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Reborn:the tale of fallen goddess

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the young girl realized on her 18th birthday she is not an just ordinary girl.then truth begin reveal to her eventually, she have a destiny to save the world from king of undead hades, that's why she have to destroy the power that hades want , she is the key to unlock that power and destroy it , but hades want to own that power and rule the heaven and earth . on her this journey she is not alone she have a friends some of from this life and some from past life and they can die for her , but she got stuck in love triangle.who will she choose her present time love or past life love.one of those was a golden hair pure hearted warlock and other one was dark hearted handsome demon who was waiting for eternity to meet her again. but what if someone die on this journey?. and who killed her in past life? can she survived? . I know you would like to know answer. there's more suspence in this fantasy story. so read it.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

How much has changed here, the trees vine roads feel all different after saying that, I closed the car window. Alice be careful dad said me , yes,, dad I responded to my father then dad said We are going back to the New-Castle after so many years that's why you think so . His face was very bright today, we used to go to the New-Castle from time to time but because of dad workload, we did not have much time. Then he suddenly stopped to going there. And now I have a vacation and dad doesn't have much work to do. So we are both going back to the New-Castle together. Oh Well that’s My Village name. It’s one of the place which I will Never stop loving.
I asked dad, how much longer it will take to reach the New-Castle & suddenly my cell phone falls inside car cause a puppy came across nowhere in front of our car ,dad hit the break immediately. My phone fell down so I leaned down and picked up the phone. Then dad smiled slightly and looked at me and said it will take another hour and a half. Realizing that it would still take a long time, I was lost in the memories of the New-Castle as a child; I used to come to the New castle with my father. And so I made a lot of friends there. Lily was one of my best friends of all.
I was about ten or eleven years old then , And lily was two years older than me Even so, we were very close friends Her image still stands before my eyes . When I was in the New-Castle she used to call me home every day to play. She was so prettiest girl. Her eyes were blue and watery like the waves of the sea And she used to wear a frock of the same color as her eyes most of the times. well I think her favorite color was also blue And she always loves to wear the same hairstyle, every day .One side hair braid was her favorite hairstyle And I always left my hair loose and went to play with no worries. We both used to play a lot with dolls We had a lot of fun trying to get her to sleep and feed her Remembering this brought a smile to my face But suddenly a thought came to my mind But now is she the same as before?
When I remembered Lily, my curiosity to go to the New-Castle increased even more. I eagerly asked dad how much longer it would take to reach the there. Dad said we have come very close to the New-Castle and we will reach there in no time. As much as I was eager to meet Lily, I was also eager to meet someone else.
He was also my best friend and I used feel some unusual about him & his name was Liam. But how I met him was a funny and sad incident. My friends and I were playing hide and seek. There were a lot of trees and bushes to hide. Everyone else were hidden and I was looking for them. And suddenly Liam and his friends came running from behind the tree. And Liam pushed me hard so I lost my balance and fell to the ground. My hand was injured I started crying because my hands hurt a lot , All my friends ran to me when they heard my voice , Lily helped me get up by holding hands . Lily was very angry to see that I was hurt. She said angrily to Liam, I know you pushed Alice, Yes she was pushed by me But it's not only my fault her too, she came in my way too. Liam said to her. Instead of saying her sorry you are blaming her, Lily said. She Shouted on Liam I know you did it on purpose. I was in so much pain that I couldn't say anything to her. Liam tried to say something to me but before it happens she grabbed my hand and led me to Liam’s house. She complained to his father about what he did. His father was very angry and harsh but this I did not know before until I found out.
The next day while me and lily was playing, my friend Penny suddenly came running towards us, And said with a sigh. Do you know what happened to Liam? We both said we didn't know anything, Then she said, Liam is very sick, His father punished him because you complained about him yesterday, lily panicked and asked what punishment he had,, Even though it was so cold outside yesterday, his father made him stand out all night and not even gave him a dinner. Lily lowered her face and said it’s my entire fault. I knew how dangerous his father was but I complained to him But I was very angry to see you hurt that's why I did that, And she burst into tears I sympathized with her and I said We should go to his house to apologized him .She says yes, let's go Penny is so scared of his father that she doesn't come with us.
We reached there so fast and saw his house. His house was very old and kind of creepy, We knocked on the door We were terrified Someone slowly opened the door .She was his mother Seeing that, we were relieved, Lily told his mother that we had come to see Liam, There was a slight look of anger on Liam’s mother's face But she showed us Liam’s rooms without saying anything .We apologize for the inconvenience But Liam's mother left without saying anything. I felt so weird then We looked at Liam who was lying on the bed. We approached him He rolled his eyes slowly as if he knew someone had arrived. He said to us in pain,, Satisfied,, Seeing me in pain. And he moved his face towards me and said again or there is still something left I said no ,, Forgive us for our mistake We will never do that again I promise I didn't know your father was so strict . Lily said I did it even though I knew I'm so sorry Liam. He said let it all go. Now we are all friends I said yes we are, after that we chatted a lot with him and left to go home. But as we approached the door, Liam’s dad came and he told us safely to go home and we hurried out of the house and went home.
Me lily and Liam we became very best friends After that we used to have fun playing together every day .A few days later, I returned to the town with my father but before that I said goodbye to lily and Liam And promised to return soon . But then my father and I moved to New York and that's why, I was not able to return to the New-Castle the distance between New York and the New-Castle is so much because of this I haven't got chance to come here until now And I broke my promise..
When I was stunned by these thoughts, dad stopped the car in the middle. I opened the car window and I realized we had reached the New-Castle. Then I got out of the car .The house looked the same as before, big beautiful, grandparents had built a large and beautiful flower garden there. That was the only change there. My grandparents opened the gate to take us inside. I hugged Grandma and said I miss you so much, And Grandma said I missed you too and then I hugged Grandpa too. he said I was so happy my princess came back I said I love you Grandpa and I so much missed you .We entered the house From the outside the house looked the same as before but from the inside it had changed a lot. Grandma had decorated the house very nicely Grandma made my favorite food for me I ate it and quickly went to my room because I wanted to meet my friends. When I entered in my room I saw many of my old things there were very nicely placed. My grandparents took very good care of my things, there were my some old books, dolls and many things that I used to play and loved as a child .and suddenly I remember of my friends so I quickly changed clothes and freshened up. Before I left I told dad I was going to visit friends.
I was very happy although a lot had changed here, I still remember Lily's home very well, and she loved the color blue so I wore a dress in her favorite color. I reached her house, Her house was looking better than before I rang her house bell Her mother opened the door her mom didn't recognize me. I reminded her of me and told I had come to see Lily, Her mother then said sorry Alice but she has gone to London to study come on in, let’s talk I was very disappointed to hear this But I had no choice I will come next time I promise because I wanted to meet someone else. Can you give me lily’s number so I can contact her I asked her mother? Then she said yes, of course I will give it to you. I took lily’s number and left that house then I decided to go to Liam's house I asked some people for his home address and went to his house His house looked the same as before kind a creepy. I knocked on the door a stranger opened the door I asked him about Liam and his family He said he moved to New York many years ago when his father died in car accident. I was so sad to hear that I got out of there and began to walk down the street I really wanted to meet them but my luck was very bad.
The thought of Liam came to my mind If he lives in New York, we can meet So I got a little relief And since I got the lily phone number from her mother, I could call her and talk to her So I was a little happy as I was walking down the street, I saw penny she also looked at me and recognized me and happily came and hugged me. Then we went the place where we and our friends used to play as children. then penny asked me why you didn’t come early. Lily and Liam have been waited for you many years. But you did not come they were so sad they thought you forget them. Lily was so angry with you that she decided never to talk to you again and Liam was also very disappointed. I feel so bad to hearing that but there is nothing I can do to change that. I chatted with her for a while. Then I went home. For a while I took walk in the garden, there were many kinds of beautiful flowers, their fragrance wafted everywhere.
The sunset had begun. I entered in house my grandparents and dad was waiting for me. Grandma was getting ready to make delicious dinner. She made very tasty dishes. We had dinner I thank her and went out to play badminton with my grandpa. After that I got tired and went to bed quickly because we had to go back to New York tomorrow early. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t meet my friends today but I hoped we would definitely going to meet in the future and I fell asleep. We then left for New York in the morning .before leaving; my grandparents gave me a lot of gifts’. I said goodbye to them and left. Sometime later I opened the car window and looked back, the New-Castle was far behind I hope I can come back here again.

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