Never Again

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Chapter 4

The limo comes to a stop and the door flies open again. I can tell that Seth is already feeling pretty good from all of the drinks he’s had; he stumbles getting out of the car. “Light weight.” I tease laughing at him. After Seth finds his footing we turn towards the club and again I notice the line leading up to the club door, but this time it’s much longer.

We walk straight to the door bypassing the line. My eyes skim over and examine the people in line giving us dirty looks, and then I hear someone shouting, “Hey how come you’re letting them in? We’ve been waiting an hour?” They growl at the doorman.

The doorman nods at us, or should I say … Ronin, “Mr. Hollister,” the burly guy greets, completely ignoring the raging people lined against the wall.

When we pass the gorilla like door man and enter through the doors, the euphoric swirling lights and booming music quickly wipes the complaining people from my mind.

Ronin leads the way by pushing his way through the crowd to a staircase leading to a private balcony. His stride is so confident and overpowering that people move eagerly out of his way. The women turn to gawk and whisper hastily to their companions as we walk past— even the men stare with envy.

There are a few empty tables, and we sit at one right next to the railing—we can see the crowd below. “What would you two like to drink?” Ronin shouts over the thumping music.

“I’d like a beer.” I answer.

“Make that two.” Seth adds.

Seth and I sit down and I twist my body to turn and look over the edge to watch the people on the dance floor below. “This is amazing.” I say loudly so Seth can hear me. “I have never been to a club like this.” I grin wide with excitement.

Seth rolls his eyes at me. “My poor little sister, never been given the opportunity to see the world.”

Ronin startles me when he leans forward and whispers in my ear, I thought he had left, “I could introduce you to many exciting things, Treva.” I get goose pimples erupting from head to toe just from the mere idea of him showing me anything.

“There you guys are.” A woman’s highly pitched voice pulls my eyes away from the bopping dancers. I immediately notice bright red nail polish on long tan fingers wrapped around Ronin’s waist. A surge of warmth runs through my gut instantly. Crap, what am I jealous for? He’s not mine. Ronin looks down at me and I get embarrassed, because I am caught staring at the woman’s hands.

He smirks at me a little, probably recognizing the green ghastly color of jealousy written all over my face, and then does something that surprises me; he grabs the woman’s arms and wriggles his way loose.

I try to blow it off and look away like nothing concerning is going on, or that I’m not bothered by the other woman.

“Hey Amy,” Seth says. “This is my little sister, Treva.” He points across the table in my direction. “Treva this is one of our friends, Amy.”

I stand slightly and reach out my hand to shake Amy’s hand. She limply accepts the gesture and scans me up and down with a look of dissatisfaction. “Nice to meet you,” I force myself to say politely, even though I know I’m getting laser beamed from her eyes.

“So where’s Travis?” Seth gratefully interrupts.

“He’s getting us some drinks at the bar.” She replies with a snigger.

“Speaking of, I took orders and haven’t produced yet.” Ronin says.

“You’re going to the bar?” Amy asks hopefully.

“Yes.” He groans and looks at me with a strange straight faced gaze that almost looks like a plea.

“Well, I’ll join you then.” She says, not waiting for an invitation. The two of them walk off together, and I watch as Amy tries to wedge her arm into Ronin’s creased elbow.

I try to hide my curiosity, but I want to know. As soon as Ronin is far away from ear shot, “So is Amy, Ronin’s girlfriend?” I blurt out, asking Seth.

“HUH? What?” He starts to laugh. “No … Amy only wishes. Ronin likes women enough, but it’s usually for only a night. So if he and Amy have anything going on, it’s not a ‘relationship’” He winks at me. “His longest relationship was probably seventy-two hours.”

“Don’t exaggerate Seth that’s not very polite.” I point out.

“Who’s exaggerating?”

I watch Ronin at the bar listening to what Seth is telling me. You’re not so different yourself Treva. You don’t let people in either. I’m not quite sure why I am letting myself fantasize over a stranger that I just met, but he has captivated my attention and I can’t seem to think of anything else.

“Treva, Seth … your beers.” Ronin puts our beers down on the table. I had been so preoccupied in my thoughts that I hadn’t even seen him come back to the table.

I grab mine and swig half of it down with big gulps before I take in a lungful of air. I slam it onto the table. “Let’s go dance big bro.” I demand.

Before Amy or Ronin can even sit, Seth and I stand to go join the large group below to bump and grind.

We make it to the dance floor and we’re dancing when two women ease their way in next to Seth. Seth glows with delight. He is now sandwiched between the two of them—grabbing the hips of the one in front of him and grinding against her very aggressively. I smile at him and give him that head shake of you’re trouble. He raises his eyebrows and glances back down at the girl in front of him, and to my horror he does a very provocative gesture with his tongue. I have to look away.

A man with dark brown hair and brown eyes scoots in front of me and starts dancing with me … edging in closer and closer. I don’t mind I’m having a blast. The sweat beads up on my forehead and neck from the exertion and all of the heat coming off the dance floor.

I’m in a groove when I see a hand on the man’s shoulder in front of me. When I look up it shocks me to see that it’s Ronin; he’s talking in the man’s ear. The guy looks at me and shrugs, “Thanks for the dance,” he shouts and then he scurries away.

Ronin is now standing in the place of my previous dance partner. He is moving to the beat of the music making his way closer to me. “Wow, he can dance,” I say to myself.

Ronin reaches out without faltering and grabs my waist, aggressively pulling me closer to him. Our hips grind back and forth as we push harder into one another. I reach my arms up and circle them around his neck as I become wrapped up, melting in the moment of the sensual grinding of our hot sweaty bodies. His hair just barely touches above his shoulders and I run my fingers through it, weaving in and out—pulling and tugging at the strands while we dance.

Ronin hovers over me staring down. I can feel his intense stare and look up into his mesmerizing eyes getting lost in them. His groin hardens against my abdomen and I twist my small petite hands more tempestuously in his hair. Ronin thrusts his rock solid arousal harder against me as we rub our hips aggressively, moving back and forth into each other swaying to the beat. Ronin pushes his leg between mine and spreads me more open as he moves more insistently to the music. I fantasize that he is taking me right here, right now. I know that I want him, and I need him to be inside me. Nowhere but inside me will feed this desire.

Ronin slides his arm down between us, and I push into him when I realize what he is doing. His hand slides under the material of my dress and scoots upward meeting my drenched sex. I hum to the feeling of his fingers softly massaging me over the thin piece of material that creates a thin barrier between my soft flesh and his fingers. I throw my head back enjoying every second of his touch—all trepidation's about his dangerous demeanor from earlier in the evening disappear like a puff of smoke.

“I am going to fuck you, Treva,” his voice so full of promise, “and before I’m done with you, you’ll be screaming my name and begging me for release.”

My head pops up and I have to remember to breathe. His words sending vibrating heat waves over my skin, “many have tried Mr. Hollister and I was always left wanting,” I pant.

Ronin stiffens slightly and I look up thinking my words were what caused him to pause, but then I see him turn his head around. My eyes follow the movement and I see Amy rubbing herself on him. I had been so absorbed by the moment and totally consumed by Ronin’s deft fingers moving slowly between my legs that when I see Amy moving behind Ronin, I become instantly peeved … more than peeved. My blood boils; I’m enraged. I instinctively drop my arms and stutter trying to get away from both my feelings of rage and the new swelling sensation growing around my heart, growing for a man I don’t even know, “Umm … umm … I’m thirsty I’m going to go get a drink.” I turn pulling Ronin’s hand free from my crouch and push my way through the massive group of people.

I sense Ronin is trying to follow me when that sickening sweet voice says, “NO don’t go … Let’s dance.” She’s persisting.

“I need a drink.” His stern and powerful voice, I witnessed earlier, says as it echoes over all the other sounds.

I get back to my chair and fall into it. Thankfully, my half glass of beer is still sitting on the table; I grab it and drink the remainder in two quick swallows.

“That was not a threat, Treva. That was a promise.”

His voice frightens me and causes me to jump not realizing he had come up behind me. I turn around to face him, “and like I said… many have tried.” My lips involuntarily turn into a twisted smirk.

“Is that a challenge?”

“Take it how you want,” I say pulling the beer glass to my mouth not remembering that it’s empty.

“Do you need another?” My head falls forward in a slight nod.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.” He demands.

The only thing that I can do is give him a weak smile.

Ronin is back in only a matter of minutes. “Thanks!” I say, and with gratitude take the beer and quickly down a couple of swigs.

“Wow it’s sure hot in here.” I’m not quite sure why I just said that, but for some reason I am feeling slightly uncomfortable and just blurt it out. I suddenly feel super self-conscious and I quickly turn my head to look over the edge. I scoop my hair up fanning the back of my neck with my hand as I search for Seth.

“You’re very beautiful.” He says in a tantalizing low voice.

His words completely catch me off guard. “Uh, thanks.” The beer he just brought me is now my savior and I don’t put down the glass—determined to finish it as quickly as possible.

“Look at that fool brother of mine.” I point in his direction.

Ronin sits down next to me and puts his arm over the back of my chair. He leans over me to see where I am pointing, but my gut tells me it is more of a tactic to get closer to me than to see what Seth is doing. My body reacts against my will and a shiver of ecstasy travels over my skin. How the hell does he make me feel so knotted up?

I continue to watch Seth as a group of women continue to dance around him, and then my eye catches her. Amy is dancing with another man now and very provocatively.

“That’s our friend Travis.” Ronin says.

I’m not sure how he knew I was looking at Amy, but my face warms with embarrassment. I hate that I am so easy to read. “Awe, I see.” I turn my eyes from the dance floor and risk looking at Ronin, and of course I immediately regret it. His eyes are staring down into mine. It is so mind melting. No it’s hypnotic. A sudden rush of the conversation that Seth and I were having, earlier, pops in my brain. No don’t do it. He never does relationships. He just uses women. I hear my subconscious yelling at me.

I’m having a hard time keeping my head on straight. Ronin is absolutely gorgeous. His eyes are magnetic—pulling on me, bringing every sexual urge to the surface. I blink and shake my head breaking the intense moment between us.

“There you are!” Seth leans over and kisses the top of my head. Amy and Travis are behind him, and I can feel the ice spikes shooting from Amy’s eyes in my direction when she see’s Ronin’s arm across the back of my chair.

“Travis this is my sister, Treva.”

“Hey, it’s nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard tons about you.”

I throw a nasty glare at Seth. “Yep, all the good stories,” Seth winks back at me. I roll my eyes at him.

“I need another drink.” Seth proclaims. He turns to go back to the bar and Travis slides onto a chair across from me while Amy takes the one open next to Ronin. “Are you having a good night Ronin?” Amy asks trying to get his attention.

He looks at me and without looking at Amy he answers, “Yes, for a matter of fact a magnificent night.”

Amy’s face is contorted and the irritation is very apparent that her ploy to get his attention isn’t working out exactly how she had planned.

A guy I haven’t seen before comes up to our table, “Hey guys! Sorry I’m late. I had a meeting with a potential client. There was no way I could blow them off. They could work into a huge account for the company.”

“No worries.” Ronin says.

The new comer finally notices me sitting in the corner by the balcony. “And who is this?”

“This is Treva, Seth’s sister.” Travis introduces me without trepidation.

“I’m Matt,” He leans over with his hand stretched out, but when I hold out mine to him, instead of shaking it, he grabs my fingers, and brings them up to his mouth, and he kisses the top of my hand. “It’s extremely nice to meet you.” He says.

I flash a brilliant smile at Matt feeling flattered by his introduction, and slightly taken aback. It takes only a millisecond to see how dashing Matt is. He has blonde hair hanging loosely to his shoulders whipping freely, I shouldn’t stereo type, but I bet he surfs, and he has the most dazzling Sapphire blue eyes. His skin is nice and tan with a bronze hue. The tight short sleeved white T-shirt shows off every bulging muscle in his arms.

All of these men have to have women swooning over them non-stop. Seth, Matt, Travis, they all are super-hot. No wonder Amy pushed her way into this little company of men … to be among the beautiful testosterone. I look down at my beer bottle as I feel another blush coming on. I also realize that I was just checking out Matt—only five minutes ago Ronin had his fingers caressing my tenacious sex. After briefly thinking about it, I come to the conclusion that I’m doing the same thing that she is.

Matt sits down next to Travis, but not once diverts his attention from me in the slightest. “How long are you visiting for?”

“I’m on winter break from classes. I don’t have to be back until the second week of January. I figured I would hang out here at least until after Christmas. I need a serious vacation from studying.” I’m surprised how easily the words just fly out of my mouth.

“Great maybe we could meet up one night this week for dinner.” Matt bluntly says with excitement.

I feel Ronin’s arm snake back onto my shoulder and gently squeeze in a possessive manner. I watch Matt’s eyes as they follow the movement of Ronin’s arm as it finds the spot on top of my shoulder— his face changes into a brief scowl.

“Come dance with me Ronin, please? ... Pretty please! I really need to stretch out my legs.” Amy is relentless. Since I don’t know her at all, I’m not sure if this is her normal behavior or if she is putting on a special show because I’m here.

“Let’s all dance!” Matt suggests.

I’m starting to get tired and the overall feeling in the air is shifting from euphoric to hazardous. I hesitate for a minute, watching the movement of all the bodies shifting and standing from our table. Some nagging feeling is warning me that we should end this night, but Seth stands up.

“Come on sis” Seth slurs and holds out his hand to me. “We’re celebrating.”

Ronin also seems to hesitate, “Okay.” He finally agrees, and then slowly slides his hand away from my shoulder, all the while continuing to watch me as I pull my small black dress down as I stand.

Amy clings to Ronin as if she’s afraid he’ll vanish if she lets him go … we all walk back to the dance floor. When we get to the bottom of the stairs Seth misses the last step and falls to his knees. “Hey Seth, are you okay?” I ask worrying. He jumps back up and acts as if nothing happened. “I’m good, no worries.”

“Alright come on.” Matt says as he wiggles in closer to me. Before we even get to the dance floor I’m swaying to the music. “You like to dance?” Matt asks me loudly.

“YES! I love it. We don’t have anything like this back home!” Matt smiles at me and shimmies his way even closer—shortening the distance between us. We move together smoothly to the rhythm. Getting to the dance floor, I put my hands in the air and wave them above my head … loving the beat.

I am highly aware of Ronin’s deep burning gaze watching everything I am doing … like he’s my protector. Yet, he’s dancing with Amy. I don’t know him at all, but after seeing his demeanor flip so rapidly on more than one occasion tonight, I’m pretty sure that the look in his eyes right now is smoldering fury. A fluttering in my abdomen tells me he is not happy, and I don’t understand how he could possibly be upset with me. I haven’t done anything wrong. I think to myself.

I hadn’t noticed that Matt had found his way behind me until I feel his hands grabbing my hips pulling me tighter to him. The bulge that I feel tightening through his pants makes me very aware of his intentions. All of this attention is new to me, I never get this much interest from guys, but I can’t deny that I’m not enjoying it. I push back into Matt–very flattered and I dance against him … enjoying his company.

I’m moving rhythmically to the music, rocking against Matt when I see Ronin’s steel hard face. He steps forward rather quickly, and now he is only inches from my nose. I gasp, seeing his hands tear Matt’s grip away from my hips.

“I don’t think that’s what Treva really wants,” Ronin says in a steely tone, giving Matt an icy cold death stare.

“Ronin, dude chill we’re just dancing and I don’t think Treva is complaining.”

The confusion is overwhelming, and the room starts spinning. Matt is still up against me, but now his hands are by his side and not touching me. Ronin is just inches from my face. I look around searching for Seth. When I see him, I give him a pleading look, hoping that he catches on.

Thankfully I get Seth’s attention, and he stumbles over to us, “Hey sis I think I’m pretty drunk you think we can get out of this place and go home?”

I let out a deep sigh of relief. I am so thankful for Seth’s way of getting out of sticky situations and am more than happy with his new ploy. “Yeah big brother, we should get you home.”

Ronin continues to stare down Matt as he loudly says, “I’ll have the driver meet us out front.”

The fresh air is very welcoming. The alcohol that I’ve consumed is very evident now—reeling and rocking and seeing double.

“Did you have a good time tonight?” Matt’s smile is so warm and infectious. When he gets closer, my lips turn upward with a wide grin mirroring his.

“Very much,” I think so anyway.

This would be the perfect scenario for my fun loving, carefree roommate, Becca—a twisted ménage a trios with two hot and very ready males salivating and ready to pounce. I on the other hand, have a different view. My background with relationships stems from something extremely dark, and I tend to keep it to only one man at a time. I inhale deeply, how am I going to handle this?

The wind starts blowing slightly, causing me to shiver. “Oh, are you cold?” Matt steps closer and swings his long arm around my shoulder and pulls me up against him to keep me warm. I wish I hadn’t left my coat in the car. His cologne smells delicious even through the sweat from dancing so much. A moan of acceptance of his amazing scent accidentally escapes my lips.

I hear Seth ask Ronin where the car is—they’re some distance away, not knowing that I’m warmly wrapped in Matt’s arm. Then a shove sends me flying backwards. Thankfully, I don’t fall on my butt, but when I look up to see what happened, I see Matt and Ronin going at it—head to head—both with clenched fists.

I can’t handle this shit. I walk past both of them as they growl at each other like two wild animals. I grab Seth’s arm, “Can we just get a cab, and get the hell out of here?”

Seth looks at me and then back to where his two friends are inches from brawling. “I can’t leave them here like this. They’ll kill each other.”

Just briefly, I look back at them—yelling and making complete asses of themselves. “They’ll figure it out.” I say, shrugging my shoulders, “let’s go.”

Seth isn’t quite as anxious to leave as I am. He walks over to his friends and tries to settle them down, but neither of them gives him an ounce of attention.

“Ugh,” I roll my eyes and then lift my shoulders high and walk directly over to Ronin. In a sweet voice I say, “I guess it’s you who will be left wanting, Mr. Hollister. I’m pretty sure that with everything I’ve seen tonight, there isn’t the slightest bit of want left in me.”

Ronin’s head flies up in my direction and seeing the realization of what I am saying, washes over his face solemnly. He steps back from Matt and keeps his eyes glued to me.

“My brother and I are leaving. I hope you all have a good rest of your night.” I spin on my heel and grab Seth by the arm. Seth’s mouth drops open, stunned by my blatant behavior.

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