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Living for centuries with nothing but the thoughts of others to accompany her, she grows tired, wanting to stop the thoughts from invading her mind, wanting to think on her own without interruptions she wants to find the answer but what can she do when the answer doesn't exist? Living a life filled with lies, people who hide behind smiles, even when he wants to believe their lies he can't because he can hear their thoughts, "STOP IT, LEAVE MY HEAD" Two different individuals wishing to rid themselves of the same power run into each other. "Could he be my answer? but the old man said it doesn't exist?" "I finally found you, my cure"

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“Am I gonna make it today?” “I have to pass the interview”, “without this job I’m screwed”, “how dare she betray me?” “will he be there? I can’t wait”, “I got an F yet again”, “I’m hungry”, “oh no leg cramps”, “I made it, finally”. Thoughts, everywhere there are thoughts, it’s impossible to avoid them. When you live for more than a thousand years life loses meaning, things come and go, the world changes but not your heart, people are like a breeze, they blow by, the thoughts make living for so long even more unbearable. It’s annoying, hearing the thoughts of normal people, the vengeful, ridiculous, exciting thoughts, I have to listen to them every day even though I don’t want to but over the centuries I’ve come to terms with the fact I can’t choose to not hear them.

I’ve heard it all, the planning of a murder, the sadistic thoughts of humans, the messed up thoughts surrounding me have embedded themselves deep within my heart. isolating myself from the outside world doesn’t work, no matter where I hide, where I go, where I run to, I can never avoid the thoughts of humans. That’s how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it? it’s how it’s always been so why? “oh no, I am so sorry” this squid-like mortal, it was only for a second but my mind was at peace, this never happened before. He touched me for a split second and everything went deaf. “are- you alright?” I also can’t read his mind, I can’t hear his thoughts, does he not think? that’s impossible, even corpses have a lot to think about.

He seemed to have noticed, I starred for too long, “I don’t think that’s coming off, how much?” the squid-like human asked while pulling out his wallet, that’s right, he spilled coffee on me, this shirt is worth more than the coffee shop, how could he possibly pay for it? he seems weird, he’s thought-less and prevents me from being thought-full. Could he be the answer? the old man however said there was no answer. “you seem to have a lot to think about”, I see curiosity in his eyes, why is he curious? I should be the curious one. “insolent” oh no, I accidentally said that out loud, Humans are very easy to offend but he wasn’t offended, he was laughing? what’s funny? what a weird squid-like human. He started laughing even more “I can already tell by the look on your face, that shirt won’t be so easy to pay for will it?” he said still smiling.

Glancing a look at his watch, he grabbed a napkin from the closest table and a pen from his pocket, he was writing something? what is it though? “you seem about my age so you should understand that I will be late if this goes on” handing me the napkin he left. Late for what I thought as I watched him leave. Looking a the napkin roughly handed to me I was stunned, Numbers, he left his phone number, wondering if I should kill him I unconsciously saved his number, when did I even get my phone out? that human makes me do things I don’t like and I don’t like that.

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