Never Again

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Chapter 13

Holy cow am I hot. I wake up feeling like I’m in a sauna. I try to kick the blanket off of my legs. Damn, it seams so heavy. I use my right leg to try to untangle things. A deep moan startles the hell out of me. Suddenly, I sit up in bed and see tawny hair lying on the pillow next to me. It dawns on me … it wasn’t a blanket wrapped around me, it was Matt’s leg. Instinctively, I look down at myself and see I’m still wearing my tank top. Phew, I’m not naked.

“Good morning beautiful.” That smile could melt any woman’s heart.

“Good morning, Matt.” I don’t want him to see my blush, so I turn my head to pretend like I’m checking the time. “Umm … did you sleep well?” I say softly just to break the silence.

“I slept amazing,” he says while scooting himself up on the bed. The blanket falls from his chest, and I stare at his tightened abs as he moves. Why doesn’t he have a shirt on? His body is beautiful. Damn it, awkward silence again. “I’m famished would you like some breakfast?” I stammer.

A giant smirk crosses his lips. Now I know he’s aware of the fact that he’s making me nervous. “Just stay right here with me and I’ll be completely satisfied.” Before I can get out of bed, he wraps his strong arms around me … pulling me on top of his chest. “I feel like I’m in heaven.” He whispers into my hair as I struggle to try and get some space between us.

“And why is that?” I ask.

“Waking up in bed with you, of course. It’s like being in heaven.” He nuzzles his face into my hair.

“Umm—Matt, did we … you know, umm, have sex?” I feel so humiliated by having to ask, but I can’t remember. I wouldn’t have had to ask if I had thought to feel between my legs, but I didn’t. “Was it that bad?” he looks at me like he’s disappointed.

Crap … crap … crap, why the hell am I jumping in the sack with everybody? “I—uh, crap Matt …”

Before I can finish, Matt starts laughing, “Man you’re so gullible. No Treva, we didn’t do anything last night—we were too drunk.”

“Thank god,” the words slip out.

“Hey now. It wouldn’t have been that bad would it?”

“Shit, no … crap, I just need to keep my mouth closed. I’m digging myself into a huge hole.” Feeling mortified, I give up trying to explain myself. “How about that breakfast?”

“Sounds great,” he answers enthusiastically and then presses his lips to my forehead.”

I try to push myself up and realize my hand is using his rock hard abs for my leverage. I let my fingers move over his hard muscles. I stare at his sexy body, and I see him staring at me. When our eyes meet, I quickly pull my hand away and get out of bed.

“Definitely the closest thing to heaven.” He says. I look down and see that I am wearing nothing but my top and a lacy pair of panties that reveal my entire ass. I spin around so that my butt is facing the opposite wall—walking backwards to try to get to my suitcase, so that I can put something on. “Ah what cha’ do that for. I had a great view.” He teases.

On my way to the living room, I try to remember the events from last night, and how the hell Matt ended up sleeping in my bed. The night had obviously been a blast from the size of my pounding headache. I rub my head trying to ease the pain while pouring an oversized cup full of coffee.

I do remember dancing with Matt all night, going to coffee with him and then kissing him heavily in the car, but everything else is a bit fuzzy.

“Good morning sunshine.” Seth says with a grin.

“How the hell do you do that?”

“Do what?” he pulls his eyebrows together and gives me a damning look.

“Get up after an all-nighter and have coffee done and a big smile on your face.”

“Ooh did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Sour puss.” He shoots at me.

Being careful not to spill my coffee, I walk over and find my favorite spot on the couch and curl up. “No, I’m not, and no I didn’t. I am just shocked how alive you are.” I snap.

“Well, maybe I had something to put a little perk in my step.” Seth winks at me and then looks over his shoulder—something catches his attention. “Speaking of …” his voice trails off and I look up to see what Seth is babbling about.

I see the redhead walking out to join us in an oversized shirt … no doubt one of Seth’s.

“Good morning,” Seth and I say at the same time. The redhead gives us both a runway model smile before asking for coffee.

“Sure here, I’ll help you.” Seth jumps up eagerly to help the beautiful woman get some coffee.

It makes me smile to see that my brother can at least pretend to be a gentleman.

A thud hits the front door and I look at Seth suspiciously. “Oh, it’s probably the newspaper.”

I nod and stand, “I’ll get it. I’m curious to see how thick your paper is here compared to Helena’s.” I open the door and look down and see that Seth was right; a thick newspaper is on the floor. I take it back to the living room and open it up to see the front page. The paper lay open on the coffee table, and the image staring at me makes my insides quiver, and I want to puke.

I get up from the couch and run to the bathroom trying to keep the bile from coming up. The door slams harder than I had intended, but I am furious and can’t control myself. I sit on top of the toilet and my eyes fill with tears. “Stupid fool, you should have known better. And why the hell are you crying?” I say out loud to myself.

A soft knock startles me, and I wipe away the tears. “Everything ok sis?” Seth is always so caring and compassionate with me. The thought of him caring so much just makes the tears come harder. “Yeah”… I sniffle, “I’m fine.”

Seth isn’t convinced, “Treva come on baby sis’ it’s me you’re talking to, what’s up?”

Seth steps back when I slowly open the door. His features instantly change when he sees that my face is red and puffy from crying and he puts his arms around me. “What happened, Treva?” He is stern and his voice is very demanding. The spare bedroom opens and I see Matt stroll out gracefully, but his face hardens when he sees me.

“Treva, are you okay? Did I do something wrong?” The worry lines on his young face deepen and I feel bad that I am crying over another man.

“No Matt, it’s not you.” I try to assure him. “I just need to talk to Seth alone for a minute.” It doesn’t look like he will leave us be, but he eventually turns down the hall toward the kitchen.

“I’ll be right out here, ok?” He says back over his shoulder.

I smile weakly, “Thank you’.

Seth and I go into the bathroom for privacy and before the door is closed, I’m blurting, “You were right. He is an asshole and I let myself be taken by him. I am stronger than that Seth. I’m pissed, because I let my guard down, and that’s something that I don’t usually do.”

He steps closer and hugs me. “What are you talking about? Did Matt do something to you?”

“Oh, god no.”

“So what are you talking about?” He asks again even though I’m pretty sure that he knows by now who I am talking about.

“Go look at the front page of the paper. You will see exactly what I am talking about.” Seth hesitantly lets me go and heads for the living room. Reluctantly, I follow him and watch as he picks up the newspaper from the coffee table. He looks down and on the front page he see’s the photo of Ronin with Amy holding onto his arm. His lips move as he reads the caption under the photo out loud; I am kind of listening and all I get out of it is, that it had to do with a charity fund event for Ronin’s Biology Research team.

I feel so guilty when Matt’s face falls listening to Seth. Now he knows exactly what made me upset. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I can see it all over his face. Matt sips on his coffee and walks past me not saying anything. “Matt,” I plead trying to get his attention, but he walks into the room that we shared last night. I barely catch up to him before he can shut the door.

“It’s okay, Treva, you don’t have to explain anything to me.” Instead of insisting to talk, I walk into him and wrap my arms firmly around his waist. Thankfully, he returns the gesture and holds me in his arms. We stand close together, holding each other in complete silence. Seth knocks on the door and then opens it to peek inside. “Hey I don’t mean to interrupt, but do you guys feel like going out to get something to eat?” I lean my head back to look up at Matt, “Will you come with us please?” He nods, causing me to smile warmly at him.

“Treva, I don’t want to be a bother, but do you have something that I can borrow to wear?” Another voice softly says. Misty looks at me impishly … probably embarrassed for having to ask.

“Yeah, of course, let’s dig something up.” I peer at Seth and flash him a wicked smile … hiding the hidden you owe me, underneath it.

“Hey bro, is it ok if I jump in the shower real quick?” Matt asks Seth. The thought of jumping in with him flutters rapidly in my mind—thinking about seeing Ronin with Amy, hanging onto his arm on the front page of the newspaper.

I find some clothes for Misty, and she and Seth head to his bedroom. I watch Matt cross the hallway and duck into the bathroom—I wonder if I should follow him. Conflict warring in my head I decide to contact my best friend Becca. Maybe she’ll have the right answer for me. I push the programmed button for Becca and wait as it rings.



“It’s about time you called me … so, out with it … spill the beans.”

“Holy hell Becca, there’s nothing to spill.”

“ … Hell there isn’t.” she pauses, “You know … Ronin Hollister.”

“Aargh,” I groan into the phone hearing his name. “To be perfectly honest, nothing’s going on … now.”

“Now?” Becca asks.

“Okay,” I give in, “so he’s Seth’s friend and he’s nothing but a major player. Yes an absolutely gorgeous, mouth dropping, beautiful man and probably the hottest thing I have ever seen on the face of the planet,”

“ … I know, right?” Becca interrupts.

“But Becca, after you told me about the stuff you saw I looked him up on the internet and saw pictures of him with this girl,” I take in a deep breath remembering the latest photo of him and Amy making the front page of the newspaper, “Becca, I met her, she’s one of Seth and Ronin’s comrades—they’re all friends. Everyone said that they’re not an item, but I’m pretty sure they are. He used me and the worst part of it is ...”

Becca interrupts again, “Treva sweetie pie, are you jealous?” Becca pokes fun at me.

“Huh, Me, NO! Why would I be jealous? I’m not with him or anything like that, but can I finish what I was saying?”

“Well yeah, but it just seems to me like you’re really upset over this other woman. But I wont judge just tell me what you were going to say before you forget.”

I hear the concern in my friend’s voice, but I needed to tell her about this. She is the only one I could ever tell. Becca and I are always there for each other, and I know I can tell her anything. If I didn’t, she would pull it out of me one way or another anyway. So, it was easier being forthright from the get-go. “Becca … I had sex with him.”

“Well of course you did …”

“Oh shut up. Becca I think I had my first orgasm.” Nothingness looms in the air for what seems like forever before she responds.

“Oh … holy shit Treva. This is big.”

“I know.” I whisper.

“So how did it feel?”

“It was something I’ve never felt before. I know that you’ve told me what they are supposed to feel like, but until now I had no idea what you were talking about. All those times of faking for the sake of whomever was lying on top of me made me realize—I hadn’t faked it good enough. It was so intense … I couldn’t control myself. It was … I thought I was going to pass out.”

“Yup! You had an orgasm.” Becca yells a little too enthusiastically.

“Becca, why did I have to share that with such a douche bag?”

“Well, at least he was a hot douche bag.”

I sigh deeply into the phone.

“So what are you going to do, Trev?”

“I don’t know.” I answer feeling lost. “There’s more.”

“More? How can there possibly be more than Ronin Hollister?”

I strum off everything going on between Matt and me making sure to fill in every detail, “and did I mention he is naked in the shower across from me as we speak?”

“Ok chick, this is what you’re going to do for starters, you’re Treva fucking Stone. You are a strong, beautiful, and smart woman. Treva is the one that does not get used. She does not get dragged around, paraded in front of people like a dumb bimbo. SHE DOES NOT GET USED, she does the using.”

“Right!” I agree.

“So you get out there; go jump in the shower with hot sexy Matt. Use the hell out of Ronin, take whatever you need and then get your butt home in a couple of weeks. GOT IT?”

I gulp. “He bought me a lap top and took me sailing.”

“Who did Matt or Ronin?”


“See! Take whatever you want honey. Hell, we all know he has enough money to go around. Treva baby, just have a good time, and keep your heart tucked away in your safe place. Don’t let the rich hot stud muffin bog you down, and don’t let Mr. Sensitive in the shower get too attached”

“Thanks Becca, you’re right. I don’t know what’s gotten into me.”

“I do … Ronin Hollister.”

“Ha, ha, ha.”

“So is he big?”

“BECCA,” I yell at her and then continue, “He’s freaking huge!”

“Holy shit Treva, I have a solution to your problem; I’ll go stay with Seth and you come home.”

I laugh and roll my eyes, even though I know Becca wouldn’t be able see the gesture, “Yeah whatever you whore. I’m going now.”

“Fine … keep, me posted, oh yeah before you go, I forgot to tell you a package came for you.”

“Really!. Who’s it from?”

“Doesn’t say.”

I try to remember if I ordered anything, but nothing comes to mind and a weird feeling comes over me. “Well, just put it on my bed I guess. I’ll open it when I get home.”

“Alright sweetie, love you and maybe you should take some pics for me.”

“Bye Becca! I love you too and no way in hell.” Then I turn off my phone.

I’m sitting on the edge of the bed thinking about the conversation with my best friend trying to think … what should I do? At this point, my ego is bruised and I’m not sure if I ever want to see Ronin Hollister again. And then Matt walks in, his skin glistening from the shower.

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