When Tomorrow Ends (ON HOLD)

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When I married my wife, and our baby daughter came along, I thought my life was complete until the heartbreaking tragedy of my wife's passing, leaving me a single father. I knew the day was coming, but who could count down the days that their life was going to fall apart. Now I'm alone and in need of help. I'm scared I'm going to mess my little girl's life up. 🍁🍁🍁 I've never been in love. I looked in all the wrong places trying to find the one, but he was never there. I started giving up. I thought maybe I wasn't meant to be happy. My life started falling apart. I lost my job and my house all in three months, leaving me homeless until my friend told me about someone she knew needed a full-time live-in nanny. (Please note that I am dyslexic, so they will be some grammar and spelling mistakes.)

Romance / Erotica
K.A Tilson
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I wasn't meant to fall in love, not with him. He's my boss, and his heart is already taken for.

His wife... His beloved wife that past two years ago. I see the pain in his eyes every time he looks at Lacey. She's the double of her mother—beautiful golden blonde hair. Her eyes shine bright like the ocean, a smile that takes your breath away.

How I wished that life wasn't so cruel to them. I wished that Faye could still be here then I wouldn't see the regret in Ace's eyes every time he wakes up with me in his bed.

Then maybe my heart would still be there and not broken into a million tiny pieces.

I know that I have to leave. Not for me, but for him and his daughter. I've grown to love that little girl like she's mine, but the truth is she will never be mine, and he will always belong to his wife.

This nanny job was only meant to last six months, but here we are a year later, and I know this is it. Nothing will ever be the same—my heartburns. I feel like it's getting ripped out and stamped on a million times, but this is the price of love for a lot of people.

At least I can't say I never loved. At least I know what it feels like because now I know why no one loved me, and I hope one day that Lacey will find me so I can see how she's turned out.

"Nora?" Word can't express what pain I feel when I hear him say my name. The name he groaned out when he was so deep in me. Telling me to let go and cum all over his fat cock.

I jerk away when his hand grabs my hip—the feel of his hands on me burns.

"Nora, please, you knew this couldn't go anywhere. You agreed on sex and sex only. You can't take over Faye life. You're not my Faye. He whispers," my heart cracks a little more.

I spin around so fast, feeling like he's just smacked me. His brown eyes scowl into mine. He runs his hand through his four-day-old stubble. The stubble I was kissing yesterday morning.

I never wanted to be her. I understand I'll never replace her, but right now, I know I'll never be good enough for him. "I never wanted to be her Ace; I only wanted you to love me," I tell him as my bottom lip starts quivering.

"This was only ever about sex, Nora. I will never love another woman, especially one that was so different to her."

I nod my head because that's all I can do. "Goodbye, Ace," I say sadly before I walk towards the front door. I fight my hardest not to turn around. Once my hand is placed on the door, I take a deep breath before opening it and walking away from the man I love.

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