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Thankfully mine and Erik's rooms were on opposite. At 8 in the morning, we were told to meet at the cafeteria and were handed with special tasks. Mine was to train some dogs. Ok not so hard. But it turned out to be a dream. What I was given to train were 5 Bull mastiff and mind if I say that they looked rabid. I rejected to do the job only resulting in them forcing me to go in. Ok, if I die, I will die with dignity at least. GOD HAVE MERCY ON ME.

*Few hours later *
Here I was in the infirmary for stitches. I was bitten & scratched up. And guess what, I need to go in there until I train them. I was just speechless and exhausted. When I reached my room, I saw Erik's door open and him curled up on the floor, shaking.

“Erik! Hey, hey!”

“I killed them... Lena, I didn’t, they made me ..., Ugg!” I run to him , pulling his upper body on my lap as much as I could. He immediately hugs my legs as I rub circles on his back.

“Hey, look at me, Eri . I am here for you. We will get out of here. I promise.” I try to ensure him.

“No Lena. This place is hell! I can’t let you stay here. I can’t...”

Still thinking about me whereas he is in shock. Oh Eri... I hug him, what did they made him do, damn it! “Listen, relax for me. Okey... Breathe in....& out. Again....” I pulled him to get his full focus. We continued the breath in and out a few times together. “you ok now?”

“Yeah. A little.” He took in my state and roared “FUCK!” Along with, “How?”

“My task.”

He suddenly got up and began to pace around the room. His hands are fisted, veins bulging. “Erik, please calm down.”
He slams his room door close and stomp towards me. Holding my face between his palms he makes me look at him.

“Calm down? Look at you Aleen. You are covered in injuries. I...I can’t let you get hurt again. You have been through enough already.” His hands are still shaking. He needs to calm down. He is on the verge of panic attack. He continues “Listen to me cupcake. We need to figure a way-out, ASAP. This place is like living hell. We will go crazy. They made me transfer limbs and organs from one species to another. You understand... I screamed and begged. I knew they would die. I couldn’t do it properly yet they are going to force me to kill those poor souls again. They experiment on living being's cupcake. From rats to supernatural. Please believe me. FOR GOD SAKE BELIEVE ME!!”

Supernatural? What is he saying? What did he see? Are these people experimenting on something else then animals? Whatever, now is not the time to think of anything else other than Erik.

“ERIK!!! Get a hold of yourself. We need to stay calm and think properly please! I know this place is fucked up but we can’t panic. We will try to find our way out from tomorrow, OK?”

We hug each other for a while. I have never seen him so frustrated. It really worries me. Later when I went to sleep, I couldn’t stop thinking of what Erik said. Supernatural beings... Did he mean like actual Supernatural beings? I read a few mythologies. I always wondered about if they were real. If this facility is involved with mythological stuff, what does it have to do with us. It was like a never-ending loop of wander so I decided to abandon it and rather focus on getting out of here .From tomorrow morning our planning will begin. The Alejandro dude made a huge mistake by bringing us in.


I could still hear the heart wrenching screams . When I was pushed through the doors I realised what hell really is. There was blood everywhere. People and animals were being cut open while some of them were fully conscious. No one seemed to care. All were test subjects here. A boy, probably in his teenage was being given shocks. He was also being injected with something . He was screaming, crying, bagging them to stop when one of his tormentors shouted at him, telling him to let go.

“Let go of him! He is a child!” I tried to ran to him but I was tackled down. What the hell do they think I am? I punched the fucker who was holding me down. I went to the boy pushing away all other bastards. “ You will be ok buddy. I will help you alright.” I pat his head gently and tried to remove the tubes attached to him. He was in so much pain. How could they do this? Someone was again trying to pull me back. That’s it. I picked up a scalpel and jabbed it in that person’s collar bone. He fell to the ground, blood oozing out of his wound. I scanned to his if there was anyone else but none was. I returned my focus on the boy. I swiftly took off his cannula. His hands and legs were cuffed in chains. I removed tears that were staining his face. He hugged my hand for dear life.

“ It’s not worth it you know. They are just animals.” A pimp in a white coat steps in front.“ Mr. Erik, step aside. It will be better for both you and Miss.Aleena .”

“ Don’t you fucking dare pimp!” I know Aleen more then well. She would never forgive me if I leave this child when I am able to save him.

“ Look around you . How many can you save, tell me. By the way , that thing you are so badly wanting to save isn’t a human but a werewolf.”

“Bullshit !”

“ Then ask that brat yourself.”
I look at him and he weakly nods at me. Werewolf... Will think about it later. “ It doesn’t matter. All I see is a boy that is being tortured even through he deserves NONE. OF. IT!”

“ Let’s make a deal. You do some surgeries on some of the subjects in return we let him go.”

What I have seen so far no surgery will be easy but if u can save him then I have to take it. “ Fine, I will do only one.”

“ You don’t decide that."

One after another subject was thrown on the operating table in front of me. I tried to give them anaesthetic or they experienced less pain but most of the time I was denied. I was taking lives to save life. But I couldn’t save it. In the end I was handed the lifeless body of the boy. I was shaking . Only explanation given to me was that I bated too high for its worth. I didn’t even know his name.

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