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It’s been three days and every day I had to go in the pit of those bloody hounds and train them despite them attacking me . Them attacking me every time & me protecting myself from serious injuries has become a loupe. Every day I felt desperate. As if I will end up killing them. Erik was also going through hell. He was so distressed that he made himself numb. He told me about the boy and what he has to endure every day. It’s so heart breaking. My task was nothing compared to his. Every day, before breakfast and after our task we would roam around the facility for possible root, we had a map but it didn’t show all the blocks. We tried to talk with others but none has any clue. Today was the fourth day of me being thrown in the bull dogs cage. But during these days I noticed that if I became afraid, they attacked me without mercy but if I stood my ground and chAleenged them, they would hesitate a little. So today I had a strategy planned.
“Hey missy, as you are miserably failing at your job, we have no other option but to give in and give the dogs what they thirst for.” A man shouted.

“What? What do you mean?” I couldn’t get my answer as I was pushed in the cage. And as usual the beasts came running but before they could tackle me to the ground, I clapped right in front of their eyes to startle them and it worked. If it can work for humans why not for highly sensitive animals. I stepped a bit far from them. As they charged to me, I walked as loud and fast I could towards them. Dogs only submit to someone more dominant than them. I kept at it for some time making them more confused. They were chasing me but they were hesitant to attack me. Maybe God had mercy on me because one of the 5 sat down and started to lick its paws either from boredom or from being uncertain. But the rest were not done yet. Suddenly the doors opened and the dog's attention shifted to it. It clicked in my head that whatever was thrown from there the dogs considered it their food cause right now they had no interest in me. Even the bored one went to the door. But what was thrown from the gate knocked the air out of me.

“Hey missy! You failed. And now you and this other useless girl are the food. Good luck.”

What? No way in hell! I ran and kicked the leading bulldog and shielded the girl. At that time the only thing in my mind was to stop these pathetic dogs. To add more spice to it, the girl started to cry out of her lungs. That’s it. I CAN’T TOLERATE THIS ANYMORE!

“SHUT UP!!” I SCREAMED. I lost it. I picked a stick like branch and started to hammer the ground around the dogs. Not them but close to their legs. “YOU WANT YOUR FOOD HUH!! WELL, I.....AIN’T.... YOUR....FOOD! FUCK OFF!!”

Maybe my sudden outburst shocked them. They pulled back. I took the opportunity and kicked the door breaking the latch open. Call it adrenal rush. I dashed out with the girl. I still had the branch in my hand. The prick that shouted earlier rushes at us, “ Fucking bitches! Stop right there!” I ran towards him and cracked his head open with the branch. Yeah that will keep him silent. I feel someone grab my waist and bury his face in my back, “Save me. me!” The girl asks. Like I can do that....FUCK...
" Go to your room." I tell the girl. Throwing away the stick, I head to my own room. I HAD IT!! I needed to calm down. I went to my room and locked it not giving a damn to any bitch.
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