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The one night MISTAKE

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When a simple girl named Molly goes on a small business trip and accidentally spend one night with Lucas a billionaire....please read the story to found out more 😊 And please note that English is not my mother tongue so understand if you don't like my English then please dont stop my book ..love you ❤❤

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The start

Molly Sternberg

Molly is a 23 yrears old girl who is half Asian and half white and mostly important the prettiest girl you could know. Even if she was half white she looked more like Asian. She was Born in America .she was blessed with a Asian mom and white dad molly's mom was pretty but she was triple pretty then her mom . When she was five months her parents wanted to move to Korea .And unfortunately on the way they had a car accident and die on the spot.molly was taken by her aunt she lived with her aunt very well she treated her like her own daughter. But Molly had one problem she was very shy and growing up she got attation from every one especially boys because she was very pretty but she used to ignore them because she did not like it .when she was 17 years her aunt died due to breast cancer and after that she moved to a city to start a new life and find a job while learning. Molly wanted a new life and leave the old one behind. she knew very well to do that she need to start with her looks first so she brought a second used wig and make up that does not match her skin and dressed more like a boy .when she started collage she got attaion but according to her it was better because she got no gifts from boys asking her out and more like boys did even looked at her. she finished college and still did not reveal her real self .after years she felt uncomfortable because she has to apply alot of bad make up to hide her pretty face and had to wear wigs that were not bad it just that they match the make up she apply .during collage she thought about reveling her selfbut thought she would be cretised by people so she did not. So after collage she find work at a company called sales the job was not that good but enough to live. she was that kind girl and not good looking😉 so they took advantage and made her do most of the work she did not have a problem with it she loved the work .

Lucas dobre

Young 24 years bachelor and a billionaire when growing up he had everything money, fame but unfortunately his parents died to so he lived with his grandmother. who he loved the most and could even die for her he could not say no to anything her grandmother say and her grandmother wanted to get her married .he could not say no so he always did something to make the girls say no .he did not believe in love had girlfriend for one week maybe it was only to satisfy his needs he was a man after all .and was good at controlling him self and as a billionaire MANY girls seduce him but did not fall for any of them .those he dated are the ones who looked innocent and after having sex with him they start showing their true colors like waiting to be seen on public with him and gain fame. So in her life all women are the same ..He has been single for two years after all owning the best and biggest company in the world is not a big thing .but he been in a lite relationship with a girl he knew it would not last but he is a man and got satisfy his need as a man..

This is my first book please comment what you think and if i should continue 😊😊❤

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