Never Again

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Chapter 5

It feels like I just fell asleep when strange noises shake me awake. Terrible scenarios buzz through my overactive mind … burglars breaking in mostly. My heart thumps heavily in my chest; fear stiffens my legs, making it almost impossible to move them; there’s no way I will ever become someone’s prisoner again. I need to find a safe place to hide. I search the room and see all the obvious places where a person would look … in the closet, under the bed, no good hiding spots. The door knob jiggles and my heart skips a beat. Fuck! Someone’s at my door. I dive into the darkness behind the door just in the nick of time.

If the person that just broke in pays any attention at all, they will be able to hear my heart pounding in my chest. I hold my breath and try to keep as quiet as I possibly can; I hope and pray that he doesn’t hear the throbbing heartbeats that I hear. Dear god, please don’t let him find me.

“Treva … Treva … are you in here?”

The light whispering voice sounds familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on who’s standing in my doorway at 4 o’clock in the morning. I try to contain myself. My chest feels like its going to burst.

“Please Treva, hear me out.”

“Ronin?” I ask breathlessly.

He pulls back on the door revealing me hidden behind it in the shadows. “I didn’t mean to frighten you; I just want to apologize.” It’s dark in the room, but the movement of his hands running through his hair makes it evident that he seems perplexed about something, “I’m sorry about what happened on the dance floor.” He breathes out a heavy sigh, “I don’t know what came over me. I just umm … didn’t like Matt man handling you.”

I just nod at him, because I’m not sure what to say. I just feel overwhelmed that he had reacted so strangely tonight, and I’m definitely still in shock he snuck in on me. He is apologizing to me, but I’m still not sure why he had reacted that way in the first place. And why the hell does he find it necessary to do his apologizing in the middle of the night?

“To be perfectly honest … I don’t want any man—besides myself—to touch you anywhere on your flawless body.” The confession takes me off guard, especially when he reaches his arm out and runs his thumb across my face. The electricity hums from his fingers all the way through my blood, and then Ronin leans forward and presses his lips gently on my cheek. He keeps on by placing small kisses on my cheeks and on my nose.

I feel lost and speechless by the simple actions. My breath hitches and a knot so huge forms in my gut … I almost feel like I need to vomit. I would never have imagined meeting the hottest man on the planet, let alone find him sneaking into my brother’s house in the middle of the night to see me. I close my eyes and focus on him kissing me with his perfect lips. His touch is so amazingly soft, as he makes his way from the tip of my nose down to the corner of my mouth. A light groan slips from my lips.

“MMM, you smell so good.” He whispers.

“I thought you were an intruder coming to kill us.” I say exasperated.

“Oh baby I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you; I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I had to come see you. It was driving me nuts sitting at home. All I could think about was you.” His soft whispers flow so heavenly from his mouth, causing my heart beat to quicken … just as I had started to calm down, “every time I closed my eyes, I remembered seeing your beautiful eyes filled with desire as you rode my hand on the dance floor. I needed to see that look again. It was tantalizing seeing you that way; when you took off tonight it was one of the sexiest things I have ever witnessed. No one ever walks away from me, but you … you just turned your nose up to me and strummed down the street without missing a beat. Treva, you are absolutely the most magnificent creature I have ever met.”

I can’t control myself, his words are my undoing, and I still have alcohol burning in my system which gives me a much needed boost of confidence. I feel the energy surging in the air, and when Ronin meets the corner of my mouth with his soft lips, I turn my head and push into him with deep hunger.

Ronin’s soft kisses start to transform into something more aggressive. Both of our lips part welcoming each other to explore. Our tongues collide and dance around in each other’s mouth. I press into Ronin harder and force my tongue deeper— wrapping it with his. My lips catch his tongue and I begin to suck on it, hard, not wanting to let go. When I finally start to slow down and release my hold, I pull his bottom lip in and bite on it gently with my teeth. Ronin growls into my mouth hungrily. The sound creates another surge deep inside of me. The burning between my legs aches for him. I want him to touch me. I need it.

“So let me get this straight? I turn you down and it makes you want me more?”

Ronin gives a slight nod as his mouth traces kisses down my neck, “No one has ever told me no, Treva. Well, not until you that is.”

Ronin slides his warm hand over my thigh and slowly slides up my smooth skin pushing my pajama shorts up. Cupping my hot soaked sex with his firm hand, “Oh my god Treva, you are so wet for me. Feel this.” He grabs my hand and guides it over his jeans where I can feel him bulging hard.

“Baby I don’t think I could possibly get any harder.”

Hearing his utterly sexy voice telling me how hard he is for me is such a turn on. I writhe under his hand rubbing and pulling on me. My lungs take in long deep breaths of oxygen—which the room seems to be lacking— trying to keep myself from passing out. I’m not telling him no, now.

I have been down the road of heartbreak and complete disasters before, and I should tell this arrogant bastard no. I am probably going to regret this later, but his persistence is endless and I don’t think my body can defy what it wants, or craves. I want Ronin Hollister right now. I want to feel every last inch of him, in some places more than others. There’s no turning back now. Even if I had the will power, I don’t think I could deny myself … I know he wants me too.

Ronin wraps my arms around his neck and lifts me up off the floor; then he takes me to the bed. The soft mattress bumps a little when the back of my knees reaches it and he gently pushes me over. I touch down on the bed with a light bounce.

He takes a step backward, and even in the darkened room his eyes scan my body. I can almost see the heat rise from his skin. “Damn Treva you are so fucking sexy. I don’t think you realize how gorgeous you are.” He takes a step forward closing the gap between us, and then kneels down at the end of the bed. “These,” he lightly grazes my legs, “are so beautiful.” I squirm breathlessly as he glides his fingers over my legs. “And these,” his hands meticulously edge up further running over my thighs and hips, “have the perfect amount of curve. I can’t wait to grab onto these hips and slam into you.”

Breathing is becoming harder and harder by the second, “What are you waiting for then?” I pant heavily.

“Hmm, Miss Stone … you’re so eager. I am not promising I’ll behave myself.”

“I hope not, Mr. Hollister!” I shift slightly and lift my finger to gesture for him to move closer.

Ronin stands right in front of me; slowly, he unbuttons his shirt, and then slides it off—giving me a very pleasant strip tease. Oh my god, he’s even hotter under his shirt than I had imagined him being. I can’t deny myself touching him any longer. I reach out to run my fingers over his perfectly molded abs. My fingers glide over his washboard abdomen, and trace the v shape that leads down to just where his pants hang on his hips. I have never in my life seen anything as sexy as him. My pussy tingles with excitement every time I look at this man.

Ronin stands high above me by the edge of the bed, but then leans forward and lets his hands softly touch both of my thighs. Using my legs as leverage, he leans farther down to plant kisses on my forehead. I let out a moan from his touch. “You’re so beautiful,” I say softly to him. He smiles and finds my lips with his, urgently pushing them into me. Passionately, he slides his tongue into my mouth, letting it slowly search the inside while pushing it deeper and deeper. He grabs my tongue and sucks on it, and then catches my lip to nibble … over and over, he repeats the process. I groan and moan louder into his sweet delectable mouth. He slips his hands under the waist band of my pajamas, and tugs them down over my legs until they drop to the floor.

“Damn, Treva,” Ronin leans back and lets his hands move slowly down my body like a serpent. He stops somewhere near my bellybutton, and stares at my half-naked body.

My patience is waning and I don’t want to wait any longer, I reach around his neck and grab his head, pulling it back down over my mouth. I hum into Ronin’s mouth while he skates his hand between my thighs and slides up ever so slowly until he reaches my very damp pink satin thong.

“Damn girl, feeling how wet you are makes my cock throb.”

I lay back on my elbows when Ronin lifts himself up off of me. It takes me a minute to realize what he is doing, but he pulls tight on my pink thong pulling the material tight against my sex and he starts tracing my outline against the taut soaked panties. Aside from my panties, I’m completely exposed, and my almost naked body is now there for him to see. With his thumb, he makes slow circular motions over the thin cloth. He finds right where my lips split and rubs over my hyper sensitive clitoris. I thrust upwards pushing into his hand … urging him not to stop.

“This is a most beautiful picture. I think I could stare at you like this for all eternity.”

His voice hums through my body. And of course I know the words are just sensual in the moment coaxes, but it makes me wish and hope there was more to this one night romp. I slightly shake my head getting back to the now, as Ronin slides his fingers just under the edge of the band and then roughly pulls them to the side.

“MMM, nicely groomed, my favorite.” He says in his husky voice.

I tremble under his touch, and I lift my hips encouraging him to continue. I can feel my slickness as I lift and make slow motions pushing onto his fingers. Finally, after the tormented teasing, he slides two fingers inside of me with full force, eagerly, and incessantly sliding them in and out. Ronin edges his way down my body and pushes his face down to where his fingers dance along my very-hot-aroused-sex.

“Deliciously sweet, your pussy is like sweet nectar drawing me to it. Fuck Treva, you taste so good.” He murmurs, while lapping at me, as he slides his fingers in and out. He pulls on my folds—a little roughly, but not rough enough for me to say stop—with his teeth causing me to growl. My back arches and he pushes into me harder. My legs tremble on his shoulders. He licks more fervently and then he uses his thumb to rub my clit around in nice slow circles. Ronin closes his lips around me and creates suction on my cleft that is mind blowing.

The rhythmic strokes and the light suction pulling at every nerve ending, elevates a tight burning sensation deep inside my core. I quiver to depths I have never felt before. The ecstasy is so intense I feel like I could explode at any moment. There’s no more, I can’t build anymore, I have reached my threshold, and I can no longer control myself. I have to let go; I scream in pleasure, “OH MY GOD Ronin.” I yell as pleasure pours out of me. “What the hell was that? That was so intense.” I pant and slowly let my back relax down to the bed after a long, torturous orgasm.

“MMM, you taste so good.” He blows off my odd question obviously lost in the moment or maybe perhaps he didn’t hear it in my uproar. Ronin slides his fingers from me and places them in his mouth sucking my taste from them. He eyes me intently. “I could enjoy that look for eternity.” He says.

“That word again.” I groan quietly.

Ronin lifts to his elbow and slides his finger across my wet slit once more. He pulls his finger up to me, “here taste.” He puts his finger into my mouth, and I suck hard on it. I can taste myself on him, and it makes me tingle all over again. “You’re right, I do taste good,” I mumble with his finger still in my mouth.

“I’m not done with you yet.” He says in a very deep throaty tone. He pulls a condom out of his pocket and pushes his pants down. The wrapper crinkles a little as he opens the foil wrapper and spits the ripped top to the floor. I watch as he slides it over his hard erection without taking his eyes from mine. He doesn’t even bother taking his pants off his ankles. There is no time, he needs me now. I can see it in his face. He pushes against my knees, bringing them up so that he can squeeze between them. Slowly he lowers himself down guiding his rock hard cock into me.

“Oh my God,” I yell. I quicken, my impulse is to tighten with his thickness stretching me to a point I’ve never been before.

Gently, he reaches up and cups my neck from underneath and puts his lips down on mine hard. We both pull at each other and pant heavily as he pushes his very hard thick erection deeply in and out of my very responsive pussy. My muscles tighten around his erection, pumping him each time he pulls out of me. Ronin keeps his hips thrusting right through my tightening muscles as they constrict more and more around him. My back muscles are all firing, and I feel my sex tighten and quiver—I know that I’m on the verge of another orgasm. Holy cow, already … again? He pushes into me and holds his thickness there for a second; making sure that he is giving all of himself to me. It’s too much. I can’t hold back any longer. Again I explode, and then, I feel him let go jerking deep inside of me as he climaxes. My pussy feels like it’s flooded. It has to be—it was wet before Ronin fucked me, now it has to be flowing like a river.

We’re both breathing heavy. In spite of the pleasure that I just had, I am feeling confused. I have never experienced such a powerful surge in my body like the one I felt a few moments ago, let alone twice. Of course I have had many sexual partners, but nothing has ever happened to me like that, or felt like that, or made me feel like that. Hmm, maybe that’s what an orgasm is. I wonder to myself, but why now?

Ronin disperses his weight on his elbows, and lays his body fully over mine as he breathes heavily trying to regain his composure. His head falls face first into the comforter, but he makes no attempt to pull himself up from me. I find myself staring at the ceiling, and hoping he will never get up. He shifts and turns his head to face me. My hair is messily strewn on the bed by his face and, he inhales deeply, “Coconuts, yummy.” He hums.

Ronin begins to lift and I wrap my arms around him tightly, indicating playfully that I am protesting and don’t want him to leave. He grins down at me and kisses my forehead. “Not satisfied, Miss Stone?”

I lift my legs and pull them over Ronin’s waist entwining my ankles in a tight hold. “On the contrary, Mr. Hollister, I have never been so satisfied. It’s just that now that I was introduced to how amazing you are, I am afraid that I hunger for much, much more.”

Ronin rumbles deep in his throat like an animal growling. “GOOD, because I have many plans for you Miss Stone, many plans”.

After hours of hard core, sweat drenching sex, both of us lay lifeless on the bed in the guest bedroom. “I usually don’t do that.” I reveal.

“What’s that?”

“I usually don’t sleep with people I haven’t gotten to know a little bit first. I like to know them before I expose myself so openly to them.” I watch Ronin for a minute, and then he nods in understanding.

“I guess what I am saying is, I’m sorry if you think that I’m just a crazy sex craved chick. Actually it’s been quite sometime since …” I trail off. I’m not sure why I am telling him my personal sex story, but I just sort of felt compelled to explain myself to him.

“Don’t feel bad Treva, but I do need to tell you, I don’t date.”

Before I start hyperventilating, I remind myself that I knew this—Seth had told me this already. This is not new information. It was just hot casual sex while vacationing, so why do I now feel weird and slightly uncomfortable with the situation and most of all—a bit dirty. “I think I need a shower.” I stand and cover my body with my arms trying to hide my nakedness.

I flee from the bedroom and cross the hall to the spare bathroom. I shut the door and lean against it for a second trying to pull myself together. After I catch my breath, I’m able to stand upright and head to the faucet to turn on the shower. I turn it scolding hot and let the bathroom fill with steam before stepping into the cascading water, of course, adjusting the temperature a little so that I don’t boil myself to death. My mind relaxes, and it’s so comforting as the warm water sprays over my body.

Treva, how the hell do you get yourself into these predicaments? You have been here for one day and you’re already jumping into the sack with someone. What would Dr. Evry say? Oh yeah she would tell me, ‘I am lashing out from my traumatic experience in a negative manor.’ Oh, but was it negative? Holy hell Ronin is hot as hell. And so what if I like to have a little fun. Life is too short to be an ole’ fuddy-duddy. Ugh, I just want to scream.

The water is starting to get cool and I turn the knob to warm it back up. Well one thing’s for certain, he can not stay here tonight. I need to send him packing. I’m here on vacation and I don’t need some guy getting all swoony over me.

I start putting the bricks back in place on my figurative wall of defense—obviously they’ve been severely cracked. I crawl out of the shower to tell Ronin to leave so that I can get my butt in bed.

I enter the spare bedroom with a towel wrapped around my body and see Ronin sitting on the edge of the bed with only his pants on. He slowly lifts his head from his cupped hands as I walk in. A look of turmoil is evident in his eyes, like he too is fighting some internal battle.

“Well it’s umm … been a fun night.” I stutter. “So I suppose you’re pretty tired and all.” I’m trying to sound smooth, but it’s not coming out quite like I had mantra’d in my mind. “Well … you can go now.” I tell him.

A look of shock crosses Ronin’s face. He stands up and looks at me—rather confused. “Yeah this is usually where I split anyway.” He sounds hard and cold. I watch him grab his green button up shirt and slide it over his strong arms. I try not to pay attention to the ripped, toned, muscles across his abdomen. He bends for his shoes and looks at me from the corner of his eyes. “Look Treva, it’s just complicated; I don’t have time for a serious relationship. I find it a lot easier if I just don’t date.” He says in a softer and more soothing tone.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I don’t date either. Have a good night.” I say more calmly than I really feel.

His hard lines deepen across his forehead, “Guess I’ll see yea around—maybe.”

I watch Ronin leave without even turning back around to look at me. I hear the front door close rather hard, and then that’s when a full blown panic attack sets in. My heart starts pounding hard and my chest begins burning with sharp pains like someone just plunged a knife into me—twisting the blade deep into my lungs. It’s excruciating to take a breath. What am I doing? I just kicked the hottest guy that has ever paid two seconds of attention to me out on his ass. Not to mention the one and only that has ever given me an orgasm.

I kick myself feeling lost. I grab a pair of sweatpants from my suitcase and pull on a T-shirt. I need a cigarette! Maybe it will settle me down a bit. I haven’t smoked for two years now, but I don’t care—the craving is raging through me. Seth isn’t a heavy smoker, but he usually keeps some hidden around for emergencies like this.

I find myself digging through the drawers in the kitchen determined to find a cigarette. It doesn’t take long; one of the drawers I open has a couple of packs lying inside along with a lighter. I grab one of the packs and head for the balcony just beyond the French doors.

The crisp night air makes me shiver; I try to tuck my wet hair to one side to keep it off my neck, but I still welcome the cold like an old friend—Montana. Slowly inhaling the refreshing cool city scents, I step to the ledge and pull out a single cigarette and put it in my lips. My thumb flicks the lighter to life and I hesitate for a moment to watch the flame before lighting up. I inhale, filling my lungs with the smoke and nicotine. It instantly gives me a tingling sensation and a bit of a rush after I exhale. I try to get rid of the memories of the evening … let them drift away with the smoke.

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