Trigger (Broken Angels, MC Book Three)

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Nine: Alanis

The clubhouse was about twenty minutes or so away from the school. I decided to stop at the local diner and grab a coffee to go. As I was waiting for my coffee, a woman came up to me. “I haven’t seen you around these parts before. Are you new here?” I look at the woman speaking. She’s older, even though she doesn’t look like it. She’s wearing a Broken Angels, MC leather vest.

“I just moved here with my daughter. I just finished dropping her off at school before I head over to the Broken Angels clubhouse. I’m the new accountant.” I inform her.

“Welcome to the area. I’m Elise Carter. I own this diner and my son is the current President of the club. You ever need anything, you just let me know and if any of those boys give you trouble, find their mothers. The mom squad will take care of them. What can I get for you dear?” Elise asks.

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. I’ll have a coffee with two sugars and one creamer. I’m running behind, but it took a bit longer to enroll Posey in school than I thought it would. I also couldn’t get a word in when Kelsey came into the office to show her around. Posey is supposed to ride with her to the clubhouse after school.” I ramble.

“I’ll be the one to pick the kids up today. We’re having family night tonight since the boys have a run to go on in the morning. You and your daughter should join us.” She says, handing me my coffee. She must sense that I’m going to refuse because we’re not family, just an employee and her daughter. “Before you say that you’re not family, you are. The moment you took that job, you became family to the club. You will be treated as one of our own. You should probably get going though. You don’t want to be any later than you already are. I’ll call and let my husband know you’re on the way.”

“Thank you so much Miss Elise. I’ll think about it and talk to Posey. If she’s okay with it then we’ll be there. I appreciate you taking us in without knowing us from Adam.” I take my coffee and walk out to the beater. Getting in my car, I turn the key and she starts right up. I pull out of the parking lot and make the drive to the clubhouse. I pull up to the gate and wait for someone to let me in.

“Can I help you?” I jump in my seat with a little scream before whipping my head towards the car window. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I thought you saw me walking up.”

“No, it’s okay. I’m Alanis Barton. I’m the new accountant and was told to come here this morning.” I tell the young man at my window. He can’t be any older than eighteen. I look at the vest that he’s wearing and see it says ‘Prospect’ on it.

“I’ll open the gate. Go ahead and drive on up. Park on the right side of the building. Then go up to the front door and walk on in. There should be someone in the main room that can help you from there. It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Barton.” The prospect tells me. Before I can reply, he’s entering the booth that has the controls in it. I do as he says and drive up to the building. It’s a huge brick building. On the left side there are a lot of bikes, and on the right side are cars, trucks, or any vehicle that isn’t a bike.

I shut off the car after I park and can hear yelling coming from inside the building. Maybe I should just wait outside and see if it stops. I’ve always been told I have a way of calming people down. I don’t know where I get it from since both of my parents are assholes, but I do have the ‘gift’ I guess you could call it. Taking in a deep breath, I step out of the beater and walk towards the front door. I manage to walk in quietly and take in the scene in front of me. There is a man being held back by two other men. The man being held back has black as night hair and his eyes look almost black, but I’m just assuming that’s from his anger. He’s snarling at a woman standing a few feet away from him. I’m not sure what has happened here, but I’ll help calm him down if I can. “Maybe I can help.” The words made their way passed my lips before I could stop them. Everyone in the room turns and looks at me.

“What makes you think you can help?” The man closest to me says. I look at his vest and see ‘Vice President’ on the left side and ‘Cannon’ under that. On the right side there is a picture of a devil that has horns and angel wings. Underneath the picture is the words ’Ride together. Fight together. Survive together.” I like that saying. It speaks volumes about these people.

“I’ve always been able to calm people down with a simple touch. If you’ll allow me, I can try and calm down your friend.” He gives me a nod and I walk over towards the raging man. He was good looking when he was far away, but up close, this man is a Greek God. I can feel the desire leaking from in between my thighs. Something that hasn’t happened in fifteen years. I don’t know this man from Adam, and I don’t even know his name, but he’s making me feel things that I haven’t felt since Posey’s dad. Heck, probably not even then.

I place my hands on his face and can see the change happening almost instantly. I look into his eyes and it’s like the world around us has disappeared. I can see the chocolate color coming back into his eyes as the black slowly fades away. He’s tall, about a foot taller than me. He smells of leather, chocolate, and all man. My lady bits are tingling, and they want this man in front of me. The man that is currently shooting sparks through my arms. I’m not sure how long we stand there, but the next thing I know, his lips are on mine. I’m frozen in my spot. I tense until his tongue touches my bottom lip and I melt into him.

I’m kissing a man whose name I don’t even know. This is the first contact from a man I’ve had since I was with Charles. Holy fudge it feels so good. There’s a flood in my pants and everyone might need a life preserver with how much I’m going to flood this place. Our tongues meet and fireworks explode behind my eyes. I let out a soft moan. What the heck am I doing? I came here to work, not make out with one of the members. He pulls away and I let out a whimper at the loss of his warmth. “Hey” Oh. My. God! His voice. So deep and husky. I think I just came in my panties.

“Hello. Feel better?” I ask him in a breathless tone.

“Much. Thank you. What’s your name?” He replies, his voice as breathless as mine.

“Alanis Barton. I’m the new accountant.” His eyes go wide, but he doesn’t take a step back. I didn’t come here looking for anything. I was content with raising my daughter and working for the rest of my life. I don’t need a man to itch the scratch that I found myself having every once in a while, because my vibrator does perfectly fine. However, after this little taste of Heaven, I want more. I want so much more and dang it; I want it with this man in front of me that I don’t even know.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Alanis. I’m Trigger, but you can call me Eliot.” The man who still has a hold of me says.

“I was right!” Comes from somewhere in the room, breaking us out of our trance. “Hannah owes me money!” Money? Money for what?

“Knock it off Ali! You know how to ruin a moment don’t you.” Barks out Trigger, amusement shining bright in his eyes. “Why don’t you go over to the bar and get yourself a drink. We have a couple things to take care of and then we’ll get started.” I nod and walk away.

What the heck just happened? It was unexpected and I’m not sure why he did it. Maybe it was the heat of the moment. I have no idea. Do I even want to find out? No, I need to focus on my job and taking care of my daughter. She has three years left of school, counting this one, before she goes off to college. She wants to study to be a veterinarian and I need to start saving for that. I’ve been able to put a bit away at a time over the years, but it hasn’t been much. It helped that I didn’t have to pay anything except for food when I was living over the diner, but when we moved out, I had to start paying rent and utilities. Plus, I needed to get internet for Posey’s school. She had a lot of things that involved the computer. Not to mention that her sports aren’t cheap to keep up with, but I would do anything for her. I know she’s hoping to get a sports scholarship, but I want her to have a backup just in case. I have no doubt that she’ll get one. She’s actually really good at the sports she plays. I couldn’t be prouder of her.

I’m not sure how long I’ve been sitting at the bar when a woman sits next to me. “Hey. I’m Aliana. Cannon’s ol’ lady.” She tells me as she holds her hand out to me.

“Alanis. It’s nice to meet you.” I shake her hand.

“What made you move here, if you don’t mind me asking. I’m a nosey lady.” She says, causing me to chuckle.

“My daughter and I moved here when I got the job offer. I was working at a diner and convenience store. It was hard for me to find an accounting job.” I explain.

“I can’t wait to meet your daughter and get to know you better. We’re going to be the best of friends. Hannah, Reaper’s ol’ lady, is in the hospital. She just gave birth to her daughter yesterday.” I nod and before I can respond his voice sounds behind me.

“Follow me and we’ll start.” I get up, with a wave to Aliana, and follow Eliot.

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