Never Again

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Chapter 16

My legs still shaky and my breathing pattern erratic, I try to calm myself down. I can’t believe he just made me come on the sidewalk so publicly. I inhale a large lung full of ocean air and exhale slowly. I need to start getting it into my brain; when it comes to Ronin Hollister … nothing should come as a surprise to me. I mean really, I have only known him for 6 days and he never stops amazing me. I look up at him and see the trace of a smile pulling at his lips. It’s weird, but I feel like we have already spent an eternity with each other. There seems to be an odd connection tugging us together. Now, what scares me the most is that I only have two more weeks here and then I’ll be heading back home … back to my world.

We get to his penthouse apartment around 3:30 in the morning. I can tell that the alcohol is starting to wear off, and my stomach rumbles loudly when we walk in the door.

Ronin hears it and lifts his brows eyeing me suspiciously. “Are we hungry?”

I flush a little, “Why yes I am,” I lick my lips suggestively and run my hands over his chest. Even through his shirt I can feel his perfectly toned pecs. “I’m Starving for you, Mr. Hollister.”

Ronin presses his lips to mine fervently and mumbles in my mouth, “My precious treasure.”

I push back a little and quirk my eyebrows at him, “If I’m your treasure, does that make you my king? Would you like me to call you your Highness, or maybe master?”


“You haven’t seen nothing yet, Master.” I slowly begin unbuttoning Ronin’s blue dress shirt. After all of the buttons are undone, I slide the sleeves off his bulging muscular arms. Touching his defined biceps makes my pussy tingle with desire. I don’t know how I lucked out, but holy hell he’s hot. I want to be touched, now. I squeeze my legs together trying to appease the need; feeling my panties rubbing against my clit just makes the urge stronger. I drop Ronin’s shirt on the floor and reach for his black slacks. The bulge in his pants is obvious—indicative of how much he wants me. I need to free him—now. I draw the button through the hole and unzip his pants. I skate my hand underneath his boxers and pull his rock hard erection out from under the waist band.

“Damn, woman.” He mumbles, when my flesh touches his sensitive cock. It makes me beam hearing his pleasure, and knowing that I’m the one pleasing him. I grip his thick fullness tighter and rub him in long gentle strokes. His bare bronze chest in my face, I have to lean my head forward and lope my tongue along every chiseled facet of him. I kiss and lick his chest until I find his nipples—pulling them in between my teeth and lightly biting them.

He takes a deep breath—wincing from the painful sensation. My teeth grinding carefully on his nipple, causes his cock to throb in my hand. It turns me on so much— biting at him and massaging his swollen cock.

“I have to have you now. I need to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock. I need to feel your tight muscles pumping me,” he growls.

I gasp, as Ronin scoops me up, unexpectedly, and carries me to his bed. Our lips meet, and our tongues explore each other’s mouth. I can tell that he wants to be gentle with me, but his needs are so strong that he frantically finds the button to my skirt and rips it open. He pushes my skirt down—not getting it out of the way fast enough for either of us. When my skirt is free of my feet, he tosses it across the floor. I lift my arms, and he aggressively rips off both of my shirts. He finds my breasts and sucks on my hardened-perky nipples. I scream with pleasure.

I grind my hips into Ronin trying to feel his skin against my hot aroused sex. I moan when I feel his hand slide down to rub my soft folds while he lavishes my nipples—sending pulses of pleasure soaring through my veins. My pussy is so slick with desire for him. He doesn’t hesitate; he pushes two fingers into me—my breath hitches from the sensation. Damn, it feels so good, as he drives into me hard—moving his fingers perfectly … making me writhe underneath him.

“Please, Ronin.” I shout.

I arch my back, lifting way up off of his bed—giving in to the pleasures of his movements. His thumb makes small circles over my nub while he rhythmically pushes and pulls his fingers in and out of me. Beads of sweat form between my breasts … everything is smoldering hot.

“You are so sexy Treva, come for me baby.”

Just those couple of words, send me soaring over the edge. I feel my climax building to a raging peek and then it lets go—escaping around his fingers. I am so sopping wet that I can feel it running down the cheeks of my ass.

“Holy fuck, Treva. I have never had anyone so wet with pleasure.”

He slides his fingers from me and grabs his bulging cock. Hovering over me, he guides it to my soaked entrance and slams it into me. I yell so loud—his cock stretching my tight pussy. Ronin almost loses it, he has to stop moving while his cock jerks in my wet cunt. After his cock stops jerking, he pushes it into me deeper, and he’s pounding the hell out of me. My muscles tighten around his cock … trying to hold on to him.

I reach my arms up around him and I dig my fingers into his taught ass cheeks—I’m urging him to move faster and go deeper. Our body movements are synchronized … working together in perfect harmony. Somehow he reaches every sensitive area—places I didn’t know that I had. The deep burning in my gut is so intense, I can feel that incredible tingling building again, and I know that I am going to have another cosmic explosion.

“RONIN!” I scream, as the tension erupts.

When I yell out his name, there is no holding back for Ronin. He shoots off so deep and for so long—I can feel each gush that comes from his cock … hitting the inside of my pussy. He falls forward out of breath sprawling over me. “You feel so god damn good, Treva.”

I wake sleepily and stretch my arms out to find the bed empty. My eyes slowly scan the room, and I see that I’m alone. Noises from the kitchen get my attention, hmm sounds like pots and pans. I pull the blankets aside and get out of bed. My clothes are lying ruffled on the floor, but instead of putting my dirty clothes back on, I decide to wander into the gigantic walk-in closet that houses Ronin’s clothes. I find a shirt and slide it on. Before heading to the kitchen, to see where the noises are coming from, I look at my phone to see if I have any missed calls. I’m not sure why I can never hear my phone when I’m with Ronin, but I have eight missed calls. Hmm, I check out the numbers to see who called me and it’s that Montana number—I had tried answering it before, but no one was on the line. I don’t know why a missed call would give me the eebie geebies, but when I see that all eight of the missed calls are from the same number, chills run over my arms. Instinctively, I rub my arms trying to rub the goose bumps away. I’m getting all worked up … this is out of control and needs to stop. I pick up my phone and press send waiting to see if someone answers.

Ring … ring … ring …

The phone clicks like someone picked it up, but there’s no hello … nothing. It’s completely silent.

“Hello,” I say. “Now come on, this is getting to be ridiculous. Whoever this is needs to stop it.” I’m agitated and almost screaming into my phone, but no one answers. I hear a faint breath on the other end, and I quickly hang up. “Creep,” I say out loud, trying to calm my nerves.

I storm out of the room, but I stop dead in my tracks when I round the corner. Ronin has his back to me watching something cook on the stove. The aroma of sweet onions caramelizing smells delicious, but staring at Ronin with only a pair of pajama bottoms overpowers the onions. I can’t think of another man that could top Ronin Hollister.

Not knowing that I am watching him, he links his fingers behind his neck accentuating his tight toned muscles in his back. His lats flare out from his ribs and go up under his arms winging out … so sexy looking—perfection …

Ronin hears me whisper the last word and spins around. His fingers still intertwined behind his head. This time I am blessed with a frontal view of his magnificent body. His pectorals are hard just like his abs. Every muscle in his body is ripped. I’m not looking at a six pack, because he has an eight pack. He has the most perfect body that I’ve ever seen. He’s what I have always dreamed about having … “My own angel,” I whisper softly.

Even though I only whispered, Ronin must have heard me, “So you like what you see Miss Stone?” Ronin’s seductive voice makes my body shiver.

“Yes I do, as a matter of fact.” I step closer so that I am standing right in front of him. I’m unable to hold back any longer, the need to touch him is overwhelming. I trace my fingers along every line softly. “Were you sent from heaven?”

Ronin laughs, “Maybe I’m actually the devil in disguise.”

“No you’re too perfect.”

My words send shivers through Ronin, “Look Peanut, you gave me goose bumps. Do you think if I was some higher power, I would be so weak to you? Actually … I think I would.” He finishes.

I touch the raised bumps on his arm, “arrector pili.” I say softly.


“Oh,” I pull myself from my little trance, “arrector pili are the tiny muscles on your skin that causes goose bumps.”

“I never knew they had a technical name.” he laughs.

“I’m sorry. I’m a walking book on human anatomy. I usually try to use layman’s terms so I don’t sound like such a super geek.”

“Well, to be honest, I think it’s pretty hot. And you Treva are a HOT super geek. And please, pretty please, don’t take this wrong, but I was beginning to think you were getting into the wrong field.”

I furrow my brows together. “What do you mean?” I ask.

Ronin lets out a sigh, “Well, the people I have on my biology team are glued to science books. They seem impersonal, no social skills at all. I think those are the stereotypical types that get into the medical field. They are way too smart for their own good and they seem to lose some of the social aspects people of lower IQ’s have … they are kind of boring.”

I can’t help it, I look at him and raise my curvy lips into a very twisted smile, “Stereotyping are we?”

“Wait, don’t take that wrong … you are just so full of spirit and life. I can’t believe you’re not a hairdresser or something like that, using your creative spunky attitude to help people in that way.”

“YOU THINK I SHOULD BE A HAIRDRESSER? Standing around gossiping and listening to everyone’s miserable stories? Just keep opening your mouth Ronin, because you’re seriously digging yourself into a huge hole you might not be able to find your way out of.”

“Shit, well … when you say it that way.” Ronin tries to back pedal. He grabs me by the waist, “I’m an idiot, don’t listen to me”

“Speaking of smarts … your breakfast is burning.”

“Oh shit.” Ronin spins around and tries to salvage the vegetables he is cooking for omelets. “There’s a mimosa on the counter if you’d like.” He points backward without looking … paying attention to what he’s cooking.

I climb onto a bar stool and sip on my orange juice concoction while watching him. “You’re not the first to have said that … maybe that’s why I get so edgy when people don’t believe that I can be a Doctor.” A tone of rejection flows from my voice—if a man can be a medical doctor, then so can a woman. “My brother Seth is the only one who backs me one hundred percent. Just because I like to have fun doesn’t mean that I’m not smart enough to go to med-school. The biggest roadblock is being able to afford it.” I let out a deep sigh and shake my head dejectedly.

“I love the human body and I know how it works; the bones, the muscles, their functions … you name it. Like I said, I’m a walking-talking text book. But Ronin, I appreciate life, and I appreciate the emotions of people—there’s more to it than just human anatomy. You have to know the individual in the body—the person wearing the shell—you have to know them. I love the idea of being a medical doctor, but I want to enjoy life while I’m doing what I love.”

“You’re wrong you know.” I see him let out a deep breath.

I look at him. He’s puzzled … short on words. Then he says, “I support you one hundred percent too.”

I smile and enjoy the feeling that I get whenever he says something so warm and tender. “Thank you, Ronin.”

He places two plates on the breakfast bar, “voil`a, ala gourmet veggie omelet.”

Before I am even able to take my first bite, Ronin leans over and presses those perfectly succulent soft lips over mine. He pulls away and I see him reach down and adjust the bulge in his pants. He lays his head on my shoulder unexpectedly, “Damn what you do to me, Treva, and you wearing nothing but one of my T-shirts is the hottest things I’ve ever seen.”

Ronin’s phone buzzes and he straightens back up and pulls it from his pocket. I watch his face as he skims the screen. His eyes are reading something and then I watch him type quickly. When his fingers stop moving he looks at me; then he quickly shoves his phone back in his pocket. I become suspicious of his strange behavior, and then his phone buzzes again.

I try to ignore him and I take a bite of my omelet. “This is delicious.” I mumble the compliment with my mouth stuffed full.

“I’m glad you like it.” He says as he stares at me with an unfamiliar gaze. “Christmas is this week … I can’t believe it—can you?”

I shake my head. Something isn’t right. I can tell that he is trying to make small talk, but I don’t know why the change of atmosphere. I try to brush it off, but it nags at me in the back of my mind. Again my brain thinks of worse case scenarios, Maybe he has some other chick he is hooking up with.

“Nope, my time is flying by. I can’t believe today is Monday the 23rd and I still haven’t gotten Seth a Christmas gift.”

“I can take you. We can find him something. Is he the only one you need to get something for?”

“Actually, I really need to find my crazy-hair-brained roommate a gift too.” I smile thinking about Becca.

“Of course, we can go shopping for your friend too. Do you have any other siblings besides Seth?”

“Huh?” Now I feel like he is digging for something. The question is off the wall and I get a deep gut feeling he is fishing for some sort of personal information that I am not about to tell anyone. I stop chewing and look at him surprised.

“… Uh …” I stutter. “Yeah, um … Seth and I have an older sister. She is eleven years older than me, so we don’t have a lot in common. Her name is Denise. She still lives in Montana.”

I look at my plate and absently push my food around hoping—hoping that I’ve given him enough information that he won’t push or pry anymore. I am wrong though—it’s not enough for him, and he continues.

“Is she married? Have any kids?”

Like a robot with no emotions I answer, “yes, and I have one niece that’s fourteen now.” Thinking about Ally makes me sick to my stomach. I love that girl so much, and it hurts me knowing that I’m unable to see her as she grows up.

“Maybe we can get a gift for your niece too.” He reaches over with one arm and squeezes my waist, but every muscle in my body has stiffened. Thinking about my family has turned me cold. “My sister would send it back.”

Ronin looks at me almost like he’s agitated, because I haven’t told him more. “Well, you can help me find my brothers’ kids something!” I look up at him and try to plaster a fake smile on my face, but I am afraid it probably comes across more like a grimace.

“Wait, its Monday! Don’t you have a universe to run or something? I’m keeping you from work.” I say trying to push our conversation somewhere else.

Ronin laughs, “… a universe huh? Well, I think it will keep turning without me for the day. Besides that, I don’t think that it’s right when people have to work during the Christmas holidays. I closed the office for the week—they need to be with their families. The only thing I have going on this week is my Christmas party tonight which I hope you’re still planning on attending with me.”

“That’s tonight?” I feel panicked not having anything to wear. I remember him briefly mentioning what day it was on the night we had gone to play pool, but I had forgotten after he had ditched me for some ‘Gala’. “Ronin I have nothing to wear.”

“We can find a dress for you too, while we do a little Christmas shopping.”

“Wait did you say you give everyone the week off?” Most bosses work everyone at least until Christmas Eve day. “I’m beginning to think that you are not the super human, tuff-as-nails, hard-ball, everyone thinks you are.”

“Oh I am sure if you were to spend some time around me you’d think differently. I like things done my way, and I want it done as quickly as possible. I don’t play games, especially if it’s something I want.” Ronin lifts his left hand and brushes it against my cheek. Then he has a slight smile on his face. I am sure he is enjoying some personal revelation, but he doesn’t share it with me.

The light touch excites me. He leaves his fingers on my face for a few seconds before moving them.

“I wanted this week off, so I let my employees take a mini-vacation also. It’s not something I do every year. They probably think I’ve lost my marbles. I do know business though, and if I play fair and let them hang with their families or whatever else they do, that they won’t resent me as much—and they’ll work harder for me. It makes for a more effective workplace.”

I can’t disagree with that and I nod in agreement. “How did you get so rich?” I blurt out without thinking. “And what does your company actually do?”

“Come on let’s take a shower and I’ll explain a little.”

Ronin pulls me off the stool and carries me to the master bathroom. He sets me down on a bench in the bathroom and the memory of pulling and twisting on all the levers to try to get the shower on floods through my mind. A giggle escapes my lips.

“What are you thinking about Miss Stone?” He is staring over his shoulder at me. “MMM, that smile is so beautiful. It should be there all the time. I hope I can make you this happy all of the time Treva, because that’s how you make me feel.”

My face starts to heat up,” I was just thinking about your knobs.” I lift my hazel eyes wide peering at his beautiful, glory.

“My knobs?”

The innuendo and the sensual way I said it brings his groin to life and I see his cock growing hard.

“I guess my intentions for you are pretty obvious. I don’t think I can hide it with this thing.”

“I think it would be hard to miss.” I joke, but not too seriously. I’m too distracted by his long thick cock standing at attention. It is sexy as hell. I motion him closer with my finger. He obliges by standing directly in front of me, but still a foot away. I reach for him and grab him by his nut sack and tug on it … pulling him closer. I lick my lips as I tilt my head back to look at his perfect body.

“Oh my god, Treva.” Ronin runs his fingers through his hair tousling it even more.

I don’t release the grip I have on his nuts. Instead, I begin massaging them gently with one hand. Tugging slightly and squeezing with pure primal need. I want to tease him and make him beg for more. It makes me feel whole to make him feel good.

He lets out a deep moan while I continue massaging methodically, pulling on one nut and the then the other rubbing my finger between his balls towards his scrotum—pushing against the bulbous sensitive spot under his ball sack. With my other hand, I dip my finger into my mouth making it slick to rub over the tip of his cock. I never take hold of it; I just slightly brush the tip—rubbing in circles. His cock keeps springing forward out of control under my teasing fingers.

This is my favorite part—teasing to the point where Ronin can’t handle it anymore and begs me to finish him off. I keep teasing him by just touching the tip of his very hard erection with my lips. I open my lips wide and let my warm breath flow over the tip.

Ronin growls loudly “Please.”

I flick him with my tongue and circle the thickness of his head slowly.

“Oh my god woman, I want to feel your mouth.”

I smile to myself, but I want to hear him beg more than that. I pull down on his ball sack and run my tongue over the tip of his cock—over and over, never going over the lip of his hard throbbing cock.

“God damn it, Treva. Please, please, please SUCK ME!” He wraps his fingers in my hair urging me forward.

I know I hit his breaking point and I’m satisfied with his pleads. I stretch my mouth open and let him slowly slide his cock in. I stop at the hilt of his erection when I can feel him at the back of my throat. I wait for a moment and feel his cock jerk against my tongue. I gradually pull my mouth back up—catching my lip on his tip—sucking hard. I feel Ronin’s grip tighten in my hair. I stop sucking and let my mouth glide back down him all the way back to his base. I don’t stop until I have him all the way in my mouth. I pull down tightly on his balls while I have my mouth wrapped completely around him.

“STOP!” he yells startling me.

I feel him push down on my head so I can’t move. I can feel the violent jerking again and I know that he was about to come.

“Fuck woman. Two pushes and you almost had me shooting down your throat! God that feels so damn good, but I’m not ready yet!”

I can feel him pulling on me trying to free his throbbing cock from my mouth, but I suck on it as hard as I can—I don’t want him to take it away from me.

“You are a bad girl Treva. I think you need to be punished.”

Instantly, hearing the word punishment, my body shuts off. I know he is just playing around, but the idea of punishment floods in my memories and it scares me to death. I want those horrible recollections that haunt me to be washed away forever, but they seemed to be etched in stone. No matter how hard I try to erase them, they won’t go away.

Ronin must catch the sudden change too as he tries to cover his blunder.

“I want to punish you by licking you until you can’t contain yourself” He says softly. “Come here.”

Ronin steps back and reaches out to me. With my hand in his, he leads me to the shower. When we step in, Ronin gets down on his knees and spreads my legs apart. Gently, he begins to massage my folds. His thumb rubs my sensitive nub while caressing me softly.

I let my stance loosen and he responds to the invitation. He leans forward and kisses my bare sensitive clit. My insides are about ready to explode. He touches me so gracefully. He inserts a finger and pushes it in slowly. Pushing it upward, I squirm as he rotates it deep inside of me. He shifts his head around and awkwardly licks me as he rhythmically slides his finger in and out of my soft wet tissue.

“You taste so sweet.” He purrs between my legs.

My pussy is so slick, and he easily glides another finger in with the first. His movements change and I pant heavily as he explores the inside of me.

“Faster!” I urge.

He obeys and pushes into me harder and faster. I’m afraid I might fall over, so I grab onto his shoulders to steady myself against his welcomed assault. “RONIN!”

“Yeah that’s it baby, scream my name while you come. I want to know that I am the one who made you come … I am the one that controls your sexual gratification. No one else! Scream my name baby, scream it!”

Ronin flicks his tongue over my clit and then pulls it into his mouth sucking hard on the over-sensitive bump. I lose it.

“RONIN,” I scream out his name loudly as my cum shoots all over his fingers and tongue.

“MMM, very good girl, but don’t get comfy yet, I am a long ways from being done with you.”

He stands and spins me around—pushing me against the shower with a primal need. He spreads my feet apart with his own and then pushes me forward. I feel his thickness when he slides his cock into me. My pussy is so full … he has a huge cock. My skin so sensitive—I can feel every detail while he trails kisses over my shoulders. The water sloshes between us as he pushes himself in as deep as possible. After I get used to his huge cock, I push my ass back so that he can pound into me. He repeatedly thrusts deeply and my sensitive pussy builds with an intense fiery feeling to the point of combustion. I need to release the building tension. I need to let it go and detonate this loaded cannon.

I can hear our heavy panted breaths. I don’t know how, but I feel Ronin’s cock get harder and bigger—I thought that I had all that I could take—but now he’s about to send me over the edge. “FUCK RONIN!”

He pushes hard and grunts while he reaches his climax, and I can feel forceful gushes that he shoots into my pussy. He lets his head fall limply on my shoulder as we both catch our breath.

“I could never get enough of this,” he says softly to me.

“Me either,” I agree. “You’re going to have to come to Helena to give me a booty call.” I say jokingly, but Ronin stiffens and I realize that I should have never said that.

He spins me around, so I am looking straight into his emerald eyes, still lost from the amazing orgasm we just shared. It was orgasms for me, I lost count of mine. “Sorry, I should have asked, but are you on birth control? I should have never been so careless. I just couldn’t stop myself.” Ronin says with out an ounce of warmth to his voice.

“Oh, um yea, I am, don’t worry.” I say flatly.

“Good. Let’s get washed up. We have things to do.” And with that the fun playful Ronin disappears.

“I had my housekeeper get you a few items in case you came over again, so you don’t have to put your dirty clothes back on.”

I am towel drying my hair and I see him out of the corner of my eye running his fingers through his hair, like he is nervous about something. I could stare at his gorgeous body all day. The muscles in his abs flex just a little while his hands tousle his hair even more.

“Ronin you can’t keep buying me clothes. I have my own clothes and I don’t mind if I have to slip them back on until I get back to Seth’s.”

“I know. I just enjoy doing nice things for you. Come on I’ll show you where they are.” Ronin leads me into his gigantic, over sized, walk-in closet and opens up a dresser. “This dresser is full of items for you. Everything in it is yours, and this stuff hanging right here,” he shows me a large section of the closet that is now filled with women’s clothing, “is yours also.”

“Holy hell, how many times do you think I will be changing here? I don’t need all of this, Ronin.”

“I just thought it would give you some options and I hope you’ll stay with me as much as possible. I’m only trying to help accommodate for moments you might need some clothes.”

I can tell by the tone of his voice I pissed him off, but this is crazy. I’ve only been here a couple of times and now I have a dresser. Ugh. I need some breathing room.

“Thank you Ronin it’s very kind of you to think of me like that. I am very appreciative.” I open the top drawer of the dresser trying to act thankful. The drawer is filled with beautiful lacey bras and panties. Wow, maybe I could get used to this. I pull out a few different sets and hold them up. I can feel Ronin’s gaze burning through me and I try to act as sincere as possible, but I don’t have to pretend too much … this stuff is exquisite. I pick out a soft pink set and slide the panties on. I slip the bra on and open the rest of the drawers. The next drawer is dedicated to just stockings. I open the next and it’s full of T-shirts, and the next is jeans. I want to see what the other items are hanging up and I find a few skirts, with cute dress tops, and a few fun flirty dresses, a couple of dresses for super dressy attire, some dress slacks and sweaters. My closet at home isn’t even close to being as nice as this.

I turn and look at Ronin, “thank you again, these things are all beautiful.”

Ronin edges forward and grabs me around the waist. “Not as beautiful as you. Actually, I have never seen anything come even close to your beauty.” His mouth is over mine before I’m able to say anything. Every time he kisses me I melt into him. I wish I could meld into him and be as close to him as possible. My mind has been in complete turmoil trying to figure out what is going on between us, but somehow I know when he touches me and holds me close—I’m exactly where I want to be.

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