Trigger (Broken Angels, MC Book Three)

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Five: Megan

This isn’t going as I planned it would. It’s all the fucking kids fault too. He didn’t keep his mouth shut like I told him to. He feels safe, like he won’t get a punishment. He will though. As soon as we get back to the clubhouse, his ass is mine. This is going to be one of the worst punishments he’s ever had. He’s ruining everything for me. I should have left him with Venom when I had the chance. I thought Eliot would have been so happy to see me. I thought he would run up to me and pull me into his embrace. That’s not what happened. Instead, I got a gun pointed at my head and that fucking cunt Aliana attacked me. No one stopped her until Westyn called Axyl to do so. Still following the leader, as per usual. That’s all going to change when Eliot and I take over this club like I’ve done with Venom’s club.

I know he’s happy to see me. He’s just hiding it for everyone else. I know he’ll show me once we are alone together. He just wants everyone to think that he hates me until we can be together. He’s probably wanting to take over this club just as much as I am. When he finds out the truth about what I did to Venom, he’ll be so happy. We can take over this club and merge the two. We can make our empire. We can get started in all of the illegal things that I started with the Fallen Devils. Aliana can be the first one we sell. Then the new kid that was just born. She’ll sell for a pretty penny. I know he’ll love it, but first things first. I need to punish my son.

Eliot hasn’t let me leave his side since we got here. That’s a good sign. He says it’s so he can keep an eye on me, but I know the truth. He still feels the pull that I do with him. He wants me close because he still loves me. We went and saw the new kid. I hate fucking kids. I really do. They’re nothing but a burden. They’re an inconvenience. I wouldn’t have had any more if it wasn’t for the fact that I needed the kids to get whatever I wanted from Venom. I was just going to leave him, but I figured out that I could have more if I were in charge. So, I went behind his back as much as I could and turned some of his men against him. The only ones I couldn’t get close to were the ones that sit at his table. It was easy to get the others. All I had to do was bat my eyes and spread my legs.

Finally, after what feels like years, we’re heading back to the clubhouse. I’m coming up with a lot of different punishments for my son. I should have had him aborted. He’s caused me nothing but fucking trouble. Always needing something. I left him be for the most part. I’d bring him food when he needed it. Other than that, I was busy making plans. We walk towards Eliot’s truck and the kid is smiling up a storm. I chuckle to myself because I know it’s not going to last. “Linden was adorable dad. That still sounds weird, you know, calling you dad. I can’t believe I have a family that actually wants me.” He’s laying it on thick and it seems that Eliot is eating it right up.

“Your life wasn’t that fucking bad. I was there for you every day. You know why I couldn’t bring you out. It wasn’t safe for you. I had to protect you from Venom. You know what he told me about you. He couldn’t stand that I had a kid with another man. Everything I did was for you and your safety.” I snark. He casts his eyes down and places his hands behind his back.

“Yes ma’am. I’m sorry. I am grateful for everything you have done for me. I will not speak without permission again.” He says softly, obediently. Just like I taught him. I smirk and look at Eliot. He’s livid. I know it’s all just an act.

“I’ve trained him well. I didn’t want him to be the reason we’d never be together again. I knew you’d want him obedient.” I say, my smile widening with each word.

“Morgan, get in the truck.” Thank God. He’s finally going to give me what I want. What I’ve been craving for twelve years. The kid doesn’t say anything as he does as he’s told. Good fucking riddance. As soon as he’s in the truck, I’m pouncing on Eliot. Smashing my lips to his. Fuck I’ve missed him. The men I’ve been with were great, but nothing compared to Eliot.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Eliot snarls, throwing me from his arms. I fall hard to the ground and glare up at him. “Don’t pull that shit again. I fucking mean it. What the fuck was that with Morgan? You’ve turned my son into a submissive! What the fuck have you done to his head? He should be playing with kids his own age, going to school, and all other things kids his age do! Get your ass in the truck. I’m taking you back to the clubhouse. Morgan and I will be going to my house.”

“What about me? Why can’t I go to your house. If my son is going to be there, then so am I. Get the fuck over it Eliot. Wherever he goes, I go.” How am I going to give him his punishment if I can’t be near him?

“You’re not welcome in my home. You’ll be in a heavily guarded room. You won’t be able to come out unless you’re told to. Get in the fucking truck before I hogtie your ass and throw you in the bed.” His word is final, there’s no room for argument. I get up and stomp towards the door. Once in, I turn my attention to the kid.

“When I get you alone, your ass is mine. This is all ruined because of you. You’ll get a worse punishment than you’ve ever fucking had in your life.” He gulps, causing me to smirk. He knows who is in charge.

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