A Change of Hearts

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In a world where the women come a dime a dozen and money flows freely, Alpha Tyler is determined to write his own destiny. Taylor is focused on work and work alone until she is faced with the realization that there is a different world beyond the walls of her office. As the mate pull continues to challenge them both, and outside forces seek to ruin what little chance they have at true happiness can Taylor accept her role in Tyler's life? To be or not to be, can Tyler reject his one true mate and still find fulfillment in every other woman that rolls in and out of his bed or will Taylor have her heels deep into the depth of his heart? Only time will tell. For mature audiences only! Profanity, sexual scenes, and violence, viewers discretion advised.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


“Yes Tyler! Yes!” the woman screamed out in ecstasy.

I couldn’t help but smile. I knew what I was capable of, and I knew I could make any woman cum in the matter of seconds. But the longer I fucked her, the less satisfied I became. Being one of the richest CEO’s residing in New York meant having any woman I wanted. Not to mention, having the responsibilities of being the Alpha of the Shadow-Moon pack. I couldn’t have asked for a better life. At least up until the beginning of this year where I felt a change happen within me; I was becoming less and less interested in all the women that made their way into my bed and for the life of me, I couldn’t understand the disconnect.

“How does it feel screwing a random woman again,” my wolf Zeus said highly annoyed.

Shut up I’m trying to concentrate,” I said as I continued to thrust in and out of the woman who continued to scratch my back and breathe uncontrollably.

I didn't even make it an effort to remember the women I took home to screw, waste of time.

I felt Zeus retreat into the back of my mind. It wasn’t a surprise my wolf was highly upset with me. I mean this would be woman number 16 this week. When this all started, the random girls in my bed, it gave my wolf and I satisfaction but then it turned into something I can’t explain. An emptiness gradually started to consume my sex life. What void needed to be filled? And why did I have to fill it? I mean its sex for crying out loud! Either way, I was a man with needs and eventually the physical feeling I enjoyed with each and every woman I easily welcomed into my bed, would soon reconnect with my mental, at least I hoped.

I hurried up and finished her off, pulling out and releasing all over her breast. She took her finger and scooped some into her mouth, moaning as she swallowed the taste of me. I smirked and climbed out bed rushing to the shower, hoping she had no intentions of following me for round 4. Just my luck, she did as I wished and laid there. Looking into the mirror, I couldn’t help but talk to myself.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” I growled.

I’m a 28-year-old Alpha and I quite enjoyed the bachelor life. No true commitments to this or that fling. I didn’t have to worry about protecting anyone besides myself and the pack, which was all too easy. I’d kill anyone who dared try to come up against my pack, especially anyone with the intentions to take my title as Alpha. And yet, the more I fuck these random women, the more I felt a piece of me slip away. The Moon Goddess is trying to curse me, the real question is, why?

“We need our mate, and we need her now,” Zeus said. I felt him get happy at the thought and I instantly shut it down before the conversation got any deeper.

“We will not be tied down to one woman for the rest of our lives Zeus! That’s not who we are.”

Zeus growled really loud, trying his best to come forth but I remained dominant in the situation.

“You will not deprive us of our mate Tyler!” Zeus said stepping forward into my mind.

I ignored him and continued to my shower, hoping the random woman in my bed would have left by the time I was out.


“Ms. Kiss! Ms. Kissssss!” I turned around abruptly as my assistant called my name from across the street.

As Tina ran towards me, all I heard was cars blowing their horns at her for interrupting traffic the way she did.

“Ms. Kiss, you forgot the contracts that needs to be signed by the end of the day,” she said out of breath.

I rolled my eyes; I had no true intentions on getting them signed. The man that's supposed to sign them was a creep and always undressed me with his eyes. He always had a sneakiness to him that made me want to stay far away. When we walked into my firms building, Josh, the security guard, always winked at me and gave me the brightest flirtatious smile. I liked him but not in that way, he was a good friend.

“What time do we have to be at court today?” I asked Tina.

“3:15 Ms. Kiss,” she replied a little too annoyed for my taste.

We finally reached my office and I politely asked Tina to grab me some coffee before we debrief for our next trial appearance.

“Bing Bing”.......... I reached for my phone.

Text message-

Jessica: “Hey girl! We need to talk now!”

Me: “Not now, I have a case to go over before court.”

Jessica: “That’s all you do is work, how was your date with Mr. Gym trainer?”

Me: “I didn’t go, soooooo......”

Jessica: “What the fuck Taylor, you continue to piss me off!”

Jessica: “You’re going to die a fucking virgin if you keep this shit up!”

Me: “Jess, I don’t have time to be worried about that kind of stuff, I’m focused on getting this promotion.”

Jessica: “I guess you’re going to be the only 26-year-old virgin to ever roam New York City!”

Me: I’m fine with that, gotta go. Love you.”

Jessica: “CALL ME LATER! Love you too babe.”

Jessica was my best friend and I loved her like a sister but she stayed trying to get me to date. I didn’t have the time, nor did I want it. I wanted to be the most powerful lawyer in New York City, and no one was going to stop me. Yes, I’m a virgin and I do get horny as fuck, but I couldn’t let my focus go to any other activities besides my work. I hated my friends thought I was some stuck-up virgin who was too good to ride a dick every now and then because that simply was not true. I wanted to know what it felt like, taste like. Shit! I wanted to know what it smelled like! I just simply didn’t care to make time right now, and I was content with that...............for now.

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