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Lines of Love

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The second story of Lines of Devotion.

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Lines of Love; Easter Special

Lines of Love; Easter Special


For Valentine's day, we spent our time together and nothing was a surprise for us, we did it together. But this time I wanna surprise her just for a reaction I don't see too often, something new entirely. But I didn't know how to go about it since we never really discussed her favorite candies or sweets. After work I decided to walk around the shopping districts we had to find something that would help me decide. I heard about a little side street called Gypsies corner, but never ventured into the area myself. But I needed to find something so I went into the unknown.

The shops were decorative but not flashy or overly decorated, and every store was unique. People had stalls outside their shops for people to see what they offered and everyone was friendly. Everything on display was nice, but not what I was looking for but then I heard an elderly woman call out to me so I stopped. She started talking to me like we had known each other for year's which surprised me. She told me how much was written on my face and she could help me find the perfect gift. I don't know much about Gypsies, but she certainly had a gift to speak without needing my confirmation. So I followed her inside her shop where I was introduced to a fragrance that captivated me in many ways.

Once we reached the countertop she pulled a try out of her mini-fridge offering me samples. I didn't see the harm, so I taste tested each piece, but every single one was pure bliss, I wasn't sure sweets could be so perfectly made. But the last one I tried for some reason sent my taste buds soaring and without speaking she just smiled. She once more knew what I wanted and I was asked to wait, it didn't take her long to return with a basket full of assorted sweets.

Gina; " How much do I owe you, miss?"

Elderly Woman; " Consider this on the house child, I'm sure you will return in the future."

I smiled at her and thanked her before leaving the shop, but I couldn't help feeling that piece of chocolates taste lingering. But my surprise wasn't completed just yet, I wanted to do just a little extra so I went to the nearest general store to shop around as well. I was looking to put on a funny little show while celebrating Easter with her, so I decided to buy some bunny ears. I was embarrassed, but luckily the cashier thought it was for my child, which was a life savior. But it made me think of Abigail and I couldn't help smiling that one day she really will be ours.

Heading home before Astra was to get off work I started decorating the house and setting up the surprise. I made sure to have a nice light dinner prepared afterward, which I set up to be a candlelight dinner for us to share. When I heard the door begin to open I rushed over to her and quickly covered her eyes, she giggled at my antics but it was a surprise. When I told her that she followed along with my guiding, when I finally let her see what I did for her she was speechless.

Soon she gave me a soft kiss telling me how everything was perfect, her smile was priceless. So we sat down to eat our dinner together and she told me about how her say went. I couldn't help telling her about the elderly woman I met who helped me pick the easter basket. When dinner was finally done, I decided it was time to enjoy the mystery sweets the woman choose for my surprise. We decided to sit on the couch together, picking random pieces of the chocolates out of the basket without looking and then feeding each other. It was a mess in some ways because we giggled at each piece of chocolate we fed the other. But we managed that's when I had the idea to complete the easter surprise.

I hopped off the couch to go grab the bunny ears from the bedroom, which got a huge smile from Astra. I wasn't at first confident enough, but I really did wanna try them on for her. And I had in my hands when I returned a little bag of wrapped candies which were separate from the others, so I figured these would be the grand finale. She couldn't help touching the bunny ears or petting my head, which made me feel even more embarrassed but I pressed on. That's when I shoved one of the nearly wrapped chocolates into her mouth which shushed her completely. At first her smile was soft and loving but her eyes grew darker the longer she chewed the chocolate and I didn't see her moving but when she did my lips had been captured.

We ended up with her on top slow kissing me till she fished the chocolate from my hand feeding me a piece as well. I tasted something sweet, but another taste lingered on this candies taste, but before I could think of it she once more was kissing me. I think I was feeling what she was at this point because a fire was building up inside of me and I felt her heat feeding my own. We spent the rest of the night like that till we ended up in bed wrapped in each others arms, when morning hit we both felt a little light headed. We agreed it had to been the candy so we went to the little Gypsies corner again to find that shop. When we did the elderly woman was outside smiling wide at me, that's when I realized were I had gone to get my easter sweets from.

Astra did not let this one go, and my embarrassment was never going to end. To think I didn't even read the name of the shop before purchasing or even entering. I had no idea people invented chocolate sweets that enriched ones sexual desires. I can't say I'm unhappy with the day of easter, but this will never be forgotten.

" Grandmas homemade Aphrodisiacs and supplies"

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