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Aleena's exciting life comes crashing down as she & her friend, Erik gets kidnapped . They are brought to a facility that claims to be the creator of a new world . As they try to analyse their situation, Allen soon stumbles upon the last surviving pure blood lycan on earth, Xander. Both Xander and Aleena become each others anchor in the mideast of darkness as Erik finds his won sun shine. However one thing they do realise name, status, species nothing matters to this facility. Everyone here is simply mercenary. Will Aleena & her friend be able to rescue the lycan and escape the hellhole? What future will they choose? Leaving everything behind and forget or coming back with strength to destroy the madness.

Romance / Thriller
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“Hello, this is Delans Veterinary Clinic! How may I help you, mam? ...hmm ok. You have an appointment at 2 pm tomorrow.... have a good day.”

Same as always. Get up at 6 in the morning, go for a jog, freshen up, have breakfast, come to the clinic and look after the patients and their human owners then reach home at 7pm, do whatever I wanna do , have dinner and finally crash for the night. What more do I need? Right?

“Hey cupcake, you need to go to the Mannaro property, uphill. "said Erik, my best friend and partner in all crimes. Safe to say, he is my brother from another mother. If anyone has a thing for tall, well built, sharp jaw line and brunette men, Erik is the Package of all those. Plus, he is a very well know surgeon in the veterinary world. By very well know I mean among top 5 animal surgeon in the world.

“yeah, I will leave after I’m done with this patient.”

“ok but be safe on the road it’s too uphill and near the forest & keep giving me massages. AM I CLEAR SIS!” Oh! He is kind of over protective...

“yes, yes you are. My god bro. Sometimes I can’t find difference between you and mom.”

“Then suck it up and get used to it.” LOL... whatever...

“I will also go and check on the cabin. Granny really gave me the best gift of my life, a cabin on the hilltop with the view of the whole forest and a bit of town, well can’t wait for it.” I can’t help when a smile creeps upon my face. The cabin along with the placement is very beautiful.

“Enough daydreaming, now go and do your job as a vet and make your bro here proud.” Erik pinches my cheeks as he returns my smile.

I am an independent woman who runs after her dreams. After the death of my parents, I cut off every family tie and began to live the life I always dreamed of. As you can see, I’m a vet. But I also have another profession. I am the CEO of Empire group of Companies. Complicated, I know but that’s what my life has always been. I swore on my parent's graves that I will never let anyone rule my life. My life will be on my choice & I will survive whatever obstacles I will face. The only people I can call family now is my best friend Erik & my neighbour granny.

Now, I am leading a great life. I live in Alberta, Canada. I moved here 5 years ago with Erik (he sticks to me like glue). He & I go for hiking, clubbing every now & then. Sometimes I need to play the hero by saving my best friend from his ex-girlfriends. However, he needs to pay me back for that by washing my Range Rover.

Erik often nudges me to go out with someone but I ignore him. why? Cause I haven't found the right person. & also, because I don't think I will be a good partner or girlfriend. I have too much darkness in me. Enough to destroy others. Erik was the first witness and my so-called family were the first victims of my wrath. I don't want to let anyone in my soul.
But it's also my strength. Cause if anyone dares to fuck with me or mine, I will hunt them down and make them beg for their own death. I will show them what hell feels like on earth. They will beg for death but they will never get it.

I don't let many people in my heart. So those who earned it shall always be protected by me from every harm until I die.

If any man loves me as who I truly am, believe in me, hold me, stand by me I will give him a chance to earn my heart, as well as, I will try to earn his.

But I don't think a man with patience as deep as the Pacific is available.
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