Never Again

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Chapter 9

The building we pull up to is about the same size as the one where Seth works, but it looks more apartment-like than the extravagant mirrored sky rise. The SUV stops right at the front doors to let us out. Ronin helps me to the sidewalk, and I watch the black Yukon drive off and turn the corner at the end of the building. The glass door is being held open by an older man in a black suit.

“Good Evening, Mr. Hollister.” He says.

Ronin nods and softly directs me forward. My breath hitches as I look around. The foyer is stunning. Giant pillars are wrapped with beautiful green garland and red Christmas bulbs that seem to be holding up a balcony. Plush furniture in red with gold accents is arranged comfortably with end tables and light glowing lamps. It reminds me of a posh Hotel lobby. Off to the side, I notice a lounge with a faint sound of music lofting through the air. But what really catches my attention, is an intricate staircase with white banisters—fanning wide at the bottom and winding up to the balconies which overlook the lobby—making it the main focal point. I picture that as a perfect setting for a bride to stand while being photographed. I picture her standing there with her dress splayed out over the beautiful staircase. Just to the left of the magnificent staircase is the largest Christmas tree I have ever seen. It’s the perfect setting for a winter wedding. I must have stopped, because Ronin pulls on my arm, “Come on baby”, thankfully, shaking wedding thoughts out of my head.

We get on an elevator and he pushes some numbers on a key pad. “What’s that?” I ask, feeling sort of dumb for even having to ask.

“That’s a code to get on to my floor.”


The elevator doors close and the little box immediately starts to heat up. I have had some intimate moments with this man, yet, here I am still feeling like it’s the first time. He is so damn sexy, and to be honest with myself, he scares the hell out of me. His arm reaches out and scoops around my waist. I close my eyes and bite my lip taking in his warm touch. I love it when he puts his hands on me. He pulls on me and spins me around until we are facing each other. My head just comes to his shoulders and I look at his chest instead of looking up into his eyes. I see a glint of movement from his hand coming up to my face and his thumb tugs right below my lip pulling it free from my teeth; he lifts my chin so that my eyes are forced to meet his gaze.

“You are so stunning Treva. I can’t seem to get enough of you.” He leans forward and closes his mouth over mine. The kiss is slow and very intimate. The pressure of his lips causes me to moan into his mouth as his hand slips from my lower back pushing under the hem of my tank. His warm caressing hand touches my bare skin, and I feel like my internal organs are going to burn up from the heat growing inside of me. He pulls me closer, and the strength of his arms wrapped around me feels so safe and comforting.

The elevator dings and it’s hard to pull myself away from him. He leaves his hand tucked in my shirt as we walk out into the hall. I don’t really pay attention to the surroundings. I am just completely lost in Ronin. I hear the door click open and before I even have a chance to step forward he sweeps me off my feet. He carries me in his arms, and puts his lips to mine as he takes me through his home. I feel a soft plush comforter underneath me as he lays me down.

Ronin hovers over my body and slowly unbuttons my favorite worn jeans. His fingers are agile and move with smooth dexterity all while he presses light kisses against my neck. He sits up, and I feel my jeans being tugged down my legs. My flip flops had fallen off somewhere on our way into his room. When my pants are gone he pulls up one of my legs and begins kissing the tips of my toes.

Holy cow, who knew him kissing my toes, could be so erotic. I have never felt anything so amazing. His lips kiss every single one of my toes and then he starts to kiss my ankles. My skin tingles and I feel that familiar burning between my thighs. I know he’s working his way up, but I writhe from him moving too slow. I want him to touch me now. I want him to ease that almost painful burn growing into flames in between my legs.


He lifts his head and his lips twist deviously, “so eager.” He pauses and kisses my knee, and then lifts his lips, “I think I would like to make this last for a while Miss. Stone.”

I throw my head back in frustration. What he is doing feels amazing, but it’s so torturous. When he gets to my hips he kisses the edge of my panties and then slides his finger underneath the waistband—removing them from my body. I think he will now give himself to me, but I am so wrong. When his face comes back to my hips, he kisses my hip bones very slowly and then he spreads my legs open. My bare skin is so ready for him to caress me. His head hovering inches above me; he starts to let his warm breath flow over my skin, blowing lightly on my sensitive clit and then very softly he lets his breath escape over my slit allowing the heat to spill over me. Instantly, my folds become wet. I lift my hips up to meet him, but he lifts his head. He is staying meticulously close, yet he is seems so far away.

“You smell so delicious. I can smell your cunt getting wet for me.”

He blows against my smooth skin again and again. I long for his touch. Every part of my body hyper alert to what he is doing to me. I try to relax as the breeze flows through my folds. It’s so intense. I grab the comforter into a tight grip, and then, with his last breath I come undone.

I pant heavily. Holy hell, he didn’t even touch me and he brought me to my knees. I lay with my eyes closed unraveling from my orgasm when I feel his fingers lightly touching me.

“Yes baby, that’s it you should always be this wet for me.”

I want him. I sit up and start unbuttoning his dark jeans. I get the button undone and his pants unzipped, and he scoots off the bed to slide them free. He lifts his plain white T-shirt off and I stare. I should pinch myself to see if I have fallen asleep … in some crazy long ass dream. If it was a dream, what would I do when I wake up? He’s on top of me, and quickly, he slides a condom onto his thick hard erection. My folds stretch for his well-endowed rock hard cock as he glides deeply into me. I hold my breath from the slight pinch from his size.

“Are you ok?” he softly asks me.

“Oh yes, I’m quite ok.” I assure him.

I am happy that he is slow to begin, and as I start to relax and open up to him, he must feel it. He pushes into me, slightly harder and a little deeper. I find my grip on his back urging him to push faster as my body spreads further for him. It amazes me how he responds to my needs on demand, and he thrusts himself into me. Damn, he is a sinful sex god, and I love every bit of it. I groan loudly when his lips find my hard nipples. He tugs on them and sucks playfully. His mouth is magical as his tongue flicks my erect nipples. Every surface of my body is responding to his touch. He pushes my right leg up onto his shoulder leaving my left leg free to the side. The new position lets him get so deep and I can’t control my orgasm, it releases with no warning. I scream in pleasure as it flows free.

He doesn’t slow down. He takes no mercy on me as he plunges repeatedly in and out. Suddenly, he stops—grabs me by my hips and flips me over on to my stomach like I’m a ragdoll. His aggression is sexy as hell. My face smothered into his soft down comforter I inhale the masculine scent of Ronin before he tugs up on my hips. I’m on my knees, my head on the pillow and my ass sticking up. I push up so I’m leaning on my elbows, and now I can meet his movements as he pushes into my very aroused pussy. One of his hands pulls on my hip, while rubbing my ass with the other as he pumps into me. He is so deep this way, and I pant breathlessly as he keeps plunging into me. Sweat runs down my forehead, but I don’t care. I let it drip while Ronin relentlessly dives himself deeper and harder pushing me along the silk sheets. The sound of our flesh smacking together reverberates through his bedroom. When Ronin grabs both of my braids, it causes my head to pull back and my body to arch backward. “Fuck, Ronin,” I groan with intensity. I feel that unfathomable fiery sensation building again. I tighten my muscles, gripping around him even tighter. I can’t hold back, and I start to scream, “RONIN!” And I feel him plunge and slow down as he grunts behind me.

We both stare at the ceiling as we catch our breath. The room is spinning, but I think it’s just me trying to figure out what’s going on between us. I live twelve hundred some miles away. I’m trying to get through with school so that I can start my own career. That skeleton in my closet that reminds me to never to get close or trust a man again keeps staring me in the face—this whole thing is a jumbled up fairytale. I was never one to believe in fairytales … not even when I was a kid. Most of us realists expect that shooting star to fall to the earth in a huge flaming ball of fire, and then destroy everything in its place instead of it holding some possible magical trait twittering behind. In other words, what the hell am I doing?

A whirlwind of thoughts rush through my brain. I’m not sure why this seems so complicated when in reality, it’s pretty uncomplicated—this is just for fun, nothing will come out of this. In two weeks, I’ll be nestled in my home laughing with Becca about all of this. Ronin’s soft snores tell me that he is fast asleep, and I’m mesmerized just lying here looking at him. His features are so relaxed and peaceful. How on earth did I get myself in this spot? He is so stunning. A marvelous creature that even while he sleeps, has my stomach twisted up in knots.

Ugh … My bladder irritatingly interrupts and urges me to get up. I reluctantly pull out from under Ronin, trying not to wake him. When I get free, I come to the realization, that when we arrived, we were so wrapped up in each other that I hadn’t looked around. I stand in the dark looking at the bedroom trying to figure out which way I should go to get to the bathroom. There are a few closed doors in the bedroom, so I decide to peek in them to see if one of them will lead me to my destination. The first door I open is definitely not the bathroom—it actually opens up into a massive walk in closet that houses rows and rows of expensive suits. The back wall has multiple pairs of shoes neatly organized on their own shelves. Dressers line a wall with beautifully crafted wood work. It’s the most beautiful closet I have ever seen. A light chuckle escapes my throat as I think about his wardrobe. I only thought women had this many clothes, not to mention that many shoes. I close the door to the closet and go for the next door.

“Bingo.” The next door I open leads into an enormous master bathroom. Everything looks to be a light colored, grey-flecked marble material. From what I know so far about Ronin—I’m sure it’s a high end marble. This is like a fairytale; my entire apartment would fit into this bathroom. Of course there are two sinks and a full size mirror that covers the wall above them. The shower is a walk-in with two shower heads—one on either end and a large disk that hangs above. Two fluffy towels hang on silver hooks by the shower. The bath tub could easily be mistaken as a pool. It is absolutely stunning. I find the toilet and sit down looking at my surroundings. This is all so out of my realm. My parents have a manufactured home which is very nice, but not even in my wildest imagination could I have conjured up anything like this.

Scoping out the beautiful marble shower, I decide to jump in real quick. I lean into the shower and realize there are multiple knobs. I turn an odd looking knob not knowing if it is the right one. The knob after turned, lets out water from the floating disk from above my head. I quickly turn it off and try another and water begins shooting out from the sides. I hadn’t even noticed the little holes in the corner of the shower until I am sprayed with water from all directions. A squeal sneaks past my lips, and I start to laugh. Finally, the last knob I turn lets the water flow from the faucet on the end of the shower near me. The steaming hot, water pouring over my skin feels so good. I shut my eyes and lift my face to let the water run down over me, that’s when I feel arms wrap around my waist.

I don’t even turn around, I just smile to myself. “Good morning beautiful.” He says softly in my ear.

“I’m sorry did I wake you?” I spin around to look at his angelic face.

“My bed was cold without you. I had to come find where you ran off to.” He pulls me into him like it might be the last day on earth, and then presses against me until I feel the cool marble tiles on my back. Aggressively, he grabs the hair at my nape, yanking my head back bringing my chin up for him to kiss my lips deeply. Releasing his hold on my hair he slowly slides his hands down my arms until he grabs my wrists and pins them against the wall. He has me trapped tightly, kissing me urgently while pressing into my wrists forcefully. I’m not sure why, but instincts kick in and my whole body tightens and I gasp for air as my lungs constrict. I am trapped, and instead of reveling in the flavor of Ronin, the urge to push and fight overwhelms me. My lips stop moving to his rhythm and my body becomes rigid. All I want to do is run and get as far away as I possibly can.

Ronin stiffens and stops his perpetual tongue motion. I can’t look at his face right now, remembering my odd dream of his morphed face, fearing that’s what I’ll see if I look up, but I can sense his deep gaze as he mentally examines me. And now feeling extremely exposed.

“What is it precious? Did I hurt you?” Ronin loosens his grip and steps back a little.

Multiple alarms are flying off in my head. Come on Treva relax. I tell myself. He’s not Eric, he’s not Eric, he won’t hurt you. My subconscious must not agree with my reasoning and yells back at me, how do you know? You don’t know this man!

“STOP”, I yell out loud. It startles Ronin and he lets his hands fall to his sides. I have to pry my eyes open and regret it when I see the look of absolute terror across the face staring back at me.

“Treva, did I hurt you?” he pleads softly, shifting uncomfortably.

I know I need to answer him, but it seems that my vocals have seized and stopped working. I pull myself upright and wipe away a tear that escapes my wet eyes. I know that I need to keep it together and after a couple deep breaths; I summon my body to take back control. The invisible shell, I have created and kept strong for so long, starts to rebuild and cover over me again. “Yeah umm- sorry I was just taken back for a moment.” I step forward, trying to pretend what just happened was actually a figment of our imaginations, and lean up on my tip toes to kiss his sexy lips, but when my lips touch his I can feel his hesitation.

“Treva, look at me.” I obey instinctively, and meet his eyes. The way Ronin is staring into mine, I am pretty sure he sees through the coated cover I wear, hiding something. This isn’t the fun, witty me looking back at him. This is the dark, cold, and scarred blank girl that’s looking up at him.

“Let’s wash your hair.” He slowly reaches around me with slow-long-purposeful-gestures and grabs the shampoo. He lathers it into his hands and then massages it gently into my scalp. “MMM that feels so good.” I hum, but his silence doesn’t get by me. I can tell he is pondering heavily what just happened. He seems miles away as he absentmindedly washes my hair and the continued silence as he gently massages my scalp makes me nervous. I know I should tell him a little bit about my past so he knows it wasn’t him, but I am not ready to share that part of my past with anyone. Only a few really know what happened—some of those closer to me don’t believe it, not the entire story. I’m not ready and I don’t know if I’ll ever be in a relationship where I’ll be ready to open up.

“I think it’s clean,” I giggle. “Here let me do yours”. I return the favor including washing over his entire body with his lightly scented body wash. Ronin is still off from my behavior I presented at the beginning of the shower, but I can tell he is enjoying my hands on him. I try to take extra time to make sure I give him a very good rub down. When we are all done and toweling off, Ronin looks at me in a concerned way. “I hope you don’t mind, but I had my house keeper pick up a couple of things for you. I figured you didn’t want to put your dirty clothes back on.”

“You got me clothes?”

“Well my house keeper, Mrs. Hunter did.”

Walking back into Ronin’s bedroom, I see some women’s clothes on his four poster bed. Upon further inspection, I find a sexy pair of light pink panties and a bra to match. I realize they are my size when I examine the tags. Along with the panties is a fun flowing blue and yellow sun dress. “This is perfect.” I hold it up and spin around. The tag flashes and the numbers about give me a heart attack. “HUH— nine hundred dollars for a dress?” I say loudly. “That’s way too much Ronin.”

Ronin is pulling a T-shirt over his head, “hush … you’re worth every penny and more.”

“But … but I can’t repay you.” I let my head fall down.

“It’s a gift Treva.”

Lost and dazed I watch Ronin walk into his closet and stare at the many suits hanging. “Damn it!’ I hear him say and I’m not sure what brought on the outburst.

He turns for the dresser and pulls out a pair of jeans. He is all dressed when he walks out of his closet. I feel shy that I watched the sexy man get dressed.

“No suit?” I ask.

“I’m going to skip work today. I’d like to hang out with you, if that’s alright with you of course.”

“I’d enjoy that very much Mr. Hollister.” I flash a sincere smile at him before bending over to pull the pale pink panties over my feet. I secure the bra and then put on the fun springy dress. Ronin never takes his eyes off of me.

“What did you have in mind for the day?” I ask innocently.

Ronin perks up, “It’s a surprise! But I think first you should call your brother, he might be worried.”

“Oh crap, Seth.” I find my purse and dig out my phone. I look at it first to see what time it is because I haven’t slept at all. I’m sure it will hit me soon enough and I’ll just pass out wherever I am. Ok its seven a.m. and then I look at my phone and gasp. “Holy smokes my phone is loaded with messages.”

After hearing my roommate leave message after message and then listening to the message left by Seth asking “Where the hell are you?” I hang up from my voicemail and begin typing quick messages.

Sorry Becca, been awesomely wicked

Last few days I’ll call you later



Seth, I’m with Ronin we’re hanging

Out today I’ll call you when I

Know what we’re doing!



“Everything okay?” Ronin asks

“Yep, so what’s this surprise?”

“To begin with … I need to smother that goofy grin off your face.” Ronin grabs me and pushes into my lips tugging and pulling on my lips as he slides his tongue deep into my warm minty mouth. I decide to do something to hopefully loosen the tension between us, and I slide my hand to the front of Ronin’s jeans and search for the button. I pop it open and pull the zipper down. Ronin growls in approval into my mouth. I slide my hand between his boxers and his skin. His hard erection bulges against his pants. I feel his hard cock and wrap my fingers around it to pull it from his pants pulling and massaging as it springs free.

I stop our passionate kiss abruptly and fall to my knees. When Ronin’s hard cock is in my face I slowly tease the tip of it with my tongue … licking it softly. He moans in pleasure causing me to heat up and eagerly feed on him. I lick all around his aroused cock feeling every pulsing vein in his hard, long, thick erection. Ronin widens his step to try to keep his balance as I pull the tip of his cock into my hot-wet-mouth, sucking just on the end harder and harder to drive him wild.

“HOLY FUCK!” he bellows.

When I am positive the tip of his cock is magnified to the point of complete sensitivity, I slowly slide my mouth over his extremely large throbbing shaft. I moan as I take him all the way in to the back of my throat. I am stretching every muscle in my jaw to the max to take him all in. From past experience, I remember to make sure to curl my lip around my teeth as I start sliding up and down over his cock rhythmically.

Every vein is popped to the surface as I run my tongue across them feeling his pulse as I slide his cock repeatedly into my mouth. I need him raw and hard. I need to touch him. I reach up and circle my hand around the base of his hard erection and massage it with my fingers while directing it into my mouth.

Ronin groans louder with every pump. “Oh god Treva the way you touch me…”

I reposition slightly on my knees and bring up my other hand grabbing his nicely endowed balls. I massage them between my fingers and tug on them gently. I want them slick to rub them easier, so I let my saliva drip down on them making it wet and slick to manipulate them.


I feel him jerk in my mouth and I speed up a little taking him in deeply and pulling out repeatedly. That was it … no more holding back. He explodes in my mouth. I keep my mouth wrapped tightly sealed around him making sure he is finished. The warm salty arousal slides down the back of my throat. When I am sure he is done, I slide my lips over his length and when he is free from my mouth, I swallow. Leaning back on my knees I tilt my head up to look at him, licking my lips in approval.

“My god woman, that was over the top. I have never experienced anything so intense.” I try to gracefully stand back up and I give him a little wink. Internally, I am patting myself on the back, proud that I was able to successfully satisfy him, and now its time to throw away some of my earlier emotions. It’s actually a bit bizarre, but I feel that it’s fairly easy to let my guard down when I am around Ronin, which frightens the hell out of me. Today marks the fifth day of stepping into that elevator with Seth, and seeing that luscious, sexy as hell, man in the three piece suit, not knowing then that I would be intimately sharing much more than I have done with anyone for a long time.

“Treva everyday you amaze me in some new way, and I’m not easily amused.

“Hmm, I find that statement to be false Ronin. I’m a pretty normal, boring, college student, and I don’t seem to be having any problems with entertaining you.” I wink. Ronin reaches forward for me and grabs me, pulling me closer. I lose my breath, and when Ronin let’s me go, I have to inhale deeply like I had just ran a marathon.

“Are you ready pudding?”

“Yup,” I turn and grab my college sweatshirt I had brought with me from the night before. We walk out of the penthouse suite and wait for the elevator.

“Treva you are absolutely dazzling in that dress!”

“Why thank you Mr. Hollister … It was a gift from some rich business guru.”

A quirky smile lifts on Ronin’s lips, “some rich business guru huh?”

I notice how bright his eyes are when I see them sparkling at me. “Yes sir,” I answer back.

Ronin’s phone buzzes and his smile disappears. He looks down at the screen and his face contorts into a scowl.

“Ronin,” he answers.

The voice on the line pipes up, but I’m unable to hear who it is, or what they are saying. Ronin just listens with a straight face while someone speaks into his ear. “MMM HMM, yes I understand, duly noted.”

The elevator doors slide open and we both step on while Ronin nods his head to the speaker on the phone.

“You don’t have to worry. I’ll make sure everything is taken care of and it will all be wrapped up carefully and kept safe.”

I figure the call must be a business call so I try to ignore the conversation.”

Ronin’s quip reply stuns me, “YES SIR, like I said … NOTED. I’ll make sure we finish this call later when I’m in my office.” Ronin looks at me fervently, and gives me a peculiar smile.

Whoever Ronin is listening to, he doesn’t let it his eyes waiver from me the whole time. I’m still trying not to eaves drop on the conversation as I watch the numbers on the elevator growing smaller.

“Miss Stone, you are a perfectly edible looking morsel.” He says as he shoves the phone back into his pocket.

“I’d have to say the same about you MR. Hollister.”

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