Trigger (Broken Angels, MC Book Three)

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Six: Alanis

One Week Ago

“Posey! It’s time to get you to school! You have five minutes to get down here before you’re walking!” My daughter, Posey, is your typical teenager. Her attitude makes me want to rip my hair out, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I had her when I was fifteen. I thought I was in love with the senior quarterback of my school. I was just happy that he took notice in me, the nerdy girl who would rather sit in the library than go to a high school party. He was my first and only. When I found out I was pregnant, I told him, and he wanted me to get rid of it because he couldn’t let anything ruin his shot at making it into the NFL. He managed to make it and, even though I’m bitter that I was left alone, I’m proud he was able to reach his goals.

He broke up with me all the while humiliating me in the middle of the busy cafeteria at school. He said that he couldn’t be with a whore that couldn’t keep her legs closed. He made the entire school think that I cheated on him and got pregnant as a result. He said that I was just trying to pawn the responsibility onto him. He did all this because I refused to abort my baby.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t believe in abortion unless there are extreme circumstances. If you are willing to open your legs, then you should woman, or man, up and take care of that child. It takes two to make a baby. When my parents found out, they kicked me out and forced me to fend for myself. I was working at a diner at the time, so I just picked up more shifts when I wasn’t at school. I managed to graduate high school with a baby and then, I managed to get my accounting degree while working and raising my daughter at the same time. I’m not sure how I managed to do it, but I did. We may have not had the best life, but I made sure she had everything she needed. That all changes now. I’ve been looking for an accounting job since I graduated last year. It’s not been as easy I thought it would be.

You’d think that with my degree I would be in high demand, but I was still working at the diner and then the local convenience store until I got an offer to work as the Broken Angels, MC accountant. I couldn’t be more thankful. Granted having to move to a different town, but it will be worth it. They’re supplying a home for my daughter and I to stay in until we get on our feet. I’ve even checked into the club and I’ve read nothing but good things about them. The charity runs they do for pretty much everything, solidified my decision to uproot my daughter’s life and make a change.

We leave in a week. That’s how long I have left on my notices at my jobs and the school year just started, so Posey won’t have to worry about leaving in the middle of the school year. “I’m coming! I don’t see why I have to go. It’s not like I’ll be there much longer anyway.” She snarks. “What if dad comes home?” I’ve never lied to my daughter about who her father is. She still holds out hope that he’ll come home and become the father she’s always wanted. He’s never met her and hasn’t made the effort to. I informed him when she was born, and on things going on throughout her life, but never heard anything from him. From what I’ve read, he has a new family. He got married a few years ago and they just had a baby. Does it break my heart? Yes. He was able to move on and start a family when he has a daughter that has been pining for him since she could remember.

“Posey, honey, we’ve talked about this.” I tell her. We’ve had countless conversations. Every birthday, holiday, or school function, I would hold my daughter as she cried because her daddy didn’t come to support her. “He’s not coming baby. I’m sorry. I really am, but you know everything that I know.” Tears fill her eyes, and it breaks my heart. My daughter, my strong, independent, and stubborn daughter, is aching over a man who wants nothing to do with her. If I could change that, I would in a heartbeat, but I can’t. I’ve tried contacting him, but he never responds. I’ve never hidden anything from her. She knows about his new wife and child. She knows about every unanswered call, text, email, or letter. She knows it all. “It’ll be okay baby. At least you still have me. I’ll never leave you.”

“It’s different though. You’re my mom. A girl needs her dad. Why doesn’t he want me mom? What’s wrong with me?” She questions. My anger at Charles spikes to an all-time high. He’s made my daughter feel worthless and unwanted. In fact, it’s his loss at knowing a girl like her.

“There is nothing wrong with you sweetheart. You are an amazing girl. It’s his loss at not knowing how truly amazing you are. You are strong, beautiful, and independent. Anyone would be lucky to know you. I don’t ever want to hear you talk about yourself like that again.” I tell her, bringing her sobbing form into my arms.

“He replaced me though.” She sobs. My heart breaks even more.

“He doesn’t deserve you. How about we go about our days today and then, at the end of the day, we pack our things and take a mini vacation before we go to our new lives? I’ll pull you out of school and tell my bosses that I won’t be coming back.” I ask and she nods. “Alright, let’s get you to school and we’ll plan on doing just that baby.”

After dropping off Posey at school, I call my boss at the convenient store and tell him that I won’t be in the rest of the week. He wasn’t happy that I was leaving a week before my notice was up, but my daughter comes first, every time. Now, I’m sitting in front of the diner waiting until it’s time for me to clock in. I may have loved Charles and wished things could have been different but knowing the way he’s made my daughter feel makes me hate him. I wasn’t lying when I told her that it’s his loss. It is. She looks so much like me, but she has his athletic skills and his determined nature. It’s what has made her one of the best softball and volleyball players I have ever seen. Looking at the clock, I notice it’s time for me to clock it. I take a deep breath and make it into the diner.

My shift has been the usual. Busy. I’m not complaining though. The busier, the better. It makes the day go that much faster. “Alanis, go ahead and go home. Good luck with the trip and the move.” My boss, Shelly, tells me. She’s an amazing woman and friend. I explained everything that happened this morning and she didn’t get mad or anything when I told her I was taking off with my daughter for a mini vacation. I already told the school that Posey wouldn’t be back because we were moving earlier than planned. A little white lie, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

“Thanks Shelly. I appreciate it.” I take off my apron and clock out for the last time. It’s a bittersweet moment. I’ve been working at this diner since I was fifteen. Shelly took over for her parents when she got back from business school, and we’ve been friends ever since. After a quick hug goodbye, I make my way to my beater with a heater.

Halfway there, I stop in my tracks at who’s standing there. What they heck are the doing here? I haven’t seen them since they kicked me out of their house at fifteen. Walking the rest of the way towards them, I stand tall. Shoulders back and chin up. “What are you two doing here after fifteen years?”

“It’s time for you to come home and do what you were supposed to before you went and got yourself knocked up like some common whore.” My father says. What the heck is he talking about? I wasn’t a whore. I had unprotected intercourse with the boy I thought I loved.

“What exactly would that be father?” I question, walking towards my car door.

“You are to be married to an associate of ours. He has waited long enough. The abomination you call a daughter will be put into the system and buried deep enough that she will never be tied to our family name. You know, I was talking to Charles’ family. He’s married with a child now. That could have been you, but you decided to whore around and have another’s child. Now, do as your told and get in the vehicle.” My mother chimes in, making my blood boil.

“My daughter is not an abomination, and I will not be marrying one of your associates. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to pick up my daughter. We won’t be here much longer.” I say, getting into my driver’s seat. I start my car and back out to the sounds of my father yelling at me. Who in the heck do they think they are? My daughter is the best thing to ever happen to me. She’s the reason I get up every morning. She’s the reason I made the life that I did. I did it for the both of us. I will not let anyone take her away from me. Over my dead fudging body will they do that.

I make it to the school and see my daughter waiting for me. Immediately, the tension in my body evaporates and a smile takes up my face. She has the power to make the worst of days better by just laying my eyes on her. She’s my world. “Hey princess. You ready to get this trip on the road? I’m going to have movers take our things to the new house while we’re gone. We’ll head there from our trip.” With my parents showing their faces, I don’t trust them to not try anything.

“I’m ready mom. Let’s do this.” With that, we’re off to start a new adventure.

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