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The next day after completing my shift I went to the broker of the cabin. It was quite cheap actually. I decided to buy it and told my agent to prepare the papers. In a few days it was clear for me to do renovation there. I repaired the roof and floors. There wasn’t too much damage as no one lived there. Just some fixings, painting, a full glass wall, major cleaning and Walla, I have a perfect cabin. Erik also helped a lot.

*A few days later*

“Hey cupcake, you ready or not. Come on sis, it’s clubbing time!” Erik cheered.

“ Ok...ok, let’s go champ.”

We clubbed like crazy, cause why not, its weekend bitches! We decided to leave at 2am both of us totally wasted. We were going to my house as it was close. We were walking down the street when suddenly I heard Erik yelp, I look behind and saw him unconscious on the street then a sudden blow came from behind me. I stumbled down but tried to scream and get away. Before I could someone held my mouth and face. Everything went blank in seconds.


I tried to open my eyes only to be blinded by light.

“CUPCAKE. Cupcake...... Aleena!! Wake up, please!”

“ uhgg! What the hell? Hey Erik.... Your head. Oh My God. Where are we? Why are we kidnapped?!!” the shockwave of pain shut me off. My head felt like it will split in two.

“I don’t know where we are but when I woke up, I found someone was patting us down, taking our phones and wallets. They told me that they are not kidnapping us but taking us to a facility on governments orders. I asked them for proof and they showed me legal papers with governments seals. But why? why us?” Ofcourse its kidnapping. Why the government order shit story though?

“Exactly Erik. Why... how...why us & for what reason?” Not kidnapping us, my ass. I know this is a first-hand kidnapping and we will be dumped in 6ft deep shit. I start to look for any way to escape. Whatever shit's my so-called relatives are putting me through again it doesn’t involve Erik. When I sort this out, I will find out this bustard and show him his place. “Fuck!” I groan.

“Cupcake, don’t worry. We will find a way. After all, both of us combined we can give John Wick a hefty fight.” Erik winks at me with his so called ‘bad boy’ smirk plastered on his face.

“Like we would even survive a second” I move behind him and check his wound. He has an ugly bump. Calm down Aleen. Take a deep breath. He is the only person who has been keeping me from surrendering to my darkness.

The truck came to stop and we were blind folded. They were taking us somewhere. I focused my senses and started to count my steps to calculate a map in my mind so that we can escape if needed. I bet Erik is doing so too. Well, our survival training wouldn’t go to waste. I felt the temperature becoming warmer means we have probably reached the room where they will keep us. As our blind folds were off, we found that we are not in any room but more like in a hospital. We are not the only ones. There were 8 more people. In total 10 of us.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to facility where we create future. My name is professor Alejandro. You people are here to fulfil your purpose for the nation. Every one of you have a special role to play. And here is a special welcoming gift for you all.”
We were given an envelope and a key set. As I opened the envelope my world came crashing down. There in the envelope lies MY DEATH CERTIFICATE. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING HELL!

Everyone was screaming at that point. A totally chaos.

“MY MY . such aggression. Those are your room and locker keys. You will be escorted to your rooms. Rest.”

“To fuck with your rest, I am getting out of here.” a young boy screamed and ran towards the corridor. The psycho Prof. Just smiled. Wait! something is wrong.

“WAIT!!DON’T....” before I could finish the poor boy was electrocuted until foam came out of his mouth. THEY....JUST ...KILLED HIM.

“See, why can’t young people just obey like you should. Things would be so easy for both of us. Now we have to find another one to take his place. You are dismissed.” This psycho just waved us off. The poor boy's body still lies on the floor. Eyes still open though his body is paling, confirming that life has left him. The scenery is all too familiar to me. Lowering down my body I close his eyes and place my hand on his once beating heart, “May your soul rest in peace.”

“Cupcake come on...” Erik whispered and nudged me. I needed to compose myself.
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