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{BOOK 1} MINE- A Mafia's Story

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Amelia Jones, an 18 year old girl loyal member to her father and his gang, soon finding herself an uncontrollable lust for new boy Elijah Rider and best friend Ava Lane. Amelia, trying to save and protect everyone she love but comes into a few conflictions. She is the heir to her fathers Mafia gang. Read to find out more This book is also published on Wattpad Yesitme0 is my wattpad name Go follow my account to read this book on there as well

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Starting my usual morning with a...

“Amelia get your fat ass out of bed now!” I hear the screams of my step sister and believe me when I say, you don’t have to bribe me to murder her

“Lucy” I say kindly before screaming “Shut your face and get out of my room before I skin the wrinkles off your forehead!”

She touches her forehead in shock and walks out of my room, dramatically flicking her unwashed oily brushed out hair before she slams the door shut and runs off crying to the witch downstairs or my step mother.

I small smirk runs up my face without permission as I see my best friend Ava knock on my window asking to come inside.

I run to my window unlocking it before helping her inside.

“You’re crazy. Are you trying to get yourself killed?” I ask as the smirk turns into a smile

“Oh no I’m fine your window was only about five stories high” She says sarcastically out of breath

My father is a multi millionaire and the owner and founder of his own Mafia called the Colombo gang. I don’t really know what it means but neither does he. He says it just sounds cool.

Me and my dad are closer than you could possibly get, even though for most of my life he’s been out and into different countries for his work. It’s sad but he always tries his best to make up for it, and he does. Whenever he comes back he spends all his time with me and that’s why my steps hate me.

I love it

“Hello? Earth to Amelia” Ava waves her hand in front of my face breaking me away from my thoughts

“Oh yeah right sorry, why are you here again?” I ask

“Were you seriously not listening the whole time I was talking to you?” She asks annoyed

“Nope” I say popping the ‘P’ “Could you repeat”

“Well I would but we’re going to be late”

“Late? For what?”

“For fucking school stupid!”


I quickly run to my wardrobe while she sits on my bed getting her phone out

I grab my thigh high tight skirt, a long sleeved white shirt, white air forces with white Nike socks and my real mothers necklace before brushing my teeth, grabbing my bag and brushing my hair leaving it in its natural state.

As me and Ava are about to go down stairs I see step mistakes and step witch staring before I flash my favourite finger at them and grabbing my keys with my phone in my other hand.

Before slamming the door shut I yell

Ava and I get in the car and start my journey to school. We get there 15 minutes later because I needed food and Ava had her period in my car.

We pull up to school and I step out of the car and look around the parking lot before my eyes meet with new brown eyes staring into my soul.

His gaze sends me into a paralyse state as his curious eyes wander down to my legs and rest on my chest a little too long before turning away in satisfaction

“Ava who was that” I turn to her and slap her arm “You didn’t tell me there was a new boy”

I look back at him as he walks in with another boy his age as other girls around him stop to stare, giggle and whisper to their friends.

“New boys. There are twoAva says still staring at the retreating boys. I stare at the side of her face before she turns to me.

We give each other cheeky grins, knowing exactly what were thinking.


UPDATED: Feb 11 2023

I will be updating this AGAIN bc it is not it haha.



Enjoy :)

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