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Never Again

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Chapter 2

“Hey big brother, are you busy right now?” I ask with a wide smirk across my lips.

“Not terribly, I’m just at work trying to get a pitch sorted out for a perspective new client, what’s up?”

I lift out my arms to soak in the warmth of the sun beaming down on my skin, damn I could get used to this weather. I had to get out of the heavy sweatshirt that I was wearing. The unbearable two below zero temperature in Helena this morning, and now the warm California sun is making me feel so good. “Well, I sort of need a ride …”

“Huh?” It takes Seth a minute to reply but then … “Wait, are you here? Really—you came? Are you at the airport?” Seth spouts, barely taking a breath.

“Yup,” I answer and then I hear a loud thud in the background assuming he was shocked and dropped something, it makes me giggle.

“Awesome, don’t leave; I’ll be there in a flash.”

It makes me so happy that I gave in and pushed myself to come on this much needed vacation. I haven’t seen Seth for so long, and now that I’m here, I feel like I might crawl out of my skin with excitement. I can’t wait to see him.

Skimming over the crowd before Seth gets here; I remember my roommate, Becca’s demand— “to notify her as soon as the plane hits the ground.” Quickly, I send her a text to let her know that I arrived safely and that the plane hadn’t been hi-jacked like she had feared. I slip my phone back into my pocket and return to my people gawking. The air swirls and I try to recognize the foreign scents. Smells of the ocean and city mingle in my nose as I watch a mother drag her screaming child across the sidewalk. I probably shouldn’t, but it makes me laugh. I am so glad it’s her and not me.

The glass entrance doors slide open again, but this time the most beautiful man I have ever seen, casually walks out into the light. My gaze is riveted by his good looks and I am physically unable to make myself look away. His magnetism is so strong he can probably pull any object to him, including me. His head turns from side to side like he is searching for something and I stare at every movement. That’s when his eyes meet mine. I’m embarrassed that I am caught staring at him and try to quickly look away. A sleek shiny black limo pulls up outside—I shift my eyes to watch the wheels trying to look distracted and nonchalant. After stopping, the driver walks around the car and opens the door, I stop breathing. The handsome face I was trying to avoid staring at stops at the limo’s door and looks up at me ... nervously, I try not to make eye contact. I can sense that he is still looking at me. Taking the chance to look at him again with my best unassuming pretense, I gasp when I see that wide smile. Of course I can only see his face and his brown, wind blown, looked hair now, since the door is partially blocking my view— arrogantly looking at me, he’s hot as hell and he knows it.

I feel a bit self-conscious; I know my hair is a mess from traveling all day. I have no makeup on, I am wearing old frumpy jeans with a plain pink T-shirt and I have an oversized sweatshirt wrapped around my waist. This guy cannot be seriously checking me out. He winks at me with a wide grin. I’m absolutely positive that he’s way out of my league, but something ignites and my spunky dark side twitters—I decide to play too. I wink back, and use my finger to slowly trace my full bottom lip before placing it into my mouth … sucking on it hollowing my cheeks before inserting it deeper. I maintain eye contact, as I slowly remove my finger while flicking it with my tongue. The beautiful man’s smirk leaves his face and he just stares at me blankly, while shaking his head. He looks away briefly and then glances back at me. I see him smile—no doubt in disbelief at my bold behavior as he climbs into the oversized car. My stomach twists from the brief encounter.

Welcome to San Diego, if my trip is starting out this good, I should have one hell of a good time. Looking down at my now tangled fingers, I notice the mustard on my pants, probably from the sandwich I had earlier. Crap, if the hottie had seen how messed up I really am, he would have never even given me a quick glance, let alone a second look. I am utterly doomed to ever have a regular relationship, especially with a guy like that.

Thank god Seth hadn’t been lying when he said he’d be here in a flash. It seemed like only moments ago when we hung up, but here he is pulling up in his flashy silver sports car.

Our eyes connect and I wave crazily … bouncing all around excited. God I am so happy to see him. He double parks next to a taxi, without any care of what the other drivers think, he jumps out and grabs me twirling me around like I’m a little kid in the air. “Man I missed you,” we both laugh loudly, and after he puts me down I grab him and hug him for what seems like an eternity.

“Let me look at you.” I hold him at arms length, which isn’t very far for me, “Wow California must be treating you well. Suit and tie, huh?” I’ve always been biased, but looking at Seth in his black suit, I see how stunning he really is. His hair is sandy blonde with highlights, and the tan from the California sun definitely does him justice.

“Oh Treva, I’m so happy you came! How long do I get to keep you around?” I melt seeing the longing in his eyes. I know he misses me, and I can tell he’s hoping this little trip won’t be a short visit.

“Well, I hope I’m not imposing, but I was thinking until after Christmas. I’m on winter break from school and I really need a good, long, vacation.”

“Really? You’re going to hang with me for three weeks ... for Real?”

“Well yeah, if you don’t get sick of me, that is.” I respond, curling the corners of my lips up into a devious smile.

“HELL NO … Christmas will be awesome now.”

His face lights up and it makes me feel so at home. As Seth takes my bags and puts them in the trunk, I slide into the front seat and get buckled in. The leather seats smell intoxicating, and I scan the little car for an emblem to see what model it is. “What kind of car is this anyway?” I say to Seth as he slides into the soft leather next to me. I’m usually pretty good with guessing car makes, but I see nothing that gives me a clue this time.

“It’s a Nissan 370Z Roadster.”

“Well aren’t you Mr. Fancy pants, running in high circles now?”

Seth quirks his eyebrows, “You have no idea sis.”

I squirm in my seat thinking about the way he said that, and the limo carrying the super god I had just seen, I didn’t know what Seth was really insinuating. I’m sure staying with him for a few weeks will enlighten me. I close my mouth and say no more and begin to check out the view. The airport is very close to downtown, and the skyscrapers curving along the water line is a magnificent site.

The little car speeds up and Seth gets on to the freeway. He easily weaves in and out between cars while interrupting my daydream. “So what do you want to do while you’re here, Trev?”

“I guess I hadn’t really thought about it too much. Mostly I wanted to hang out with you and do some way overdue R and R.” My face heats up as I think about my mystery man from the airport. My brain twirls around the thoughts of possibly doing more than just Rest and Relaxation. I quickly rivet my attention to my window trying to cover my reddening cheeks.

It’s hard to shy away from Seth for too long. I peek back at my handsome brother and grin seeing the wide tooth smile he flashes at me. “Well, we’ll just wine and dine and rest and relax as much as we can.” He says, and then winks.

“Seth I missed you so much!” I burst. “And I am jealous as all hell. Look how tan you are.”

He gives me his big-handsome-million-dollar smile and then turns his head back to watch the road. “So, I flew out of work kind of rapidly would you mind if we swing by my office real quick, so I can close down my computer? I can introduce you to a couple of my comrades too.”

“Sure no problem … I’ve always wanted to see what yanked my big shot brother away, causing him to abandon me anyway.” I lay on the guilt trip heavily. In truth, I am so happy for my brother and how much he has accomplished, and maybe a bit envious that he was able to get out of Montana and start his life.

Seth frowns, “Hey now … you’ll be done with med-school soon and you’ll be able to escape that place too.”

I nod thinking to myself how far away I actually am to becoming a Doctor. Right now it feels like I’ll never see the light at the end of the tunnel. I snap out of it. “Well hey don’t let me stop you from doing what you need to do. Don’t forget that I threw myself into your world unannounced, remember. So lead the way bro.”

Seth continues driving on Interstate-5 as we chat about our non-existent dating lives. Before I know it, he’s exiting off the interstate towards the city center. He makes a few turns while I twist and turn to stare out of my window—watching the stunning high rise buildings fly by. The building he pulls up in front of is not the tallest building, but not something I would call small either. The glass on the outside reflects like dark mirrors all the entire way up, shining brightly next to the steel holding it all in place. “This is it. This is the building I work in.” Seth shrugs slightly as he tells me so matter-of-factly.

“Wow.” I mumble awestruck. “The tallest building in Helena wouldn’t even come close to matching up against the shortest one here.” I can’t help but smile goofily, so eager for the change.

“You need to get out more, baby girl.” He says jokingly.

He presses on the accelerator a little harder than I had anticipated, making the tires squeal as he pulls into a parking garage underneath the magnificent building. Quickly, he finds a spot to squeeze his compact shiny sports car into. “Boys,” I mumble rolling my eyes at his display. I grope around for the door handle before I’m able to find it. When I’m finally able to get free of the car, Seth and I cross the concrete parking garage and my hyped up feelings buzz—being in a new city is so exhilarating, and I basically hop alongside my brother towards the elevators. A big yellow sign is posted on the door that reads:

Mandatory State Elevator Inspection

In progress

Proceed to front entrance

“Damn it, now we have to walk around.” Seth huffs agitated.

“It’s alright; I don’t mind stretching my legs.” The flight wasn’t that long, but it feels good to walk a little, so the walk around the building sounds rather refreshing.

We get to the front of the building where I see giant palm trees lining the sidewalk near the entrance, “YAY! Palm trees. NO MORE SNOW!” I yell, not able to hold back my excitement. Seth’s eyebrows rise up, and his lips twist into an ill shaped grimace. I shoot him a warning look. “Oh shut up, all I got is snow.” I say while running my hand over the prickly bark of the massive palm.

He lets out a deep pitted laugh, “come on you redneck.”

Walking through the turnstile entryway glowing from ear to ear, I take in the wide bare space of the foyer. There is a security counter located directly in the middle of the lobby entrance which immediately catches my attention—the only other furnishings are a couple of leather chairs, and the many elevator doors lining the left and right walls. It almost feels lonely and uninviting—the shiny stone floors that glisten under our feet, and the few pieces of metal art work on the walls make it feel like at least the decorator at least tried to warm it up a little. I feel the security man looking at me impatiently, and Seth nudges me forward toward the desk.

“Badge?” The man wearing a brown conventional looking security uniform asks.

Seth flashes his lapel card, “I have a guest too,” he tells the security guard and points at me.

“Can I see your ID Miss?”

I fumble to pull out my wallet and then hand him my driver’s license. “Montana?” he questions. I give him a friendly nod while he hands back my license along with a visitor badge.

“Have a nice visit.” The security guard starts to say, but is interrupted in mid- sentence when the doors behind us open. We’re no longer the focus of his attention, “Good day sir.”

I blow it off. Obviously it’s someone of importance, but I’m too busy to look up as I shove my license back into my terribly disheveled wallet. “I can’t believe you work in a place like this, Seth.” I breathe while taking in all of my surroundings as we make our way to the elevators.

“Yeah pretty cool huh, but when you get to be that big shot Doctor, I’m sure you’ll have some pretty awesome digs too!”

In so many ways, Seth has always shown me how proud he is of me wanting to be a Doctor, even though he thought I was slightly a little crazy for pursuing it. I couldn’t be more grateful for his support, although I wish the rest of our family felt the same as he.

“By the way, have you decided which field of medicine you plan to specialize in?” He asks as we slide into the packed elevator. He looks over his shoulder and says, “Twenty-one please.”

I see someone’s hand poke out and light up the requested button. “Well, I’m still leaning towards Orthopedics, I dig bones! All that Osteo stuff seems to beckon to me. I have other interests as well, but I’m pretty sure that’s my calling. Guess we’ll see when I start med-school, if I get in.” I sigh heavily, “That seems to be so far away right now.”

Seth puts his arm around my shoulder … squeezing, “don’t cut yourself short, soon you’ll be done, and it will be well worth the effort Trev—you’ll be the one rolling in the big bucks.” I grin haphazardly.

We take the elevator ride up, making several stops as people get on and off. It’s almost empty now; only three other people stand in the small box for the next five floors. I wait patiently for it to arrive on our floor. From the corner of my eye, I see a man standing in the back off to my left wearing a rich grey three-piece suit. He has tousled brown hair with flecks of golden hues. He’s tall with nice wide, square shoulders, and he is staring right at me. Immediately, I feel the need to crawl into a hole. No way! It’s him … from the airport … the one I teased thinking I would never see him again.

My face heats up instantly, and I’m sure that it’s glowing with a brighter red than Rudolph’s nose. I try to scoot behind Seth’s body a little to hide from the beautiful man—hoping that I wasn’t caught eyeing him, and please, I pray under my breath, “I don’t want to be recognized.” My edgy nerves get the better of me and the urge to look at him slowly pulls on me—nonchalantly, I try to peek around Seth’s broad shoulder. The man is smirking at me. Reactively, I look at the elevator door, wanting them to open.

Oh my gods of gods I have never seen such a beautiful creature in my life

I have been blessed to see the most gorgeous man EVER.

It is so sexy seeing a man in a suit. Seth is wearing one, but seeing my brother in a suit just looks nice. Seeing a man like the one in the back corner of the elevator is just plain hot. Montana has business men, but we’re more likely to see a pair of Carhartts and a flannel shirt, or in my line of business, scrubs. Somehow, it makes a man look like he’s important, and I bet that hottie is someone very important.

Seth must notice my anxiety and he quietly asks me, “Hey sis, are you ok?”

Thank heavens the elevator dings at that moment—I don’t have to explain anything. Seth and I shift a bit so that two more passengers can exit on the twentieth floor. When I move for the people exiting, I chance a quick look to the back corner. The beautiful man still stands there. He isn’t a figment of my imagination, and just like before, he’s watching me. I turn around, not feeling as brave as I had earlier, and look up at the numbers on the elevator, “one more floor, only one more floor.” I hum to myself.

“Hey Seth, How’s it going?”

The sound reverberates through my body and I inhale deeply. Hearing his voice makes my knees buckle and almost give way. It is so masculine and yet so harmonious. It’s a symphony to my ears.

Seth turns abruptly, “Whoa dude, I didn’t even see you back there. I’m sorry I must be totally zoned. I’m great! Hey Treva,” he turns back around and faces me, “this is my friend Ronin.” The doors slide open right as Seth is trying to introduce us. “Oh shit, this is us … wait. Ronin this is my sister, Treva.” Seth quickly grabs the edge of the door to stop it from closing.

Ronin lifts an eyebrow in my direction, “sister?” he says with a menacing tone.

Oh he must have thought I was with Seth. I can’t help but smile when I see the realization on his face. I twist and politely hold out my hand as I see the stunning man stepping forward with his already in position.

“Nice to meet you Treva,” his voice vibrates through my body causing goose bumps to erupt over every inch of my skin, as I imagine him saying my name under different circumstances. “Ronin Hollister.” Hidden undertones send my libido soaring through the sky and when our hands meet, electricity shoots piercing waves of heat through my body causing my pussy to instantly become soaked.

“Nice to meet you too, Ronin,” My voice shaky and barely audible, even to me.

Ronin’s gaze freezes me in place. His beauty is so unbelievably captivating. Every chiseled line in his cheekbones, his strong masculine square jaw, and his firm chin is absolutely perfect. His eyes are beautiful, sea foam green with a hint of yellowish gold circling his pupils. Damn even his eyebrows are perfect. Whoever made him didn’t take any shortcuts—he’s perfect in every way.

This has to be the longest elevator ride in my life. The tension of sensual arousal is growing, and it’s eating away at me. I’m not sure if my legs are going to keep me standing much longer. Never in my life has anyone ever made me feel so flustered sexually. Reluctantly, I pull my hand away— realizing how long he’s been holding it.

Thank God, Seth speaks breaking the intense moment. “So I was thinking about taking my little sis out for some cocktails and some high quality Italian cuisine tonight, you free to join us?”

My mouth drops open, and I’m not sure if I just heard him right. I can hear Seth speaking, but it all seems a little mumbled. Did he really just ask this sexy man to meet them for dinner? I know Seth is still talking, but I’m having a hard time keeping it together. I am totally lost and absorbed staring at Ronin wondering if he’s real or just someone that—I want to be real. There is no way that a man so astonishing could possibly be anything other than my imagination.

I watch the two of them shake hands, and I hear that amazing voice again, “seven will work good for me. I’ll swing by after my last meeting and we can all go together.”

“Perfect.” Seth responds.

“I’m looking forward to our dinner, Treva.” I nod in silence—dumbfounded while Seth pushes me forward through the doors. After the doors close in my face, my lungs start to function again after being deprived of oxygen for so long.

“It is so awesome that you’re here. I’m so stoked. We’re going to have a great time sis.” Seth reaches his arm around me and gives me a tight squeeze.

Struggling, I give him a weak smile; I’m still lost in my thoughts, thinking about the beautiful man I just encountered ... again.

Seth directs me into the advertising firm, Schilling’s, where he works and introduces me to the receptionist. I try to remember my manners and smile politely, but I’m pretty much hopelessly lost thinking about Ronin Hollister. I follow Seth down a hall like a zombie, completely oblivious to our surroundings when he steps into an office. I look around while he digs through a desk I assume is his. It’s not a huge office, but it has a stunning view from a large window overlooking San Diego. He has filing cabinets lined up behind his desk, and all of the furnishings are made of oak—stained in a light shade not to hide its natural color. There are two beige overstuffed chairs on the opposite side of the desk. “Are these for your clients?” I ask while taking a seat. He nods. A glass picture frame setting on his desk catches my eye, and I notice that the photograph is the two of us, playing together when we were younger. It warms my heart. Seth also has a bright colorful painting with paint splashes and no real rhyme or rhythm to it, hanging on one of the walls.

“That’s pretty.” I say pointing at the painting. Seth turns to see where my finger is pointing.

“Oh yeah, well uh … I got it at a flea market. Don’t tell anyone.”

“Don’t worry Mr. Art Connoisseur; your secret is safe with me.” I giggle.

Seth shuts down his computer and grabs a black, soft, briefcase. “Alright, all ready to go. I wish my buddy Matt was here. I’d introduce you to him, but he had to take off, so just one more person to introduce you to.” He winks as he walks out of the office.

Seth heads across the hall to another office, and knocks on the shut door. A man’s voice from the other side yells, “Come in.” Seth opens the door and motions for me to follow.

“Hey boss. I wanted to introduce you to my little sister. She showed up out of the blue today and shocked the hell out of me.” He smiles over his shoulder with a warm heartfelt welcoming. “John this is Treva, Treva my hard ass boss, John.”

“Hah … I’m only a hard ass on you, Seth. I need to make sure you’re not being a slacker.” He has a nice boisterous laugh and it makes me smile.

John gets up from his chair and walks around his desk to come shake my hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you my dear.” He grabs both of my hands and cups them with his own big calloused hands and I wonder how he uses them to type. They remind me of my father’s hands, scratchy, rough, and huge.

“Well I see beauty runs deep in your family. You are a stunning young lady, and this stud muffin you call your brother is too.” He nods towards Seth, “I have to bat away all the women I hire, because no one will work. Instead, they all have awestruck eyes glued to him all day like he’s a damn celebrity or something.”

A loud laugh bursts from my throat, “yeah I always thought he was pretty hot too, and all my girlfriends never wanted me to come to their houses; they wanted to come to mine and gawk at my brother.”

“Alright, enough of this! Unhand my sister.” Seth laughs, “No more reminiscing about me in front of me. Come on Treva”. Seth starts for the door and turns back around suddenly, “Oh yeah, I’m going to leave for the rest of the day John, I’m going to take my sis around and show her some sites.

“Yeah, yeah sure no problem, go have fun with your sister.” John says.

Seth leads the way back to the elevators to take us down. I had forgotten about the brief encounter on the elevator earlier and the mega god that I made a fool of myself with on the sidewalk at the airport; then by chance, we had met again in this very building on the way up to my brother’s office. Now it’s all rushing back to me as we wait for the elevator again.

“Hey Trev, I plan on inviting a few more friends to come out with us tonight if you don’t mind.” His eyes filled with sincerity.

“Sure, I want to meet your friends, and see who you hang out with while I’m stuck in Montana,” I say, adding an exaggerated pout. I don’t mean to make him feel guilty. I guess I’m just feeling highly unbalanced and unsure right now and I need to snap out of it. I need this vacation, and I’m going to take full advantage of these three weeks away from school. No more pouty, Treva, I resolve.

That familiar ding of the elevator and the sliding doors catch my attention. It was the exact same elevator that had brought us up; now it waits with its doors wide open, waiting for us to clamber on. I inhale sharply and step in. Anxiously, I peer in to find it empty. A sigh of relief floods through me. Phew, I won’t have to hold my breath the entire trip down. Yet, I feel disappointed that I won’t be sharing the elevator with him, the wonderful meat candy named Ronin Hollister.

Oh my god, what is my problem? Why am I acting so ridiculous? It was just a hot guy. Get it together you’re going to Premed … be professional, and quit acting like a stupid, lost, little school girl.

“Hey … what’s got into you?” Seth asks me concerned.

I wish Ronin Hollister had gotten into me, but I keep that thought to myself. “I’m sorry Seth. I’m just overwhelmed from the flight and seeing you. I am so excited to be here. I’ll pull it together. I promise.” Seth looks down at me seriously for a moment, but then nods his head in satisfaction.

We get to Seth’s apartment, after driving around the bay for a little bit, and of course I have to give it a once over to give him approval. “Well, well Mr. Big shot look at this place, this all for you, or wait are you trying to impress some girl?” I spin around and give him a twisted grin trying to get a reaction out of him.

“What? You say some girl. How about all the girls?”

I can’t help it and chuckle. “You man whore!”

“You know it.” Seth retorts while shrugging off his suit jacket.

I walk around the apartment to snoop at all of my brother’s things. The living room is sleek and modern with black leather couches. A black retro coffee table is in front of the couch, and matching end tables at either end with silver lamps sitting on top of them. Hanging on the wall opposite of the couches is a massive flat screen TV that takes up the better half of the wall. On an adjacent wall is an ornate fireplace with a familiar family portrait hanging above it. I don’t want to, but I can’t help myself and I step closer and look up at the picture of our family, all smiling happily. Those smiles are long gone now— even through the picture, I feel their burning gazes scorching me to the very core. My parents and my sister—they blamed me for splitting up our family. A lump forms in my throat and I have to look away before the tears pool in my eyes.

Directly on the right side of the fireplace, two glass French doors open out onto a balcony. Grabbing the handles, I pull them open briskly, needing to get away. The fresh salt water brims over me, and I embrace the cool air as it hits me in the face. It’s invigorating and feels revitalizing, washing the memories of my estranged family out of my mind. It isn’t cold; in fact, it’s quite warm, coming from the major climate difference between here and Montana. I step out further onto the deck and see the flickering lights on the streets below.

“Wow, Seth this is breathtaking.” I holler at him over my shoulder. The smell of the ocean air is so amazingly refreshing and a surge of calmness comes over me, even though there are multitudes of people right below me. I have a strange feeling of peace standing way up here above them. Hesitantly, I turn from the balcony, and walk back into the apartment with a new found edge to see more of the city.

“You can stay in this bedroom.” I follow Seth down the hallway to the guest bedroom. “This bathroom is yours to take over while you’re here too. I have my own connected to my room.” He points at the bathroom to our right before heading into the spare room.

“Seth, this is just what I needed.” I jump into his arms and hang to him tightly in a hug. Tears well up in my eyes as my loneliness consumes me, making me realize how much I have missed him. When I come back to reality, and stand back up, I wipe away the couple wet droplets that slide down my face. “I hate being so far away from you. Let’s have the best few weeks we possibly can.”

“So, do you have any Christmas plans?”

“Nah, not really?” he shrugs his shoulders with not much concern.

“Well, first off we need to get a tree and a few decorations. This place is far from festive!”

Seth shuffles his feet and looks down, purposely trying to avoid my gaze. I let my arms slide away from him, and I try to contain my reprimands.

“Well honestly, it really hasn’t mattered to me. I hadn’t planned on sharing Christmas with anyone, but we can go get a tree now that you’ll be here.”

Seth is growing more excited about the holidays; I can see it in his eyes. I can’t really blame him for not wanting to celebrate if he was lonely and had no one to share the festive times with. If I didn’t have Becca back at home, I probably wouldn’t worry about the holidays either. But here we are together, and this holiday season will be wonderful.

“Perfect.” I reassure him. “While you’re working I can decorate a little.”

Seth smirks. “Not that your boisterous attitude about the holidays isn’t wonderful, but to interrupt for a minute, we’re going out tonight. I wasn’t sure if you just wanted to wear what you’re wearing. We’re leaving in about an hour so if you need some time … GET TO IT!” He emphasizes the last part.

“Oh.” I look down at my ensemble and see that I am wearing my purple baggy college sweatshirt, and sloppy jeans that have a residue on the thigh from dropping mustard on them earlier. “Yeah, I can’t go like this.” Remembering we will be having another dinner companion … a very hot dinner companion, panic starts kicking in. “What should I wear?”

“We’re going to an upper scale Italian restaurant, so something other than jeans would be good.”

I hurry into the bedroom and pull open the suitcases. I didn’t bring much for dress-up clothes, but I find a simple black little dress and pull it out. Of course it’s all rumpled. “Hey do you have an iron?” I yell down the hall.

“Yeah, it’s in my bathroom.”

I hurry to his bathroom and turn on the iron to heat it up. A quick shower sure would be nice. I iron my dress quickly and fly back to the guest bathroom to take a shower. The water feels incredible running over my skin, but I choose not to wash my hair since I’m in a rush.

After the shower I peel on the little black dress and then slip on some silver stilettos—something that I rarely wear. I don’t want to kill myself in them. I add a long silver necklace and huge silver dangling earrings to class up my outfit. It doesn’t take, but only a few minutes to apply my makeup and only a few more to run a flattening iron through my light brown hair that is highlighted with golden hints.

I make a quick pucker and then I smack my lips together, making a smooching noise while checking my pale lip gloss. Hmm looks good to me. Happy with my reflection, I decide that I’m ready to go.

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