The High School Mates

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Book#1 of Werewolf Series ~Stand-Alone~ If you are a sucker for HIGHSCHOOL CLICHE- WEREWOLF ROMANCE like me, then you sure are at the right place!!! Two High School Werewolf Mates. Soon to be Alpha and his human mate. An adopted child. She never knew who her real parents were and the adopted one don't treat her very well. Well, I believe you have listened to the story of Cinderella? Just like that and even worse. When the next Alpha in line turns 18, he found his mate. Well, it's a HIGHSCHOOL!!! Nothing can be done without the cliche. The Queen Bee of the high school and the next Alpha's best friend was certain that she is the next Luna. What will she do when she learns that her best friend has found his mate who is human. A Very tortured one to be precise. ******** Fall in love with the next in line Alpha, Kai. His mate, Jessie and his obstacle, the Queen Bee and best friend, Grace.

Romance / Thriller
Parul's Pen
4.6 15 reviews
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Thank you so much for sparing your time and checking my work out.

Hope you will enjoy it.

Main characters: Kai Asher and Jessie Lockhart



*Swearing and foul language

*A little mature content

My Wattpad ID: Parul’s Pen or @parulspen

Follow my profile for more information and to get notified if I make any changes.

Please pardon me if you find any mistakes regarding the language. My first language is not English but I tried to make as few mistakes as I can. Excuse me in advance. I hope no negativity will be spread regarding this.

Happy reading!!!


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