Never Again

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Chapter 21

A woman with luscious ebony hair and exotic features enters the dining room—she’s followed by a very handsome man. As they come in, Brock introduces everyone. I can’t stop staring at Audrea … she is so beautiful. I’m a teensy bit uncomfortable—feeling inadequate, next to her. To my astonishment though, Ronin doesn’t seem to even look in her direction.

“So Treva, Ronin had mentioned to us that you’re Seth’s sister, but how did you and Ronin meet?” Mel sits up straighter, turning all of her attention to me as she asks.

Ronin flashes me that million dollar smile. “We all went out together the first night I got here.” I didn’t feel the need to tell her anymore that, and she didn’t need to know anymore. I offered a simple response to her question and left it alone.

Ronin doesn’t interject so he must agree.

“How about you two?” I ask gesturing towards Mel and Brock.

Mel glances at Ronin and Brock before looking at me … widening her grin before she says a single word. “I went to the Art Institute of San Diego for culinary classes, and Ronin and I were in the same class.”

“I don’t think she needs to hear all the small details Mel. I think that she just wants to know how you and Brock got together.” Ronin sits up stiffly in his chair and his lips are set in a more firm line. He sets off my alarm bells with his response.

“But Ronin, all the small details are what makes the story more interesting. I have to set it up to get to the best part.”

Mel bats her eyes, and a faker than fake grin lifts the corners of her mouth causing her eyes to squint and wrinkle a bit. “As I was saying, we were attending school, and what girl wouldn’t notice the hottest man in her class. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.” She takes a deep breath in and reaches for Brock’s much larger hand in comparison to hers—rubbing the top of it and circling her thumb absent mindedly. “I flirted a few weeks before mustering up the courage to ask him out.”

My breath hitches hearing that Mel had asked Ronin out, and I instantly feel my cheeks heat up with jealousy.

“Ronin of course being hard headed, stubborn and arrogant, just smirked at me and said, ‘We’ll see.’ I was livid and humiliated.”

I hear a low chuckle escape from under the breath of the sexy man next to me, but I don’t look at him I still have my eyes fixed on to the woman directly in front of Ronin … the one that wanted him a long time ago.

“So finally, Ronin came up to me after I had worked really hard on keeping my soufflé from falling and said, ‘Why not. Where should I pick you up?’ I told him the details and then later that night after shopping for the perfect dress and primping all afternoon, I heard that knock on the door. It was him.”

“MELANIE!” Ronin rumbles … agitated, causing me to jump.

The name Melanie slithering off Ronin’s tongue sends shivers down my spine. Probably due to the danger it offers, but it also confirms what I had suspected … that Mel was short for something.

Mel doesn’t seem to notice or maybe she doesn’t care that Ronin is asking her to halt her story. Consequently, she continues, “I wanted to make the perfect entrance so I yelled at my roommate to answer the door—low and behold—it was love at first site.” She sighs heavily, “Being the gentleman that he is, Ronin took out his phone and invited his brother along, which in my case made me the luckiest woman ever.” Mel grabs her glass of wine and takes a big swig.

I’m thankful watching the tense jaw loosen and relax a little bit. He’s obviously relieved that Mel’s story is done. I wonder who her roommate was and why Ronin is so stressed out about the story. I’m sure the look of bewilderment distorts my face. When we all first got here, I felt extremely welcomed, and I felt like Melanie’s manners towards me were true and sincere. The brash cold behavior that she has emanating towards me now seems out of character to me. Is she jealous? Had she really wanted Ronin?

When Mel places her wine glass back down on the table, she lightly licks her lips, “I still can’t quite figure out why you ended the engagement with her. You two were perfect together.”

BANG … The sound echoing through the dining area makes my heart jump into my throat. I turn my head and see everyone looking just as shocked. When my neck turns back around, I see Ronin’s fists balled up and resting on the table. He had hit the table so hard with his fist that it made my fork jump from my plate and land right in my lap, and not to mention the food splattering all over my dress from my flying fork—I’m shocked. I look at Ronin’s sexy, yet intimidating jaw, twitching fiercely. It’s obvious that he’s mad as hell … a ferocious lion on the loose.

Seth’s arm softly grazes my shoulder as he lets it rest on the back of my chair. The movement brings me back to reality, “umm, please excuse me.” I stand up from the table and realize I have no idea where a bathroom is. “Where is your nearest bathroom?” I ask, not really asking the scorned woman pining over my date for the evening, or Brock.

It’s Brock, who answers me, “go through those doors and down the Hall and the restroom is the second door on your left.”

I nod my head. “Thank you.”

Hastily, I make my way down the hall to the bathroom. I get through the door and before I even try to find a switch, I lean against the cool door in the dark trying to catch my breath. My feet are killing me, and I want to take my shoes off. I know if I do, I’ll never be able to squeeze back into them.

Sliding my hand against the wall in the dark, I’m able to feel the switch to turn the light on. My eyes squint from the bright light, and when they adjust, I find myself in a pretty plain Jane bathroom. It’s not too large. There is a marble counter top with a his/her sink set up, and a commode. No shower or bath, just a simple washroom.

I walk to the counter and look myself over in the mirror. I appear flushed, ugh, if I didn’t have all of this make-up on I would splash some cool water on my face. I hadn’t expected this evening to get so discombobulated. What was that anyway? Peering at myself in the mirror again, I hardly recognize myself. I’m not a girl who wakes up and thrives on getting all dolled up and catered to. This isn’t my world. Come to think of it, getting a glimpse of this fairy tale reminds me … all fairy tales have evil monsters.

A light knock on the door startles me, and before I can go over to open it, the door knob is wiggling and I remember I hadn’t locked it. The door opens gradually and Ronin’s perfect face appears in the small space between the door and the door frame. I’m unable to find any words to say to him, I just stare at him as he walks in.

He puts his arms around me and pulls me close. His warm breath heating the top of my head as he nestles his face into my hair, “I’m sorry, I should have told you,” he says deeply with a bit of sorrow in his tone.

He is squeezing me so tight it makes it hard to speak, “ sooo, yooou were engaged,” I squeak out in a forced voice, sounding like a toy with a dying battery.

“I’m sorry,” he says again heavily.

“No biggie,” I say shrugging my shoulders the best I can while being held so tightly.

“God Treva, you are so amazing. You’re too good to be true.” Ronin runs his hands up to the back of my head and I feel his grip tighten around my thick hair at the base of my nape. Then he pulls my head back so that he can close his sweet mouth over mine. He holds his lips to mine barely moving like he’s savoring every second. I feel like time has stopped. Then his movements quicken and become more desperate. He moans as he pushes his tongue deeply into my mouth. I do too, because I’m just as desperate as he is.

Ronin breaks free from me, leaving me almost breathless. He spins me around so that I am facing the mirror. I see the need burning in his eyes. Pushing me over the counter, I feel his warm strong hands on the outside of my thighs and he pushes the hem of my dress up over my ass. Both of his hands slide across my bare skin. The smooth touch of his skin against my bare ass is tantalizing. I briefly close my eyes embracing the moment. When I look at him, I can see the desire in his face.

Soft touches wedge between my legs causing every nerve ending to scream with the need of being caressed. I jump a little when his thumb presses against my oversensitive clit—circling it and applying just the right amount of pressure. My knees buckle. His finger massages my sopping wet pussy. I gasp when he slides into me. Between his finger and the two balls nestled deep inside me, I feel very full and on the verge of an explosion of orgasmic pleasure. I moan loudly. With just one little flick of his finger and with the next push, he goes deeper—I’m exploding around him, drenching him with all the pent up pressure that has been building all afternoon.

Ronin has his pants unzipped by the time my orgasmic crashing waves of pleasure eases, but I’m heightened again when he plunges his oversized cock deep inside of me. I have never felt so full in my life. After getting used to the sensation, I relax letting him plummet deeper. Ronin doesn’t hold back … nothing, but hard fucking. His hands grip my hip bones firmly, and he thrusts his large cock against my tender walls until he reaches so deep there’s nowhere else to go accept back out. Repeatedly, Ronin rhythmically pushes in aggressively and pulls back out. I sense his strong need by the way he’s taking me.

“Fuck Treva, you feel so good,” he groans gruffly panting heavier and heavier. “You know there is no one for me, but you.” He leans over and grabs the counter and nuzzles my neck.

I feel his cock thicken deep inside me and his musical words make me come undone. I have to bite my lip to keep from screaming as my orgasm boils out of me. I look in the mirror and see the muscles tighten around his neck as he pumps me filling me with his arousal.

It terrifies me looking at us and realizing how much I care for him. I feel perplexed. Ronin pulls himself free of me and uses some toilet paper to wipe himself off. I stand up straight and pull my dress down. Not that it goes much lower than where it had been hiked up to … but most of me is covered again.

Ronin steps back towards me in the small confined space and embraces me, “you are so incredible, Treva stone.”

“Not nearly as incredible as you are, Mr. Hollister.”

Ronin smirks at me and kisses me tenderly, “how about we take those things out of you now?”

“Thank God,” I whisper.

“Then bend back over-the-counter.” He says, demandingly. I don’t hesitate and follow his directions. I bend back over the counter and he gracefully places his fingers softly on my tender tissues and he pulls on something. The sensation of the balls sliding from me makes me gasp.

I watch as he slips them into his pants pocket, and it makes me blush. “Are you coming?” He nods towards the door.

“Umm, yeah, I’ll be just a minute.”

“Don’t be too long!”

I watch him leave the bathroom and this time I lock the door. Holy Treva, you just had sex with Ronin in his brother’s bathroom. I get some tissue and blot between my legs. I don’t want to walk back to the dining room with cum dripping from my pussy. When I’ve finished, I go to join the others.

I pass the dining room, but no one seems to be in there any longer, but I hear voices coming from the area back towards the front of the house.

I find an entrance into a cavernous room … probably the living room. Everyone is milling around, chatting with each other, but my eyes instantly fall upon the sexiest man I have ever seen. Ronin’s eyes meet mine making me feel warm, everything seems to vanish when he’s around. My entire focus is trained in on Ronin. I’m in big trouble. My body seems to just float to where he is and when his arm circles around me, I melt into him like we’re the perfect fit. When I’m comfortable in his arms, nothing else seems to matter.

Two presidential looking chairs face the fireplace built into the wall. In the middle are two large couches facing each other and separated by a large wooden coffee table. I figure that this is a place where people can sit and visit, and maybe have a drink or snack. It’s not like any living room I’ve ever been in. The ones I have all seen have a couch and maybe a coffee table or some end tables, but almost all of them have a TV as well and—they look lived in. This looks more like an exquisite waiting room or a doctor’s office. I can’t say it’s not beautiful though. Everything in this house is tastefully decorated and the focal point in this room—excluding Ronin—is a gianormous Christmas tree. It has to be 15 to 18 feet tall, and it’s decorated in nothing but cream-colored ornaments. Nothing is out of place. It looks like Melanie just cut it right out of the Christmas catalog, it’s magnificent.

Ronin is talking to Brock and I see Seth sitting with Antonio, Audrea and Mel. It seems like they’re engaged in a deep conversation. Seth eyes me suspiciously, and I know he’s wondering if I’m okay. It must be a sibling thing to have the inherent ability to know what each other is thinking. I give him a thumbs up, and then he nods back to me. I see him talking to his little group … keeping himself in their conversation. Yet, at the same time he’s worrying about me.

The boys run out and excitedly hassle Brock and Ronin, “can we open a present can we, can we?”

Brock laughs at their enthusiasm. “Brock, if you wouldn’t mind. I would like the boys to open the gifts we brought them since I think I’ll be missing opening gifts tomorrow morning.”

“Yeah daddy, can we?”

Melanie pipes in, “you’re not going to be here tomorrow after Santa comes, you’re always here.” She says it more as a statement than a question.

“I know, I’m so terribly sorry, but I’m planning something else.”

Mel gives me a slightly dirty look, but she doesn’t let it linger too long. “Well were going to miss you.” She looks at the boys loitering around Ronin’s feet, “yes, boys you can open up uncle Ronin’s gifts.”

“Babe can you please help me get them?” The endearment causes the butterflies in my stomach to jump to life.

“Of course,” I answer him.

“The boys’ gifts are under the tree which I’m assuming Malcolm must have placed them there. We get them from under the tree and separate them into two piles, Trystan and Jacob.

“OOH … OOH … I’m opening up the biggest one first!”

Ronin’s face says it all. Beaming down at the boys, he seems to be just as excited as they are. He lets go of my waist and gets on his knees to help with the unwrapping frenzy.

“A monster truck! Awesome! Can I drive it?”

“Yeah, but how about you unwrap your other presents, and I’ll get the truck out of the box,” Ronin tells the younger of the two boys.

Seeing the family so filled with love and joy causes a strong longing in my heart. I wish so badly that my family could be close like this. It hurts and my heart is bleeding. Immediately, my eyes drift over to Seth. I see him sitting so comfortably on the dark brown couch and before I know it, I feel my feet moving--seemingly on their own accord toward him.

I sit on the couch cozying into my wonderful big brother and my best friend. His large brawny arm wraps around my shoulders and he squeezes me. “I love you Seth. I’m so happy to be here with you. Thank you for talking me into coming to see you.”

“I’m glad you came too.” His warm smile eases every ache and worry that I have. “Except I wish I didn’t have such a hot sister, so maybe I could actually spend some time with her. Why can’t you be homely?” I elbow him in the ribs and he starts laughing.

“Are you guys up for dessert?” Mel raises her voice so everyone can hear her.

Antonio and Audrea give a nod and Seth gives a ‘sounds good’, and I’m not sure about Ronin and Brock. I think that Mel got enough of a response that she heads off toward the kitchen.

A musical chime rings through the house and Seth and I look at each other skeptically not knowing what the sound is or where it’s coming from.

“I’ll get it,” Mel yells out.

“I sure wish I didn’t have to leave, Seth. This has been an amazing trip.” I feel so happy since I haven’t had to stress about work or school. It’s been wonderful, but that awful dread bubbles up. I remember the monster that got released from prison, and an ice cold tremor shakes my body. What am I going to do?

“Maybe you should move to California sis.”

“I would love ...” I was just trying to tell Seth that I’d love to when Mel walks in and interrupts me.

" ... Look who happened to come by.”

My eyes gaze up and see a very stunning woman. She has dark hair curled in luscious soft ways that flow down almost to her waist. She’s thin with dark long legs stretching from her to yonder … perfectly toned. The dress she is wearing is a white silk material making her appear rather saintly in contrast with her beautiful brown skin.

I feel completely inferior to her. I couldn’t feel more blah, than I do right now. Look at me—my skin pale, no-glow-whatsoever, my dishwater, plain, mousy colored hair, my short, curvy stature.

“Ronin,” the beautiful goddess says while rolling the R in Ronin’s name. Everything seems to be moving in slow motion as I see the dust motes flying in the air as I turn to look at Ronin after hearing her address him.

His entire body turns rigid when he looks at the beautiful brunette. He stands abruptly and every ounce of his bliss, he had minutes ago, is shattered instantaneously. The transformation is apparent to all of us.

“Naomi, what are you doing here?” His clipped tone sends shivers down my spine. She doesn’t even flinch … unaffected by his brash tone.

“Ronin, darling, I just flew in from Paris, and I had to come see my dearest friend.” Naomi turns to look at Mel and slides her arm into the crook of Mel’s arm like they are high school best buddies.

“Vous look so good, Ronin,” her free arm reaches out and touches Ronin’s stiff forearm.

“You have to be kidding me,” I whisper under my breath.

Seth tightens his arm around me. I know that he’s trying to console me with his squeeze. I chance a glance back at him and he rolls his eyes at me.

“Of course, Ronin’s ex-fiancé has to be a super goddess with an exquisite accent.” Seth hears my complaint and tries to hold back a laugh, but I still hear a little bit of his rumble. Honestly, I must be in my own personal hell. I can tick off the numeral things playing against me in life. I must’ve done something horrible in a past life and Karma is coming back in full force to kick my ass.

I don’t want to, but my eyes turn back to the completely deranged scene unfolding by the Christmas tree. I can tell that Ronin’s rigid stance has relaxed a bit, probably from the familiarity of Naomi’s touch—damn, she’s still touching him … get your damn hands off of him. I retort, only to myself.

Sight seems to be the only sense that I have that’s working. I can’t hear a thing that they are saying, and my whole body feels numb.

Why would Mel do that? Is Naomi such a close friend that she thinks she can play matchmaker and get them hooked back up again?

It’s probably better this way, anyway .It’s not like Ronin and I even live on the same planet. Seth must realize I am boiling up inside. He stands up, grabs my hand and pulls me down the hall and out the front door. The brisk air is refreshing and it forces me to breathe again.

“Well, that was bizarre wasn’t it?” Seth looks at me.

“Why can’t anything be normal Seth?”

“I don’t know sis. Want to walk a little with your bro?”

I smile at him,” I can’t walk real well in these,” I lift my foot up so he can see my bright red shoes with heels that are too damn high.

“Oh yeah,” Seth walks over to the limo that had brought us here and knocks on the driver’s side window. He mumbles something to Malcolm. I’m surprised that he’s still sitting in the car. Seth motions me over and Malcolm opens the back door. I look at Seth quizzically, “want to get out of here?”

I look back at the house, “what about, Ronin” I ask.

“Malcolm will come back and pick him up,” he pauses, waiting for me to get in, “do you really want to go back in there.”

I shake my head no, because I really don’t want to be in the mix of all that crap. At the same time, I feel bad that I’m not even saying goodbye. As if reading my mind, Seth says, “I’ll call Ronin and tell him that we left.”

“Okay,” I agree.

Sinking into the soft leather of the limo, I reach down and take my shoes off to relieve my aching feet. Seth stays right next to me during the ride home.

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