Trigger (Broken Angels, MC Book Three)

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Seven: Alanis

Present Time

After our impromptu trip, Posey and I have arrived at the new place we will call home. We’re both excited for this new start. Over the rest of the week, Posey came to terms about moving. She understands why I’m doing what I’m doing. I haven’t heard more from my parents, which I’m glad about, but I’m still worried that they’ll try something. They are very powerful people, and I don’t want them to cause trouble for the club. We took the time to settle into the house over the weekend. I have yet to meet any of the members of the BAMC, but I’ll do that tomorrow after meeting with the school to get Posey enrolled.

They left the key in the mailbox after letting the moving company I had hired in to drop off our things. Posey and I ended up in Tennessee and it was nice to just spend time with my daughter. Ever since she was born, I was always working. I needed to make sure that she was going to have everything that she would’ve ever needed. As she grew up and started school, she needed more and more school supplies. Now, with her being a sophomore, she only needs notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, and things like that. That’s not counting the stuff she’ll need for sports. Since volleyball hasn’t started yet, we got lucky that they had one spot still open and she was able to join. I’m glad that she won’t be missing out on doing what she loves with this move.

“Hey mom. Can we order in tonight? I want to get to bed early for school.” It’s Sunday evening and we’re sitting here watching television, enjoying our last day off before getting back to our busy lives tomorrow.

“Sure. What sounds good?” I ask. Not that I don’t know what she’ll say.

“Mexican.” That’s my daughter. Always wanting Mexican food. Not that I’m complaining. It’s one of my favorites as well.

“Sure. Go ahead and order it. You know what I want. I’m going to go get in the shower.” She nods and searches for the number. I make my way to my room and into the bathroom. It’s your typical bathroom, the walk-in shower is a bonus, but the deep jacuzzi tub is what holds my attention. It’s deep enough to cover my knees and boobs when I sit in the water. I have made good use of it since we’ve been here. After turning on the water to the shower, I strip out of my clothes and step in. The scalding water eases the tension in my entire body. I never use cold water when I shower, just purely hot.

I’m nervous for what the future holds. I’m nervous about meeting a bunch of bikers. I’ve never met a member of a MC personally, but I did watch a season and a half of Sons of Anarchy. That’s why I didn’t want to take the job at first, but I did my research and they sent me information about them. It eased my mind and I ended up accepting the job.

By the time I wash my hair and body, the water has gone lukewarm. I shut the water off and step out. As I’m drying off, I hear Posey tell me that the food has arrived. I didn’t think I was in there for that long, but I was lost in my thoughts about tomorrow. I throw my hair up in the towel and put on my shorts and tank top before heading towards the kitchen. “That was quick.”

“You were in the shower for like a half an hour mom. I thought you fell asleep.” Posey says sarcastically.

“Just because you’re fifteen doesn’t mean that I won’t bend you over my knee and spank that butt of yours.” I tell her as I grab us a couple of drinks from the fridge.

“You won’t do anything old lady.” She grabs her food and runs off, laughing.

“Oh, you’re going to get it! Just wait until I drop you off at school tomorrow kid. I’m only thirty. I’m not old yet.” I say, sitting next to her on the couch. She lets out a snort and I give her a mock glare. I love the relationship I have with my daughter. “What do you want to watch butthead?”

13 Going on 30.” It’s one of our favorite movies. That and Tumbleweeds. I put the movie in the DVD player, and we watch it while we eat our food. After she finishes her food, she lays down on the couch and puts her head in my lap. I run my fingers through her hair as we continue to watch the movie. When I found out that I was pregnant, I was terrified. I was only fifteen and came from a very powerful family that had certain views. Views that didn’t have a place for a teenager who was pregnant. Shelly’s parents let me rent the room above the diner, and while I finished high school, they would keep Posey with them. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for them. It was a loss that I felt deeply when they passed away in a hit and run last year.

Shelly came and took over the business and we became fast friends. She’s only a few years older than me, but we got along great. She adores Posey and never cared when she took up a table in the diner after school. She’s always been a great child. Hardly ever cried, unless she was hungry or needed a diaper change. I took her to class with me a few times and the professors would comment on how well behaved she was compared to most of their students.

During one class, she wasn’t feeling well, so she was uncomfortable and started to cry. I started to pack my things and take her home, but Professor Gordon came and took her out of her seat. He continued to teach while soothing my daughter at the same time. He never batted an eye, and when I thanked him, he told me it was no problem. He remembers when his children, and their children after, were the same way. He quickly became my favorite.

“I’m going to go to bed mom. I love you.” Posey brings me out of my thoughts, and I notice that the movie is over. I was so lost in my thoughts that I missed an hour of the movie.

“Okay sweetheart. I’ll see you in the morning. I love you too. So much.” I bring her into my arms for a hug before letting her go. When she makes in into her room, I go through the house and make sure everything is locked up, and all the lights are shut off before making it to my room. Time for this mama to get some sleep for the busy day tomorrow.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm blaring in my ear. Letting out a groan, I stretch and shut it off. Throwing off the blankets, I go to my closet to get dressed for the day. It’s only six o’clock, so I can let Posey sleep for another thirty minutes or so. I swear that girl takes longer to get ready than any woman I know.

Westyn said that I didn’t have to dress formally, so I throw on my favorite pair of worn jeans, a tie-dyed off the shoulder dress shirt and my favorite boots. I throw my hair up in a messy ponytail and a few strands escape. I put on light make-up and I’m ready to go. I walk into the kitchen and start the coffee pot before going about making waffles and cutting up fruit for Posey and me. I look at the clock on the stove and notice that it’s six-thirty, so I make my way up to wake up my daughter who is not a morning person at all.

“Pose. It’s time to wake up. Breakfast is ready.” I say, knocking on her door before opening it. I’m shocked to see my daughter up and already showered for the day. “Are you sick?”

“No. I just woke up early. I couldn’t sleep much last night. I’m nervous about being at a new school. Will I make friends? Will I be accepted with the other girls on the team? I also wanted to make sure that I had everything in my sports bag for practice later.” She rambles.

“You’ll be fine. There isn’t a single person that won’t love you. You’re amazing. Get dressed and come eat breakfast before it gets cold. Don’t stress honey. You’ll do great.” With that, I walk back into the kitchen and make myself a plate and a cup of coffee. Twenty minutes later, Posey joins me in the kitchen. We need to leave here about seven-fifteen. It’s a thirty-minute drive from our house to the school and I still need to enroll her.

We eat our breakfast and Posey finishes getting ready before we’re out the door and on our way to the school. The ride to the school was filled with us jamming out to some music and laughing at our terrible singing. I may be her mother, but she’s my best friend. However, I’m her mother first and her friend second. If she does something that I think isn’t appropriate for her to be doing, I will tell her about it. She’ll get the mom lecture. My biggest fear is that she’ll turn out like me and find herself pregnant at fifteen. I want better for her. I don’t want her to have to go through what I did. Granted I wouldn’t allow that to happen. She’d have my support through it all. Before I know it, we’re pulling into the school parking lot. Once I park the car and shut it off I turn to my daughter. “You ready kid?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” She replies. We make our way out of the car and into the building. It’s not hard to find the office because this school is smaller than her last one. It’s a small town, so I didn’t expect it to be a huge school but looks can be deceiving. “It’s smaller than my last school. That’s for sure.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that. Less students makes it easier for you all to learn.” We walk into the office and up to the desk in the front.

“Hello. How may I help you?” The lady questions.

“My name is Alanis Barton and I’m here to enroll my daughter, Posey Barton.” I tell her.

“I’ve been expecting you dear. Everyone around here calls me Miss Evelynn. I’ll get her schedule, and everything sorted so she can go ahead and get to class while you fill out the necessary paperwork. The school is pretty easy to find everything around, but I’ll have one of the students come down and help you. Does that sound like a plan?” She asks.

“Yes Miss Evelynn. Thank you.” Posey tells her.

“So polite. You don’t find that in many children nowadays. It’s definitely a change. Give me a moment and I’ll have Kelsey come to the office. She’s normally here early.” Miss Evelynn hands me the paperwork to start on before paging for Kelsey. As we’re waiting, she gathers Posey’s schedule, locker number, and everything else she needs. We’re not waiting long before a young girl around Posey’s age walks into the office. “Oh, Kelsey thank you for coming. This is Posey Barton. I was hoping you could show her around. It’s her first day.”

“I would love to Miss Evelynn.” Kelsey replies with a smile. She seems like a sweet girl, and I have a feeling that her and my daughter are going to be great friends. She turns to Posey before she speaks again. “Hello. I’m Kelsey Rock. Let me see your schedule. See if we have any classes together. I’m assuming you’re a sophomore too?”

“Yeah I am.” Posey shyly replies. She’s not good with meeting new people. She hands her the schedule and I go back to working on the last of the paperwork.

“We have all our classes together! This is going to be awesome. We’re going to be the best of friends. I can feel it now.” This girl has a lot of energy. “The bell is about to ring. We should probably go.

“Alright Posey. I’m finished here. I’ve got to get to the clubhouse. You can catch the bus and meet me there. I showed you where it is yesterday. Do you remember?”

“Yes ma’am. I’ll meet you there after school.” Posey replies.

“Clubhouse? You mean the Broken Angels clubhouse? You can ride with me there. My mom, or one of the moms normally pick me up and take me there. My brother, Ghost, is one of the enforcers for the club. My dad is a founder.”

“Can I mom?” Posey asks, turning towards me. I’m glad she’s already made a friend, but I’m not sure. I don’t know these women, but they are part of the MC.

“Sure honey. Let me know when you’re on your way. You better get to class. I love you sweetheart.” I bring her into a hug and thank God that she doesn’t get embarrassed when I show her affection at school. “Have a good day. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kelsey. I’ll see you girls after school.” The girls rush out of the office and into the hall. I make my way out of the school and to my beater. I need to get a new car. Hopefully I’ll be able to with this new job. Posey will be getting her license soon, so she’ll need a car when she starts to drive as well. She has her learners permit and almost has enough hours to go for the test, but she has to wait until she’s sixteen, which is four months away, on Christmas.

I get into my car and start it up. I’m lucky that it still starts when I turn the key. I’ve had this vehicle since I turned sixteen and learned to drive. Making my way out of the school parking lot, I head in the direction of the Broken Angels, MC clubhouse to start my new adventure. My daughter has already started hers. Now it’s my turn. I just hope it goes okay.

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