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They came. They saw. They conquered. Earth is invaded by an alien race that came from the Andromeda galaxy. After their arrival, humanity is faced with death and slavery. The remaining humans went into hiding and try to escape the fate of billions of others. Kaya is a girl trying to survive in a world where she is the prey. However, her chances of survival are slim after she catches the eye of a powerful creature. The first law of survival is don't draw attention and she failed. Can Kaya survive the clutches of her alien captor and find a way to win back the planet? Or will she die like the rest of humanity?

Romance / Fantasy
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When I was little I adored the stars. I spent nights looking at the sky in awe of their beauty. It was only natural to stare at them and wonder what is beyond. To ask myself if there were other planets like Earth and how their inhabitants looked.

I was naive.

Because what came from the stars was far different from my childhood ideas. The creatures that invaded the planet were strong, evil, and merciless. Just like the Apocalypse’s horsemen, they conquered and brought war, famine and death.

Now I no longer look at the stars. I dread them for what came from them and curse their beauty for bewitching me. Yet, despite the darkness that has befallen us, I refuse to surrender. I refuse to die before that alien race returns to the stars where they belong. And if I can’t help humanity, I will die trying.

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