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HATE: A Love Story

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Book #2 of Bad Boy series. ~Stand-Alone~ When you have a gorgeous boy next door, it's literally impossible to ignore him. Especially when he is bugging you, teasing you all the time. But the thing is when I met him the drama day, he was just opposite. I can never forget that night. He was looking so hot and gorgeous that my breathing hitched in my throat. Well, the next time we met, was in the drama hall of our school. He was the new boy and the main lead of the drama along with me. Can you guess which roles we were playing? Romeo and Juliet. When a boy recites such beautiful words to you, even if that was the script, how can you think that he will become your headache in the future? But, that happened and I hate him. Well, I may tease her, but my day is really boring without her. I love teasing her as much as I love seeing her smile or laugh. Especially when I am the cause, which was hard though. I really don't know why girls can't take the hint that if a guy teases you, that means he likes you. Apart from that, I am her neighbor and I know she can't ignore me forever. I live here, beside her, alone. That's different than my cousin, whom I hate more than the booger in my nose, keeps visiting me. But what's bothering me is, when he saw her, his visits increased drastically. Okay, maybe I exaggerated that but still. I hate him and I can't stand him near her.

Romance / Humor
Parul's Pen
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Hey guys!!!

Thanks for sparing your time and checking out my book. I hope that you will like it.

Please make sure that you are reading it on my original ID, which is, Parul’s Pen.

If other than that, stop reading and let me know ASAP.

Main characters: Sarah Jen and Chris Moore.

Sarah is innocent but bold. Chris is annoying but kind of attracted to her.

When they start to love each other, here enters Oliver, Chris’s cousin who is obsessed to make Chris’s life hell.

Warning :

*Book contains some cursed language and a bit of foul words.


*A little mature content

My Wattpad ID: Parul’s Pen or @parulspen

The Bad Boy Series:

Book#1= A Journey From WHY ME To ONLY ME (Out Now)

Book#2= HATE: A Love Story

Book#3= Incandescent- The Light In The Dark (OUT NOW)

And many more to be coming soon!!!

Please pardon me if you find any mistakes regarding the language. My first language is not English but I tried to make as less mistakes as I can. Excuse me in advance. I hope no negativity will be spread regarding this

Happy Reading!!!


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