Never Again

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Chapter 17

Ronin is typing rapidly on his laptop, working on something that looks like a spreadsheet. He just told his driver to take us to a shopping center. I could stare at him all day and never get tired of the view. He is just so stunning it’s hard not to look. I watch his jaw twitch and the vein on his forehead pump … something is frustrating him. “What is it love?” I ask the question and my mouth almost drops to the floor of the truck. Why the hell did I just call him love? He’s going to push me out of the vehicle right here. Ronin looks up at me with his face completely smooth. I am unable to interpret his emotions right now.

“Miss Stone, did you just refer to me as your, ‘love’?”

“… Uhh …” I stammer, “It just kinda came out, I’m sorry I didn’t mean …”

“Are you trying to take it back now?” Ronin closes his lap top and tucks it into the flap of the seat in front of him. Then he slides over closer to me.

My breath hitches from the intense look he gives me. His hand grazes my leg and he squeezes my thigh. “Tell me Treva, are you trying to take it back?” Ronin is turned towards me and I feel like a mere shadow in his wake. He moves even closer—so close that I can feel his warm breath. His masculine scent engulfs all of my cognitive thinking.

“Are you ignoring me, Treva?”

My eyes flash to the rearview mirror to see if his driver is paying any attention to us, feeling embarrassed by the intimate closeness.

“He won’t save you, Treva. I pay his salary.”

“It … it was just an endearment, you know like, honey, sugar, babe.” I say.

“I don’t believe you. I think it was more than just an endearment.”

Before he can say anymore, I grab the front of his shirt, pull him toward me as I lean against him and plant a kiss to his glorious lips. I lick my tongue over his smooth lips and then push it into his mouth. I let out a sigh or probably more like a moan.

“Just what I thought,” he says with his mouth on mine.

I let go of his shirt and breathe deeply as I sit back in my seat. My head is spinning. The vibrations in my head pound against my temples. I want this fairy tale to be real, but my body knows better. My phone rings … interfering with my thoughts. I dig it out of my purse and notice it’s that Montana number. I answer it, maybe this time this creeper will reply, but there is nothing—nobody says anything. I wait for a moment to see if anyone responds to my hellos, but the only sound I hear is a long sigh.

“Who was that?” Ronin asks eyeing me suspiciously.

“I don’t know, it’s a Montana number but, I don’t recognize it. They have been calling me for the past week, and when I answer they don’t say anything … just breathing and sighs. It’s probably just a wrong number or some kid screwing around, but it’s starting to irritate me.”

“Here, let me see.” Ronin reaches for my phone and I look at him confused.

“Really it’s no big deal.” I say. “I’ll figure it out, or block the number.”


Thank god we pull up to our destination, because Ronin is adding to my already freaked out mood over the odd phone call.

We are dropped off on a street that is lined with all kinds of shops. People are bustling all over, probably rushing to get their last minute shopping done, just like Ronin and I.

I try to push the memories of the phone call out, climbing onto the sidewalk. I haven’t given too much thought about what I want to get Seth. I think I should get him something nice, but I better throw in a gag gift just to keep it real. And Becca, who knows? I guess I’ll just keep my eyes open and hopefully something will present itself.

Ronin and I wander down the sidewalk looking into the different shops, but nothing has really popped out. Suddenly, a dimly lit shop with strangely clothed mannequins gets my attention.

“Let’s go in here.” I point out the store to Ronin.

Ronin looks at me and then asks, “Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure. Come on pussy.”

I push open the tinted doors and walk up a little ramp in the entry way into a large room filled with racks of clothing and all sorts of interesting gadgets and thingamabobs. A sales clerk sees us walk in and comes over to greet us.

“Hello welcome to ‘Miss Kitties’. We are having a sale on most of our items; our dildos are thirty percent off and the racks along that wall,” she points behind us, “are seventy percent off on all apparel. My name is Kat, if you have any questions, just give me a shout.”

“Thanks Kat.” I say with a smile.

“And who exactly are we shopping for in here?” Ronin menacingly asks in my ear.

“Maybe me.” I walk by a rack of clothing and grab a metallic blue skirt that probably should be worn as a belt. I hold it up to my waist swaying my hips back and forth. “What you think?”

I smile when I see Ronin swallow hard.

“Well Miss Stone, I wont disagree … that little skirt would look good on your sweet sexy ass, but it will have to be worn only in the privacy of you and me.”

I giggle and put the skirt back on the rack. I gawk at some of the clothes and some of the odd sexual tools that I have never seen before. I joke with Ronin about how some of them might be used, but am surprised at his knowledge on some of the weird contraptions as he explains them to me.

In the back right corner of the shop, I see a few large boxes filled with blow up companions and I make a decision—that is exactly what I need to get Seth. I pick out a lovely brunette that is anatomically correct, and take it up to the checkout counter.

Ronin has some items in his arms that he decides to purchase, but he won’t show them to me. “This is for later,” He takes the shopping bag and winks at me. “And what about your purchase? Will she be joining us later?”

I crinkle my nose and punch him in the arm, “No, this is for Seth, but I still need to find something more serious for him.”

“I’m not sure if this helps or not, but he was coveting my wine cooler. Maybe he would like one of his own.”

“Yeah that sounds nice; maybe I could put a bottle in it for him too.”

“Come on, I know a place.”

Ronin opens the door to the appliance store for me like a gentleman. We meander around the refrigerators until we find what we are looking for. They have a large variety of coolers to choose from—small, medium, large and larger … looking like a refrigerator, “holy hell, you’d really have to like wine to have something this big.” I mumble.

I catch Ronin shrugging his shoulders and I immediately regret what I said, because knowing him, he has the type you walk into.

“May I help you find something?” A woman says as she walks up to us from behind.

I spin around and I see a nicely dressed brunette wearing a grey pencil skirt and a white lacey shirt. She doesn’t even look at me. Instead, she stares at Ronin. Her eyes almost seem to sparkle while eyeballing him. Ronin tells her what we’re searching for and she makes several gestures with her hand to touch his arm.

“Will you and your wife want a simple on the countertop type, or something for more of a collection?”

I can tell she’s fishing to know if Ronin and I are married, are we a couple or whatever. I tell her straight out, “Oh no, we’re not married. We’re just friends. I’m looking for a gift for my brother.”

I see her eyes flit with hope.

“Oh, darling now you know there is more to our relationship than just friendship. Truthfully, I see many long, happy days in our future.” Ronin wraps his arm tightly around my waist as I am taken aback by his words. My heart almost skips a beat. I look up at him … lost in his green eyes. I am drawn to his lips, and I stand on my toes so that I can reach my mouth to his. He’s like a candy store; every thing about him is a treat to me. My heart melts as our lips meet. His strong arms holding me so tightly; I couldn’t fall if I wanted to.

We’re wrapped up and into each other for a while, and then I realize where we are. I slowly pull away from him and look at the clerk whose trying to stare off into space like she’s paying no attention.

I smile at Ronin and am rewarded with his million dollar smile. I turn to the clerk, “I’d like to find a countertop wine chiller.”

“Of course, right this way.”

I find one that isn’t the smallest, but in my price range. The tag says its $299.00. I am far from rolling in the dough, but I still have a little cash left from the boys losing their money to me when we were playing pool the other night. The clerk gets a guy to wrap the wine chiller while I pay for it … Ronin carries it to the car.

Bending over to get into the car, Ronin slaps me hard across the ass. “HEY!” I yell. Then I get and sit down. “You’re in trouble.” I hiss.

“GOOD, I look forward to you punishing me.” Ronin says as he scoots in next to me and covers my scowl with kisses. I hear a faint buzz and Ronin is still laughing when he lifts his hips up to dig into his pocket to get out his phone. I see his face transform instantly. The color leaves his face, and his muscles seem to tighten up … something has him upset.

“Work?” I ask, wondering what could cause such a change in his attitude ... again. “I thought you took the week off?”

“I did,” he says through gritted teeth, “But sometimes it never ends.” He exhales rather sharply.

I just nod, not wanting to pry. “I’m sure that when I start my residence, I’ll be pulled in and doing the same thing.” I smile warmly, trying to bring back the soft less-edgy side of him.

“What got you interested in medicine anyway?”

Again, he suddenly changes the conversation which I am very grateful for, but a deep seeded apprehension starts to build in my chest. I’m beginning to feel like I am missing a very important clue to some mystery that I’m not sure if I want to know about.

“Now hold up just a minute,” I quickly back flash to avoid discussing my personal life with Ronin. I’m still not sure how much I want to tell him; talking about my reasons for medical school might give him too much information and send our conversation on a downward spiral. “If I remember correctly, we were going to discuss you and your business endeavors before I was interrupted by a giant penis in the shower.”

Ronin’s mouth twists into that wicked smile that I’ve come to love. “Hmm, how about we play a little game; I’ll say one thing about me and then you’ll say one thing about you, and so on.” He explains, and then watches me as I ponder his suggestion.

“Okay,” I say, “That sounds fair.” The next look that he gives me causes goose bumps to rise all over my skin. My body gravitates to him in a supernatural way. I want to touch every inch of him … inside and out. I stare at him in awe, and he tilts his head in amusement as he keeps his eyes fixed on me. The car hits a bump and pulls me from my trance, “But you first.” I mumble.

He half laughs, “Alright … well as you know, my brother and I were adopted. Our adoptive parents are both Dr’s, my dad is a Neurologist and my mom is a Rheumatologist. They are the best parents. We could have never asked for a better family to be put into, but me being a jerk …”

I watch him intently as he pauses before speaking … searching for the right words. “I think I wanted to rebel against the whole world after what my father had done to my mother.”

“I stiffen, not having a single clue what he is saying. I knew that he and his brother had been adopted, but what in the hell did his father do to his mother?”

Ronin stops, probably realizing he said something that he hadn’t intended to. “Well, yeah … anyway, I was suffering more than I ever wanted to admit to anyone, so let’s just say these wonderful people who were trying so hard to help me in any way they could, got a nasty piece of me. I made their lives more than tough.” He shakes his head as the memories pour out of him.

“I skipped school, didn’t do any homework, got terrible grades, and that’s the lesser of the evils I put them through.”

He doesn’t elaborate on the more evil things—probably ashamed of the choices he had made. I can understand that though, because I am ashamed of many things in my past, and like him, I’m not ready to share that part of me with anybody.

“So, as I got closer to being done with high school I got a whim to go to culinary school.”

I shoot my eyes up at him surprised, “Culinary school?” that’s the last thing I expected him to say.

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah don’t be hating on a guy that likes to cook.”

“On the contrary MR. Hollister, a man who can cook is HOT!” Ronin smiles at me … happy that I approve.

“Well, so I went to culinary school, but of course I have a few minor issues with authority. I didn’t work very well when I was working for someone else. I went to my parents and asked them for a loan to start-up my own restaurant. My parents were ecstatic that I had found something that interested me.”

“You opened up a restaurant?” I ask in complete shock.

Ronin shifts toward me closing the small gap between us, “I still have it too.” He winks at me. “Remember our first dinner we had together, when you arrived in San Diego?”

“The Italian one?”

He smiles so warmly at me “Ghiotto, yes the very one, and let me mention that I will never forget that evening. Watching you eat the prosciutto penne and that little black dress with those long beautiful legs. Absolutely delicious.” He hums.

My insides start doing flips from the sensual tones he is using. “You remember that night? What I was wearing and what I ate?” I ask in disbelief that this amazing god even paid a fraction of attention to me. Ronin just nods his head and pierces through me with his hypnotic eyes.

My panties dampen and before I realize what I am doing I have my seatbelt unbuckled and I am climbing onto Ronin’s lap. I squeeze him between my thighs and he digs his face into my neck. After kissing me neck, he slides his lips up to my chin.

“I also heard that I missed out on a very stunning dress at Seth’s firm’s Christmas party. If I remember correctly, it was a shimmery silver dress with only one strap and a knock out pair of bright red stilettos. I am very upset that I missed that night with you, and the thought of another man moving in on my woman really pisses me off. Don’t worry, I plan on making up for it the next time.”

My face blushes as Ronin caresses my cheeks and puts his mouth on mine. He kisses me so deeply and passionately that when he does pull back a little, I am left breathless.

Our conversation trying to learn more about each other is halted again by our heated emotions. I hadn’t even noticed that the car had come to a stop; feeling the bulge in his pants has my full attention. All I want right now is to feel him inside me. I reach down to unbutton his pants, but Ronin grabs my arm—stopping me.

“Not right now precious.” He says sounding a bit muffled because he has his mouth on mine.

I sigh heavily feeling dejected. When I look up, I remember where we are. Ronin’s driver sits in the front seat quietly, while acting like nothing fazes him. I’m instantly embarrassed, and I slide off of Ronin’s lap. I look out the window trying to find some composure. I see a huge toy store taking up at least a full-city block … probably five-stories tall.

I eye Ronin suspiciously and he gives me a warm smile, one that brightens up his entire face, “My brother’s kids.”

The toy store is a blast. We mess around with gidgets and gadgets and piss off a clerk by running through the isles playing tag. Ronin ran right into a huge display of Lego’s and knocked it down … stuff flying all over the floor. I laugh so hard, that I thought I was going to wet my pants.

“GO, GO, GO!” He yells, running past me and laughing.

We fly up the escalator and find a display of stuffed animals and hide behind a huge Teddy Bear.

“Sshhh” he puts his finger over my lips.

Instead of behaving, I move my mouth quickly and slip his finger into it and suck on it real hard. I watch his eyes become heated and instantly change into a I want to fuck you now stare.

“You are a very bad girl!”

“Mmm, hmm,” I hum in agreement.

“Come on, help me pick something out for the kids, and then I’m going to get you out of here!”

I know exactly what he is saying, so I am eager to help … or eager to get him alone somewhere. “How old are the kids anyway?”

“Jacob is 8 and Trystan is 5.”

“And what does Jacob and Trystan like?” I ask.

“I know my brother has gotten them their own computers and many other electronic devices, so to be honest I’m not quite sure what’s left.” I can see the bewilderment in his face, lost trying to find these two kids that he obviously cares for a lot, something that they would adore.

I roll my eyes, “Rich people,” I nudge him with my elbow playfully. “I got an idea.” I tell him. I grab his arm and drag him up to another level.

“Yeah this would be good.” I point down to some monstrous trucks that when sitting on the floor almost come up to our knees. “These are remote control trucks, top of the line remote control trucks,” I add, “and they should last a while.”

Ronin looks at me like I am some kind of bizarre science project, “These are genius.”

“They probably have all of the lazy sit down on their butt devices already. Let’s get them a few things that will let them be boys.” I kneel down and look at the different models on display. “I like this one.” I pull one up that’s painted a bright lime green. “Now you pick one.”

Ronin joins me on the floor as we look them over before settling on one that is black with bright orange accent colors.

“I’m sure the boys are expecting more from ‘Uncle Ronin’, so let’s go find some more stuff.” I wink at him and he leans down and gives me a soft kiss.

I find scooters, skateboards and bikes and laugh while Ronin just looks at me in wonder. “Do you want children someday?” He asks. I’m startled.

I forget the scooter that I’ve been looking at, and I turn around to look at him. “Yeah … well, someday. I just want to get my career started before I think about it … you?” I say quickly, diverting the question back to him.

“Yeah, I think I do. I just am scared that I will turn out to be a shitty father like my biological dad.”

“You won’t Ronin. You are a kind, caring person. You could never be like your biological father. For a matter-of-fact, I think you will make a wonderful father.” I feel empathy for him. I have had the same doubt in my mind about being a mother. I have had so many terrible things happen to me—I am not sure I know how to love and be a mom.

“Is he … you know … umm, is your dad still around?” I’m trying to find out as much as possible without prying.

Ronin flinches from my abrupt question, and I regret asking. Instead of ignoring me, he answers coldly, “He’s in prison.”

I nod in silence, not wanting to add any more fuel to the flame that is burning inside of him.

“I think the boys would like these,” I pick up a scooter one that’s nontraditional. The platform is different. “This is a Ripstik.” I tell him, trying to distract him. “You put your feet on it like this.” The Ripstik actually has two platforms one for each foot, and it doesn’t have a handlebar. It resembles a skateboard, but it’s not as wide. I begin to move the platforms … twisting the joint between the platforms letting it oscillate. I get some good momentum going and lose my balance and fall to the floor—banging my elbow hard against the tile.

Ronin leans over me trying to conceal his smile, “Are you ok?” He asks, sounding genuine even though, I know he wants to laugh.

I roll over rubbing my soar elbows glowering at him.

“I think the boys would love these, but I think we should get some protective gear too.” He extends his arm out to pull me up from the floor. I get up feeling silly by my not so talented Ripstick riding ability.

“Well of course silly,” I bend over and pick up the scooter that betrayed me. My phone rings distracting me from the toy. “Hey Seth, What’s up? I answer.

“Treva, where are you?” his voice sounds panicked and extremely edgy.

“I’m at some toy store with Ronin. Why, what’s wrong, Seth?” I wait listening while Seth is silent for a long time, just breathing heavily.

“Sis we need to talk … now … it’s important.”

Seth has me worried. He usually never acts this bizarre. My overactive imagination kicks in. All kinds of possibilities go through my head. Maybe Ronin is seeing someone else and Seth wants to tell me, or maybe someone in our family was hurt. Oh god No! “Please Seth what is it?” I plead.

“Treva, I just need to talk to you face to face. I’m at work right now, but I am making arrangements to take off. Let me talk to Ronin for a second.”

I look at Ronin and see his confusion mirroring my own. I hand him the phone as Seth requested. “Seth wants to talk to you.” He reaches out and takes the phone from my hand, his eyes never leaving me.

“This is Ronin.” He says sternly.

I can’t hear Seth on the other end. I have no clue what he is telling Ronin, and Ronin’s face gives nothing away. He just keeps his face in that cool non-effected manner.

“Alright we will meet you there. See you in twenty minutes.” Ronin turns my phone off and gives it back to me. “Let’s get this stuff paid for and then we’re going to meet your brother.”

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