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Loren Woods had moved out from her parents to her apartment and it has been a year since she was living in her paradise, pursuing her studies until the neighbouring apartment was acquired by Felix Harper. Things took a turn during their encounters at after hour. Their AFTER HOURS was something twisted and no one could understand . WARNING : Contains strong language and mature content which may be disturbing for some audience ...........YOUR LITTLE SECRET........ Happy Reading

Romance / Erotica
Poorvisha Vasanth
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Loren Woods

Whenever I am extremely delighted with my life and I feel everything is surreal, I have constantly been whacked with a reality check.

It has hardly been a year since I have been staying in this massive apartment that my father had bought with one of his business partners.

Originally, they built to use this house during the vacations but now I have moved in here from my parent's place officially since I was old enough and my university campus was near. So I have it .

The first year was a little difficult, but I managed it all by myself. Frankly, I've learnt many things living on my own .

So it is this huge villa on one of the hills, comprising of three floors.

If there is one thing that I adore about this apartment it would be gazing at the skyline from the infinity pool on the third floor. The feeling is just out of the realm.

There is a gym towards the right, the library at the left, a movie theatre, a lawn, an elegant garage packed with cars that I don't know the names of a few but it screams luxury and whatnot.

It all halted when I saw few trucks which started to gather in front of the building. Perhaps the other flat is being occupied by the other family I suspect.

My sweet lemonade did not savour sweet anymore and was sour exactly like my mood.

Ever since I had learnt that lemons are good for fast metabolism and the other benefits that come with them. I've been addicted to it.

You could effortlessly find a box of lemons in my refrigerator.

The fact that I have been abusing it than using it is completely true.

I placed the glass jar from which I had been sipping the lemon juice, in the sink.

I strolled towards the elevator not before I carried my beats speaker and my iPhone along with a dry towel with me. I pressed the button that indicated three, the elevator door closed landing me on the floor third floor.

I walked out and placed my phone, speaker, towel on one of the pool chairs.

I pulled out my sweatshirt and the shorts that I had been wearing, keeping them on the chair and took a deep breath before I descended into the pool, swimming back and forth as one of my favourite songs blasted from the speaker which suited the sunset and the swim.

The water started to feel cold on my skin. How long have I been here again?

I step out of the pool, picking the towel, covering it around me. I noticed a guy who was now standing out of the elevators with his hands on either side of his pockets. His curly hairs just ended above his shoulders. There were few strands on his forehead compelling him to look more attractive than he already is.

His jaw was nothing but flawless with little stubble of facial hairs faultlessly shaved.

He had crossed his hands which showed the muscles that he probably had been working out for .

He is four letters one word, Damn

I grabbed my phone and speaker, striding towards the stairs.

" Hey," he said as I passed near him.

His voice was deep and raspy at the same time, sending shivers down my spine.

That was such a- wait what am I imagining about?

Ignore him, Loren, he is nothing but trouble my inner self reminded me.

And I agreed with her.

I did not acknowledge his presence.

I walked my way down the stairs, I did not feel like using the elevator.

I could feel someone's eyes on me.

I closed the door as I entered in.

Probably he was the guy who is going to stay here. I mean he looks smoking hot.

Where is the lie though?

Whatever I have better things to do than think about him, I persuaded myself.

Changing to my pyjamas falling on my mattress for a good night slumber was all favourable until I was hindered by my usual misery of nightmares.

I pant for breath opening my eyes wide, striving to take deep breaths.

I glance at the clock and it indicates that it is four in the dawn.

I've barely slept. I close my eyes and face palm before I step out of my bed, walking towards my dresser picking a hoodie, wearing it.

I put on my shoes tying the laces, plugging my headphones stepping out of my apartment.

The more nightmares I have, the more I suffer as though I've been inside the mesh.

Precisely like the spider that's fated to create its web and end its existence in the one that is built for it by it.

Mine is destined to be in these loops of nightmares just the variation is that I am not the reason behind it.

I sigh as I hop on my cycle, allowing my frustration on cycling.

The song blasts in my ear, as I proceed cycling, up the hill.

This has become my routine. It's either I walk, jog, run or cycle.

There is no other therapy like working out, where you get to express all your bundled up emotions, bottled up feelings in the form of sweat, by straining your own body.

That feeling after you sweat is indescribable.

I start to pedal as hard as I could.

The cold winds hit me causing a chill to run down my body.

I look at my watch only to find it's half-past five. I turn around to go back to my place, with the chilly breeze accompanying me back.

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