fucking breathing. You couldn’t have found a way to let me know that you were alive. You couldn’t find a way to tell me I had a fucking kid!?” I’ve missed twelve years of his life. How am I going to make up for that? Damn it! If she came back to get back together, she’s mistaken.

“I was under constant supervision. If I were to try anything they would have killed, not only Morgan, but myself. I couldn’t let that happen. My hands were tied Eliot.” She says.

“Trigger. You don’t get to call me Eliot any longer. Why the fuck are you here now?” I snarl.

“I need you to keep us safe. I managed to get away, but they will come for us.” She pleads. You have got to be shitting me. She wants me to fucking help her. I’ll help my kid, but she’s on her own. Fuck me. I can’t even do that. I’m a prick sometimes, but not big enough of a prick to make the mother of my child fend for herself.

“I have to bring it to the club. As of right now, you’re under my watch. Wherever I go, you go until I talk to the club. Now, get your shit. We’re going to the hospital. My niece is being born and fuck if I’m missing that because of you.” She looks like she’s about to argue, but I turn to my son. “Hey kid. Sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me. I would have been if I knew you existed. You’ll be safe with me.”

“She told me you died overseas. She said that my dad was a Marine that was killed in action.” Morgan tells me. I turn my seething gaze to Megan. She doesn’t even look sorry for what she’s done. Is any of what she told me even true? If she lied to me about my son for twelve years, what makes me think she wouldn’t lie to me about this.

“Why don’t you go over and get a drink from the bar. The prospect will get you any nonalcoholic drink you want.” I say without taking my gaze from a smug looking Megan. Once he’s gone, I sit down. “Care to explain that shit to me?” I can tell she’s thinking of a lie to come up with, but I put a stop to that shit before it spews out of her mouth. “Don’t fucking lie to me either. I’m not the same boy you knew twelve years ago. I will take your ass to court and get that boy, and you won’t have any contact with him.”

“You won’t win. It’s a mothers state.” She gloats.

“I can and I will. Test me. I fucking dare you to test me. It may be a mother’s state, but I have my ways and you don’t want to see them. When did you become such a conniving bitch?” I question. I don’t recognize the woman sitting in front of me. She’s a completely different person. She’s going to have to be watched closely if the club lets her stay here. There’s no way my son will get the boot, but this bitch will.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m the same person I’ve always been Eliot. I told him you were killed in action because he kept asking why he didn’t look like my husband. He kept asking why he doesn’t look like his other siblings. Why his father didn’t want anything to do with him. So, I told him the truth. Well, half of the truth. I told him that who he thought was his father wasn’t really his father. That his father was someone from my past that went into the military and never made it back.” She informs me. Her other children aren’t here, so they must not be in that much danger. With every word that came out of her mouth, I got more and more pissed. I have noticed that she hasn’t told me who this husband of hers is.

“Care to enlighten me on who your husband is. If you have other children, why are they not here with you. This man must not be as big a threat as you make him out to be if you trust him with your other children. I hate to tell you, but your story is sounding more and more like bullshit you’re just spewing to get what you want. I can tell you this though, if you get the boot from the club, my son will not be going with you.” I snarl.

“You’re not keeping him from me. If he’s here so am I. If I leave, he goes with me. I can’t tell you who my husband is, and I won’t.” She says. My eyes flash dangerously, and my breathing becomes harsher. She thinks that she can just walk in here and control shit. Hell no. This is not how this works. She’s nothing but scum on the bottom of my shoe. She lied about dying, and then she lied about my son. Who knows what else she’s fucking lying about. I tend to find out though. She’s not going to like me when I find out the truth. I can feel it. She’s saying what she thinks will help her get whatever it is she came here for. It won’t be happening.

“You have one minute to fucking tell me, or I swear on everything, you can walk your happy ass right out that door. Without my son.” I say calmly. My anger has reached its maximum compacity. I’m now at the calm anger and that’s not good for anyone.

“My husband is Venom. He’s the President of the Fallen Devils, MC. I have three children with him. They’re perfectly safe with their father. I’ll get them out when the time is right. I have people on the inside watching over them until I can get them out.” Fuck me. The fucking Fallen Devils. They deal in human trafficking, prostitution, drug trafficking, and extortion. This is more fucked than I thought.

“Are you fucking kidding me Megan? Do you know the shit they’re involved in?” To say I’m livid is an understatement.

“Don’t act like you’re any better than they are Eliot.” She quips back.

“We are better than them. We’re a legal MC.” No way in hell am I going to tell her about the guns we run. That’s the only fucking illegal thing our club does. “We don’t sell skin, or drugs. We don’t do any of the shit that club does. You brought my son into that life! As of right now, you have no rights to my son. Get your shit. We’re going to the hospital” With that, I walk over to the bar where my son is talking to the prospect. “Hey kid. We need to go to the hospital. My brothers ol’ lady is having her baby. Get what you want to take. I’m not sure how long we’ll be there. You can meet your uncles.”

“Yes sir. I can’t believe I have a dad!” He exclaims before he rushes off. I can’t believe I have a son. Megan is waiting by the door looking pissed to the max, but I don’t give two shits about how she’s feeling. She brought this shit on herself. She should have told me from the beginning. Grabbing her arm, I follow Morgan to my truck, dragging Megan with me. I open the passenger door and wait for her to get in. Morgan is already sitting in the back. She gets in with one last scathing look towards me. I shut the door and go to my side. Sliding into the truck, I start it and make my way to the hospital. This is a shit show waiting to fucking happen.

We make it to the hospital in record time. I find a parking spot and Morgan is already out of the truck before I can get it into park and shut off. “Get out.” Is all I say before exiting the car myself. “You excited kid?”

“You have no idea. I was always locked away in a room. I never had anyone to talk to or hang out with. Mom barely came and seen me. She would just come when it was time for me to have something to eat. I wasn’t allowed to eat with the family. Do you think they’ll like me?” The more I find out about this kid, the more pissed I get. He shouldn’t have had to go through what he did. She should have just brought him to me. He would have been happy here. Not locked in a goddamn room.

“They’re going to love you. You’re family. You never have to worry about being locked in a room again. You have free reign at the clubhouse, and you’ll be living with me at my house. I have a house close to the clubhouse that’s on the same land as some of my brothers.” I throw my arm over his shoulder and lead them into the hospital.

“What about mom. Where will she stay?” He questions quietly.

“If she’s allowed to stay, she’ll be staying at the clubhouse. Either way, you’re staying with me.” I tell him. Megan sends me a glare and I just give her a stone-faced look. Bitch has another thing coming if she thinks I’m letting her take my son after finding out how she treated him. When we get to the waiting room doors, I stop and look into Morgan’s eyes. “Listen, there are some people in there that aren’t fond of your mom. They’re not going to be happy that she’s here, but you have nothing to worry about. They will love you. He nods, takes a deep breath, and follows me into the hospital.

“What the fuck Trig! Why did you bring her here? She’s not welcome.” Aliana snarls, glaring at Megan. If it weren’t for Axyl holding her to him, I’m sure she’d be pounding into her again.

“Just listen to what he has to say Ali baby.” Axyl says to her. She relaxes slightly, but still has her glare set on a smirking Megan. She needs to drop that right the hell now. She’s disrespecting the VP’s ol’ lady. No one gets away with that.

“Oh! He looks exactly like you when you were his age!” My mom says before I have a chance to speak. “He’s yours, isn’t he?” She turns her gaze to Megan. “She hid him from you, and you brought her here!”

“Mom. Please.” I look towards my dad as he whispers into moms ear. She calms down and nods her head for me to continue. “Most of this I can’t say until we hold church, but this is Morgan and he’s my son. He’s twelve. Megan moved away because of her parents, and she didn’t know she was pregnant at the time.” So, she says. I leave that part out.

“Why in the hell didn’t she find a fucking way to tell you then. Something doesn’t add up here boy.” Rob snarls.

“That’s a church matter. All I can say is that they need protecting. However, my son will be staying with me permanently. Even after all this shit passes. The things he’s told me just from knowing him for less than an hour has me wanting to put a bullet in her head and you know how I feel about harming women in any way, shape, or form.” Rob nods and drops the subject for now. I turn to see that my son is looking nervous. They did a fucking number on him. I wonder what else he’s been through other than being locked into a room. I’ll find out, and when I do, hell will break loose. “Morgan, I’d like you to meet everyone.” I go through the introductions and my mom and dad bring him into a bone crushing hug.

“You’re not keeping my son from me. As soon as you help me out, we’ll be leaving.” Megan snarks.

“I don’t fucking think so.” My mom seethes. “You think you can keep him from us for twelve years and then just show up because you need help? That’s not how this works.” Megan rolls her eyes at my mom’s outburst. She’s walking on thin ice that just keeps getting thinner and thinner.

“You better watch your facial reactions. You’re disrespecting my mother. You disrespected the VP’s ol’ lady. Watch yourself.” I snarl so only she can hear me.

“I want to stay here mom. They treat me nice. They’ve accepted me, I hope they did anyway, in less than ten minutes when I’ve been with you for twelve years and you just left me in a room by myself. I don’t want to go back with you.” Morgan says with fear present in his eyes.

“Son, you’re not going anywhere with her. You are staying here with your family. Trust me.” My dad says, bringing Morgan back into his embrace. My father gives the best hugs. It may sound girly, but he does. He can calm you down with just a touch, but when he embraces you, you feel like nothing can touch you. “You’re safe now. No one will ever hurt you again.” A sob breaks free and my fucking heart shatters in my chest. This kid has managed to penetrate every defense mechanism I had built in my heart in less than two hours.

We sit around the waiting room and get to know Morgan better. He’s a great kid, and I can’t wait until I know everything about him. He seems like a fucking smart kid. While he’s distracted by the mom squad and Aliana, I have the men come to the opposite side of the room. “She’s fucking married to Venom. She wants protection until she can get her other three kids out of the clubhouse. She won’t tell me why, but I’m going to fucking find out if it’s the last thing I do. She’s abandoned my kid. He wasn’t allowed to eat with the family, so he was stuck in a room by himself ninety-nine percent of the time. I’m not sure what else he’s had to endure. We need to get him evaluated for school since I’m not sure if he had any schooling. I need to get him into the doctor because I highly doubt he had any medical care.” I explain some of what Megan told me. As soon as I finish explaining everything that happened at the clubhouse, a grinning Jackson slams through the doors.

“Nine pounds, eight ounces, and twenty-one inches long. She looks just like her mama. Linden has made her arrival. Both baby and mom are okay. I need to get back.” He’s gone quicker than the flash and everyone laughs at the happy father. Time to meet the newest edition to the family.

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