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Cowboy Meets His Angel

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Brian lived in a small town. He lived in a small house with woods around him. Than one day he went outside. He heard something through the bushes. At that moment he met the love of his life in the woods. Who could it be? How did they get there? Stay tuned for more!

Romance / Other
Lizzy Sipress
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Chapter One

Brian was in his small house. He had country, woods, mountains, beach, Cherokee Indian tribal things all around inside his house. He was listening to the music playing on his record player. He played George Strait "I Cross My Heart". He was painting a wolf he drew on a canvas. Along side with the moon, trees, flowers, night sky and a dreamcatcher.

He loved art and music. He wrote his own songs and sang them too. He was in his happy place.

He drove into town to his therapy session. He went into to talk to his therapist for an hour.

An hour later he got out of his therapy session. He drove to target for some groceries and things.

He saw a girl in the aisle he's in. She was so beautiful in his eyes. But when he wanted to talk to her. She walked to another aisle. So he decided to leave.

He drove back home. Went to put his groceries away. Than he sat on the couch and turned on Ace Ventura. He loved watching Jim Carrey. He was a big fan.

Hour later he made some dinner. He was having a chicken dinner with corn bread, french fries, and salad.

Than after dinner. He went back to paint his panting.

An hour later, it was dark outside already. He went to get a shower, got ready for bed and head to bed.

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