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It’s been two days since then. Surprisingly, I wasn’t called or bothered by anyone for my actions. Erik and I have been working on creating a detailed map and finding possible escape routes. We found more people who wanted to escape. They were also helping us secretly. Main problem are the CCTV & Motion detectors. We have been pointing out blind spots. The ventilators were out of question, they had lesser there.

Erik & I were having breakfast when our names were being announced. Did they find out. I don’t want to get stuck here. I want to return to my normal life. I may have no one but Erik does. He has his parents. We were told to go to Block X.

We reached there & waited. Block X was the most secured block. Only few people are allowed here. Why are we brought here in the first place? Is it something related to our tasks?

“Hey bro? Have you completed your task? I was so caught up with those dogs...”

“Yes, cupcake I completed my task.” he pats my head giving me a smile of relief. He looks so exhausted. I wish I could take him out of here already. He deserved nothing of this. I sigh and hug him while burring my face in his chest. He hugs me back and sighs again, “I was finally able to transfer limbs. I know what I did was not okey . I just hope I don’t regret it later more than I do now. What about you?”

“I... snapped actually. They haven’t told me if I succeed or not. I don’t care you know. I’m going for blood at this point.”


I have known Aleen since middle school. She is the most interesting & crazy person I have yet met. She has this ability to cheer you up no matter how depressed you are. She is a person you can depend on. No matter at what time, for what reason if you are in trouble, she will come for your help. Whenever you see her, she is mostly smiling no matter how much pain she is in emotionally.

The first time I found her venerable was on the night she debuted in her family’s company. She was practicing kickboxing by herself though her hands & feet were bruised and blistered, practically bleeding. I forced her to stop and hugged her. That was the first time I saw her collapse. Since that day on I pushed her to drop her facade and she did. The environment of her home was very bad. Her parents were always peachy and to add to that her grandmother and uncles were after her life because she was the eldest child & the next heir to the business which is apparently not acceptable. Her very life was a game of survival. I told her to move out but she always told me that she will not escape from her problems & she never did. Since that day she held a special place in my heart. To look after her came to me like a second nature. She is my best friend.

I remember the day her parents died in an accident she didn’t shed a single tear while the cops were pulling out her parents' bodies from the brunt car. The look on her face scared me. As her parents were taken for examination, she just said

“ you know Erik, in two days I will hold my parent's funeral and on that day my uncles will beg me to send them to hell. Oh! Almost forgot about good old grandma, Opps!”

I couldn’t help but trust every single word. At first, she became numb from the shock & grief. I tried to stay with her as much as possible. She was always working, calling. She didn’t even sleep. I tried to force her to sleep but failed. She was like a ghost out for hunt. On the day of her parent's funeral, she did all the rituals by herself. Though her parents had problems she loved them unconditionally. She didn’t care how many times their actions made her depressed. At the funeral her uncles were asking to meet her desperately but she made it clear that she will only give them time after burying her parents with proper respect. As she went to talk, I went with her. Her uncles begged her, they begged for mercy. They were on their knees at a point but all Aleen did was smirk

“Acknowledge the crimes you did to my parents and me. Every single one.” she coldly said.

One by one they did. I just stood shocked. This girl faced so much and she never let anyone see through her facade. The next day all her uncles were arrested. She recorded the conversation and sent them to the cops. Then she let one of her dad’s trusted friend to take care of the business and we went to study to become vets. She didn’t need to as she was already a CEO but she told me that she needed break. That incident made me realise how strong Aleen is & if she snaps, she can be the most feared person in the universe. I am afraid to lose her to her own darkness. That day after I heard what she did I knew she snapped again. She injured the fucker without ever flinching. I felt great about what she did but it also hurt me that the devil in her still exists. Strong enough to pull her in the void of ruthlessness. I need to get us out of here. This whole situation is triggering her demons At least for once I want to be the one, she depends on. A true friend. A brother. For now, let’s see what is waiting for us in block X.


“Erik, none could tell us what was inside this unit. If we are taken inside maybe we could find a way.”

“You have a point cupcake. But this place is a hellhole. God knows what lies beyond that door”

We saw a guy approaching us so we switched our topic.

“Hello, I’m professor Gunther. From this day on you guys are under my supervision. Come alone and I will show you your next task.” Ok, this guy was awfully straightforward. He kind of gives off the ‘none can do what I can’ kind of vibe in short, a proudly. As soon as we went in, we were hit with the stomach crunching smell of chemicals and ... decaying! I nudged Erik & whispered

“Are you smelling what I am smelling?”

“Yes cupcake.” Is all he replied. The next door opens and what I saw was disgusting. There were bodies soaked in big chemical filled tanks. It was so disturbing. There were animals, humans, SIRENS!?

Professor Gunther started to explain,
“I know you are shocked miss Aleen. All the stories you heard of supernatural are actually real. Prove is before you. We have sirens, vampires, shape shifters like werewolves, were cats, a dragon, which was very hard to get, and the most problematic one a Lycan. We force them to shift in their supernatural forms and then put them in coma so that we can extract the specimen we need from them. Just think how powerful our immune system will be if we combine their......”

“YOU ARE CRAZY!” Me & Erik said together.

“What is wrong with you people? You are pure monsters. I don’t care if they are supernatural, they have lives. Who gave you the right to torture all these animals & humans, also the supernatural beings? How could you?” I screamed.

Erik joined. “Your plans will never work. It's not possible. You can’t just change a human being. It's impossible & sick.”

“It's possible if the DNA can be restructured. And in future people will worship us for what a great deed we did to the humanity. In the past people resented great scientists and discoverers but when their creations began to be beneficial, they were rewarded and remembered with respect.” Gunther replied to Erik.

“This is pure madness. Hey Gunther try telling this to the people you care for and see how they react. I bet you will see nothing but disappointment. I feel pity for you cause all the speech you gave just now has been engraved in your head so neatly that you can’t think anything else Oh wait! Or maybe it’s the best excuse you have come up with to convince yourself. In the end you are nothing more than a lap dog huh...”
I showed him what a looser he was. Professor? scientist? Discoverer? My Ass.

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