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Demissio & Laetitia

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A empty hallow man begins to love a mysterious darling by the window - They find a way to meet again. [A/N: Please do not send any hate or feedback if ever, this story was inspired by mythology, fiction and the events of Pompeii. There may be misinformation about deities; and many more. Please do not copy my original. Enjoy ^^] (A/N: This is a 2nd copy of my story, you can find my 1st copy on wattpad, @sanzeiko_)

Romance / Fantasy
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The sun was rising by slopes of Mount Vesuvius, there was the village of pompeii. Demissio, a lonesome man, would be there in his home slouching, and would also be on rude demeanor. Demissio was quite known in his village as the Saddest man on Earth. Demissio would find himself moping by the window still, wondering what if the village tears down into flames for his delight to die alone. He had never stepped outside of his imprisonment in his home and in his head. He will be all always there in the window still, hungry and frail. He would accept the fact he will die hungry by ignoring the food given by neighbours. While moping by the window still, he had saw a woman by the window. This woman would often cover every inch of her window. Few of their neighbours would knock on her door if ever she were interested in worshipping their god. Now, she never covers up her windows to conceal anything but her affairs. Demissio would see the woman's countless husbands at her place. Demissio would either be delighted to indulge himself if he would ever saw the woman again without her husbands. While Demissio would get a glimpse on the woman, he never saw any husbands. The woman would now mope around by the window still. Demissio now felt that he has the chance to ever ask the woman for her hand. So he decided to step out in the sun.

Demissio has finally left his home. The neighbours were quick to judge, while the others continued to do their preparation for the feast. It was the like the first time Demissio could walk with his feet out in the day. Demissio knocked on the woman's door. Until Demissio's very eyes, he saw the woman coughing. It seems that the woman was coughing up blood. Demissio, worried, would rush to her and comfort her till she can breathe fine. Demissio would hold her back, while his left hand was touching the back of her hair. He would also hold her hand stained with blood. In a soft voice, he asked for the woman's name. " Laetitia.." she replied while wheezing. " I shall ever wait to see you later at night?" Demisso looked into her dull eyes, Laetitia smiled. Demissio never did such a thing as to flirt a woman. Laetitia smiles through her eyes while looking at Demissio. Laetitia's approval were right into her eyes as Demissio suspected it. Demissio reached over to Laetitia's lips. Demissio would felt a tender warmth on her like it he knew heaven exist as Laetitia flustered. Demissio slowly got up to prepare the feast later at dawn. Demissio, thrilled to ever see Laetitia again, would go home with permanent grin. While at the other hand, Laetitia kept smiling as she looks out by the window, glancing the view of Vesuvius. Flashes of vision began to overwhelm Laetitia. Her smile wore off and began to panic across the room, making her gag and croak. Laetitia would worry if she couldn't ever see Demissio. She rushed to covered all of her of the holes in the house. Laetitia chest heaved even more.

The night was shining, all the villagers gather around to prepare a feast for the god, Vulcan. Everyone was offering all of what they have to Vulcan's Monument. The night was near, and all the villagers will still cheer. Everyone danced and performed for the god Vulcan till their dying breath for this night. Meanwhile, Laetitia and Demissio were still at their home. Demissio would buy a couple of ornaments for Laetitia as the day ends. Demissio would prepare everything to marry Laetitia. Demissio couldn't stop thinking about Laetitia and all of what she was to him. Laetitia, would also think about Demissio. She would worry all afternoon as she could correct a spell right as she would overthink. The gods would've made her if it wasn't for her mortal mother and deity father, she doubts them. Laetitia is becoming insecure and more insane. Until Demissio visited her once again. He saw all of her windows were closed and heard mumbling which he mistaken for moans. He immediately thought Laetitia is having another affair again. Demissio's heart was shattered. The villagers have commenced the feast for Vulcan. Demissio rushed to his home. Then he began to see a strange light across the room. " It's not over yet." a deep mysterious disembodied voice spoken to Demissio's head. Demissio was to stubborn to even listen. Demissio saw a dark spiderform a shadow across the room. The spider bit Demissio until he ended up failing hard on the ground and ended up his head bleeding. He can still feel his body yet everything went completely blurry and black. His body can move, but his head dies first.

Laetitia decided to go outside. She knows that Demissio said that she'll be there for him. Laetitia's wide smile became anxious in a second. She was surrounded by all of the unfamiliar faces in the village. Laetitia was almost likely to feel heavy as she is swirling around like there's a devil on her back. The villagers thought that Laetitia was dancing, so everyone decided to dance along with her while she is feeling dizzy. Laetitia quickly run off from the crowd to find Demissio's house. She searched left and right, asked numerous villagers where was Demissio's home. Laetitia was beginning to feel like she would pull her whole hair off in the process. Until she saw a spider outside of Demissio's home. Her eyes widen, when she saw the conscious body of Demissio. She tried to wake him up. Laetitia trying everything to make Demissio breathe. Laetitia held Demissio like how Demissio held her when she almost collapse. Laetitia was in tears. Demissio is in this strange dark cave. He never knew that he reached to the point of death, yet he never get to tell Laetitia he loved her. The strange bright light was across the dark cave. A hand reached out from this strange light. Demissio was wondering if Laetitia would've had a better person to ever love her. The light told Demissio, " it was you all along". Demissio heard a familiar sound. Demissio can hear Laetitia's mumbling from the light. With all of Demissio's temptations, he followed the light as he mistaken it for Laetitia. Demissio felt like every step was another was another Stab on the foot. As Demissio kept following the light, a of the obstacles Demissio walk through was immune to him. With the vision of the light, the goddess of death Morta saw that Demissio dwelling through the path of hell. Morta was delighted to assault Demissio in any sorts of sadistic ways. Yet Morta heard Demissio say a woman's name, " Laetitia.." .

Laetitia heard a huge crackling sound. She knew this day would come. Mount Vesuvius has released the most pungent rotten smell across the town. The lava began to spew everywhere in the village killing all being hit. Laetitia would still hold Demissio while Laetitia saw every single terrified people run away for their lives. Every one was washed away by lava. Laetitia told everything to Demissio's body, including a eulogy. Laetitia would've done so to ever protect Demissio and help him. Laetitia kissed Demissio's dead veiny lips. Laetitia continues to cough as she vomits blood. All a sudden, Laetitia stopped accidentally time. Laetitia left the Demissio's body while she walked away. Laetitia began to cry blood. While time is frozen, Laetitia decided to climb up of the vesuvius. She prayed to Morta, " Enslave me instead. For there is no longer happiness for any of thee. I exchange my soul for the mortal, for whatever it takes." Time rewind and went back to the time where Demissio has no longer meets Laetitia. While Demissio will be in Laetitia's place in her heart, Laetitia is now forever enslaved by the grudges of Morta. Demissio began to wake up from a strange dream.He felt as if it happened. He looked around his surroundings. He saw no woman in the other side of the window. All of the villagers gathered around with food for the festival this evening. Demissio must've over slept through the evening of the feast. Demissio heard a sound cracking on his left ear. He looked out of the window to see lava spewing, dripping down mount Vesuvius. He panicked for a moment, then he began to curl up into his bed. He began to imagine that woman from his dream. He imagined a life with her she would've existed. He decided to cry while he pleasures himself to ease his panic. The lahar went all over the place. Until the lava brought down Demissio's house down with him.

Eons later the village was buried in Ash, many corpses were here and there. Many visitors and researchers were interested in his ancient graveyard that was once a village. There was Demissio's Corpse, In a unusual position, as they call it, "the Masturbating Victim". There was a spirit that roam in Pompeii, as Paranormal Experts say, that this spirit's name was "Laetitia". Mythologist once said, she roams every year of the same day the village was destroyed by Vesuvius. They sometimes find her dancing in the center of the village, or either crying over the death surrounded in this village. Researches found cryptic drawings and scriptures written in Latin inside the walls of Demissio's home. These scriptures were the depiction of The Eruption of Vesuvius. Besides the depictions, there was a story between the demi-goddess Laetitia, and the lonesome mortal that is Demissio. As researchers seem to be interested in reading and comprehending the scriptures on the wall, they noticed that the scriptures spread like vines inside Demissio's home. Visitors, researchers and those who step foot inside Demissio's home, will hear Laetitia mourn the corpse of Demissio. One visitor told the tourist, they heard Laetitia say to them, "Protect him for me.." with a mourning echo ringing their ear. As unusual as the scriptures were still on the walls, Demissio's home wasn't demolished by the massive waves lava crashing the village. Researchers published all of these information through social media, news and all things media to share such a fascinating discovery. There and all, people were hooked up about the story of a mortal and a Demi-goddess.

The spirit roaming around Pompeii wanders around reminiscing the events of the Volcano. Laetita will always dance on the town's center, imagining demissio from heaven. Laetitia's spirit was stuck on earth after failing to ascend to heaven. After eons she was in Morta's hands, giving her all the torture and making her sin that heaven won't accept demi-gods that commit sin in the underworld. As punishment by her family of gods in heaven, Laetitia will live in the underworld, and roam Pompeii having the trauma of the death of Pompeii everytime she visits this village every year of the same day. Laetitia's father took all of the ambrosia from her blood, and made her into an spirit that will have a memory on loop, punishing her by making her a mad woman around the village as a spirit. Laetitia doesn't like what her father put her into, however after having PTSD from all that was happening in this village, her only exception was Demissio. Every time she visits earth, all she wants to see was Demissio's home. Often she'll sulk, yet hug his corpse until she comes back in the underworld from her brief visit of Pompeii. Laetitia would be mistaken as a mad woman spirit in Pompeii. People will often hear her screams from a far. However when it comes to Demissio's home, if she is in there, she'll be quiet, and whisper to his corpse like demissio was still with her. People will see her hugging the corpse while real tears that would drip down on the stone corpse. Often people will hear Laetitia's spirit whisper to the corpse with a broken, mourning breath that visitors think it was a real person would say.

"I love you... Till we meet again..".

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